January 8, 2010

Sports Mystery Crates, Super Stuffed Mystery Crate, & Dragos

It looks like our new content of the week was just some new items:

The Dragos is the new limited time loot shipment. As expected, it's not all that great, but more disappointing is the fact that it's still Moscow themed.. was hoping for some more Bangkok related items.

Mystery Crate Changes

The mystery crates went through a change this week, and there is now two iterations of the mystery crates now available for sale:

So, the Sports Mystery Crates are functioning much like old mystery crates - various percentage chances of getting various quality items. However, these boxes are now cheaper at 12 points for one or 35 points for three (old was 20 and 55 respectively).

Now, at the old price (for some anyway), a new type of crate, super stuffed crates, are available. Each crate has 1 item (like the old mystery boxes), 3 consumables, and 5 boosts inside.

Super Stuffed Crates have the same items as the sports mystery crates. The only difference is you get some 3 consumables (like 1 blackmail photo, one concealable camera, and one untraceable cell phone) and 5 boosts (just random boosts such as semi-pro boxer). I am assuming we will continue to see this same trend, and as new crates are issued, the "super stuffed crates" will stay the same and keep the same name, but the other crate (sports crate) will change.

Here is the loot list for the sports mystery crate (and in turn the current list for the super stuffed crates):

Thanks to APerfectC for the loot list:


Hockey Stick (common) 23a 18d

Lacrosse Stick - (common) - 18a 19d

Cricket Bat - (uncommon) - 29a 21d


Shin Guards (common) - 16a 23d

Football Helmet (uncommon) - 13a 26d

Chest Protector (rare) - 22a 36d


Stock Car (rare) - 39a 22d

Football Cart (uncommon) - 16a 30d

Other News:

Moscow fights are now dropping Moscow loot. While this may be appreciated by some, I'm not issuing any back pats for something that should have been done back in 2009.

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  1. From the Sports one a got an armow Shin Guards. It's common with 16A and 23D. Hope this helps!

  2. 2 things, first I think you, C, should correct "n ot" by "now" :)

    Second, I welcome the Moscow loot drops in fights..........better later than never.



  3. Looks like zynga removed the corckscrew too

  4. Sports Crate:
    Hockey Stick - Common - 23a 18d
    Lacross Stick - Common - 18a 19d
    Cricket Bat - Rare - 29a 21d

    Shin Guards - Common - 16a 23d
    Football Helmet - Uncommon - 13a 26d
    Chest Protector - Rare - 22a 36d

    Stock Car - Rare - 39a 22d
    Football Cart - Uncommon - 16a 30d

    That is the list of the items, please take this as a preliminary and wait until The Mafia Wars Guide posts it before you consider it official.

  5. Edit: Cricket Bat is only Uncommon, not Rare. I apologize for the error.

  6. hey yeah my corkscrew was removed also.

  7. The corkscrew was not removed intentionally. If you look at your loot list you can tell there was another famous coding error. The Dragos (boxer guy) is replacing the corkscrew when you collect one.

  8. How much energy, stamina and health that I have I'm at level 177?


  9. How come that i have to buy the supper stuffed crates for a different price? I can buy 1 super stuffed crate for 25 reward points and 3 for 69 reward points?
    Does anyone else share the same problem.

  10. To clarify: Moscow loot will now drop from fights in all locations.

  11. Also, loot will drop even if you have not unlocked it yet. For example, I got vory only loot from ep 6, even though I have not done the vory path in ep 6 yet.

  12. That's an understatement. I'm only in episode 4, and I've gotten episode 5 & 6 loot drops even though I haven't made a choice. Sure is nice. :lobster:

  13. ALL fights drop Moscow loots. They don't have to be in Moscow...

  14. wtf
    i used 35 pts and got 3 uncommons

  15. Can u do a post on what inventory is safe to sell in each city once its finished... i.e. not used in fights/stats. Thanks.