January 15, 2010

New Home Screen; Strategy Guide

It looks like the Mafia Wars application is getting a makeover to coincide with the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok. Here is a look at the new screen:

Thanks to Jason for the picture!

Note that none of the changes significantly effect the functionality of the game. The home page just displays a relevant job that needs completing (Buy Off a Federal Agent) job in this case, and makes it easier to see game news.

What the new screen actually accomplishes is that it presents special limited time jobs higher on the screen, making them more prominent for the player.

Just like when the developers changed the fight screen, it seems that only a small percentage of accounts have this new interface currently. As long as there are no errors reported and user feedback is good from this new interface, it is likely that all accounts will be upgraded to the newer version of the interface. While there is no official date, it took about a month between testing and Facebook-wide implementation, so it is likely that it could be awhile.

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  1. this new home screen really s u c k s,
    u can't see if u have gifts at first glance,
    gifts is just one of many that is scrolling by, in the right screen...

    the same with laundering, it doesn't show up any more... u have to go to the home screen IN newyork, scroll the news-items, and then also delete it, otherwise it wil stay in the list, and u'll have to scroll more next time

    shall i keep going on? can u see whan u have an energy pack... NO, u got to scroll the list and then click (i even accidently, wanted to give an engergy pack at my maffia), when it scrolled further and i usselessly activated my own energy pack...

    and for the jobs at the left, nice overvieuw of the jobs...NOT! wich job to take if i have x energy left, what are the job exp's??? all not vissible, and above all anoying

  2. more important:
    When you do a job from the new home screen you pay more energy than when you would do the same job the "normal" way.

  3. my biggest irritation is that you have to be in New York to see it. And I only get to see on on one of my accounts. the other is still like it has always been.

  4. I definitely like it the way it is now!

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