January 15, 2010

Moscow Loot Not Dropping Bug; Strategy

If you have not noticed already, at this point in time if you log into Mafia Wars and travel to Moscow, multiple Episode 6 jobs (Pakhan jobs) are not dropping high-end loot pieces.

What happened was that last night, for a brief window, in the middle of the night last a low-energy cost job was dropping all pieces of Moscow loot. Some lucky players were able to load up on Moscow loot before this fix was made.

The developers were able to put temporarily fix this bug, but in the process, loot drops from Moscow went missing. As the developers work towards a more permanent fix to this issue, these drops are likely to remain missing.

What to Do

One item in Episode 6 still remains - the Executive Overcoat. This armor has 45 defense, making it the best defensive armor drop in game. Even if you do not want or need these anymore, you can always collect them now, and then when the fix is made, trade them for pieces that you desire. For the first week or two following this fix, there is likely to be a lot of executive overcoats on the market, but within a week of the change, this will stabilize and you will be able to trade off these overcoats for more desireable pieces.

At a minimum, you should be able to trade executive overcoats for lotto collection pieces.

Effects of the Bug

This bug (which is the second time it has struck) is going to hurt the overall value of Moscow loot. Many players were able to collect hundreds of pieces of Moscow loot during this time, and as a result, many of these items will be flooding the market.

The likely effect of this is that over the next few days, High-End Moscow Loot (HEL) will decrease in value over the next few days. In other words, lotto collection pieces will continue to rise in cost. If you are still holding on to extra HEL pieces, be sure to dump them for lotto pieces before it is too late!
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  1. Muhahaha :) i collected min 100 plus of each moscow high end loot incl moscow consumables boderin upto 180 plus.. luckily i was informed by my mafia within mins of the bug.. spent over 10000 plus energy doin those jobs.. so anyone wanna trade for 163 cherakha compacts ?? :)

  2. which was the job for the loot??

  3. just add fuel to the fire, like MHELs are not low in value already. Now, with this, I'd rather give all my extra HELs away to my mafia than to trade 'em for a bag of chips!

  4. picked up orel heli and scrmerka? speedboat fighting in moscow even though i am only on chapter 2

  5. Soldier tier..something to do with Irish mob ...dropped Moscow loot almost 50% of the time. It was crazy.

  6. it worked from around 11pm EST when someone clues me in but was fixed by the AM when I got up. a pretty big bug as it wasn't just dropping loot it was dropping at a high %. easily 40-50%

  7. Loot on the glitched job:

    Lucky Shamrock Medalion


    BTW I can get Shturmoviks in Moscow, but the rate seem to me very low. I had yesterday very good rate for a couple of thousand energies in Moscow. Dunno wether this was related to the glitch.

    With this new mini energy pack those unfortunates who spent points on stamina and attack can increase the daily levelings quite considerable, in fact the 25% energy is too much for me I just require around 10-15% more energy to finish each level.

  8. The loot jobs are back again

  9. It also appears that the gift house is fixed.