January 12, 2010

New Free Godfather Point Link

Thanks to ffFreak for this:


5 Free Godfather points! Enjoy.

No news yet on Bangkok. I'm guessing a lot of it is finished and they are still waiting on a certain percentage of daily active users to finish Moscow up.

If that doesn't work for you, hop over to the Mafia Wars Fan Page on Facebook and click on the link there.

Mafia Wars Bangkok soon!
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  1. The link worked for me. Thanks.

  2. W00t, i love these free godfather points. They are becoming more and more frequent.

    I have a question, i just finished mastering Cuba and New York, should i not waste my points on Moscow and wait for Bangkok? thanks

  3. Heard 1/17/10 as the official date for Bangkok

  4. What do you mean by "waste my points"? Not mastering Moscow as opposed to spending them on what?

  5. New achievement: "Got tools?" by installing Mafiawars Toolbar

  6. Gift Safehouse is open again. New stuff??
    Works differnetly, 10 spots, once gift is open, spot is avilable again!
    Got a Ronin Motorcycle 36A 14D

  7. Question about the Safe House being open again.....when do the gifts open up? Or do we need to spend 2 GF points to open each one?

  8. to post above, for some reason they took the timer down, but before they did it was up til about the 8th or so and it said open more gifts for free in a little over 20 days, so I'm guessing the end of January or so is when we will be able to open the gifts for free.

  9. Oddly enough, according to discussion on the MW Forum at Zynga, some accounts are getting unlimited free gifts right now, and some are getting charged 2 GF points to open each gift. Strange stuff!

  10. also a New Achievment has been added the Mafia wars tool belt for adding the tool bar

    Note on the gifts I got 2 Laser squirrels and 2 Ronin bikes, a 2-Pearl handle Revolver, Kraken, 2-Ocular Implants, Tiger tank and a low rider

  11. Congratulations!
    You earned the "Got Tools?" achievement and gained 1 skill point by installing the Mafia Wars Toolbar.
    Share the victory with your friends and they’ll get a free bonus!