January 20, 2010

Treasure Chests Info and Loot List

A new feature was added to the game: treasure chests. When you do jobs in any Mafia Wars city, you randomly have a chance to find a treasure chest.

Am I that lucky?

At any rate, while you can find these chests randomly, the drop rate seems to be quite high, at least for the first one (I found one on my second job). The only problem is they require a "key" to open them (what's my TNT for then?) and keys are only purchasable for 9 godfather points. At least right now, there is no way to get keys for free (hopefully this will change in the future).

The key is a consumable. You must buy a new one for each chest.

In short, Treasure Chests are essentially another mystery crate, except cheaper. So if those are your kind of thing, treasure chests might save you a couple godfather points.

The Treasure Chests are also giftable and you can find them on your loot inventory page (I'm already in the double digits for treasure chests)! After you unlock them though, the loot items can not be gifted. Only locked chests can be sent as gifts.

Note that these "locked" items are basically old limited edition loot pieces with the word "Deadly" in front of them and as a result get a decent amount of extra attack and defense points. As a result of these items being recycled, the loot list could easily be very large. With that said, here is the loot list (feel free to add if I am missing some - this list is likely to be partial):


Deadly Gold Crowbar (27 attack, 23 defense)

Deadly Combat Knife (27 attack, 21 defense)

Deadly Light Anti-Tank Weapon (33 attack, 22 defense)

Deadly AA-12 Auto Shotgun (34 attack, 18 defense)

Deadly Flamethrower (35 attack, 24 defense)

Deadly M468 Assault Rifle (36 attack 20 defense)

Deadly Piano Wire (32 attack, 16 defense)

Deadly Meat Hook (28 attack, 23 defense)

Deadly Cattle Prod (14 attack, 26 defense)

Deadly Silver Knuckles - (22 attack, 28 defense)

Deadly Car Bomb (42 attack, 36 defense)

Deadly COP357 (47 attack, 25 defense)

Deadly Grenade Launcher (44 attack, 20 defense)

Deadly Boomslang SCR (45 attack, 20 defense)


Deadly Gas Mask (16 attack, 26 defense)

Deadly Dragon Skin Body Armor (19 attack, 36 defense)

Deadly Armed Guards (12 attack, 28 defense)

Deadly Body Double (25 attack, 45 defense)

Deadly Jetpack Prototype (46 attack, 15 defense)


Deadly SWAT Van (18 attack, 28 defense)

Deadly Bullet-Proof Berkshire (20 attack, 36 defense)

Deadly Giavellotto (30 attack, 33 defense)

Deadly Chrome Skyline (35 attack, 22 defense)

Deadly Gold GX9 (46 attack, 30 defense)

Deadly Impression (28 Attack, 47 Defense)


While it's a nice touch, it's not something I see much value in. I spent 9 GF points just out of curiosity and ended up with a weapon with 23 attack / 27 defense (gold crowbar) - not worthy it at all considering I'm maxed out on Moscow loots.

I don't care though - Mafia Wars Bangkok beta is for sure supposed to come out this week sometime!
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  1. Deadly Boomslang ACR (45/20)

  2. Deadly M32 Grenade Launcher (44/20)

  3. Im planing to open 3 bangkok crates xD
    I really wanted to buy a white elephant...
    lol and I bought 3 Haitian relief drums

  4. Forget that, I've got 200 GF points saved up and I'm spending them all on energy refills!

  5. but but but... aww well.. just to let you know i can get like 15GF points in 1 day... ;)... yey for energy accounts lol

  6. I just noticed they changed the images for some items like Untraceable Cell Phone, Illegal Trans. Recs., Blackmail Photos, and Computer Set-up!

  7. i got Deadly AA-12 Auto Shotgun
    34 Attack
    18 Defense

  8. Ty Sylicus is right, the NY consumables pictures have changed. You might want to check it out.

  9. Deadly Impression
    28 Attack, 47 Defense. This one is decent, but it looks like most of the rest aren't.

  10. Thanks ack, updated.

    The only thing is that these items seem to get a fairly decent stat point boost - it's just that the base items are pretty weak to begin with. If there was a "Deadly Chariot" or something than that could be pretty solid I would think! Even if there was though, the odds are just so low it's not worth it.

  11. How about a Double Deadly item? lol

    Having more loot items, and having more of each one- how does that help the player stats overall?

  12. Not sure if I am understanding your question Verde. Here is how loot works:

    You can use 1 item of each type for each person in your mafia in fights. As a result, you can use up to 501 (if you have a full mafia) weapons, armors, and vehicles in each fight.

    These all three combine to form your total offensive and defensive scores. You want 501 of each item type (weapons, armors, and vehicles) with the highest possible attack items for offense, and 501 of each item type the highest possible defense items for when you are attacked.

  13. Oh wow. So perhaps this is why I'm losing fights so often. Simply having a large mafia size is not enough.

  14. Deadly M468 Assault Rifle
    36 Attack 20 Defense

  15. Weapons
    Deadly Piano Wire 32A 16D

    Deadly Gas Mask 16A 26D
    Deadly Armed Guards 12A 28D

  16. Deadly M468 Assault Rifle
    36 Attack 20 Defense

  17. "what's my TNT for then?" ^LOL^ :D
    use it to bomb the headquarters of zynga, and crack the GF: D
    hey i got Deadly Car Bomb btw,
    42 Attack 36 Defense
    not really deadly hope more higher stat like 50+ Attack...
    think better with old classic TNT
    42 Attack 20 Defense (less defense but cheap, GF not required)

    btw i sent some picts, chx ur gmail ;)

  18. ok so 2000 energy on 1st job in NY, not even one! energy pack->moscow jobs->level up->1000energy on 1 energy job..... not even one. back to moscow, normal jobs, small energy pack... not even one... zZzZZzZZZzzZZz ;///////

  19. Deadly SWAT Van (18/28)

  20. How do you unlock them in your loot? You can gift them but don't find where you can open them??

    1 account gives a lot of treasure chests and the other none. Also strange.
    Any help??

  21. Deadly Silver Knuckles - 22a/28d

  22. Left me account on auto while out, came back and I had 46 chests!! not bad, but no way am i opening them, im going to wait untill its free or a hell of a lot cheaper....saving my GF points for bangkok!!
    I also think treasure chests is a little lame, they belong in pirate wars not mafia wars. There are other items too that i think dont fit the theme of the game, kraken and fuit cake etc

  23. All the halloween items and don't forget balloon boy!

  24. They could have made them safes, which we have to crack open with codes or a pick lock, or as mentioned earlier use TNT to blow open at least TNT would be worth something then lol

  25. Anyone have a link to add the treasure chests to your wishlist?

  26. I got Golded Bloody Crowbar.. In 1 chest and on same job I got 2 chests. Need 9 GF points to open it..
    YES I also can post it too wishlist! Why no clue.

    I also finished with NY, Cuba and Moscow. Hope Bankok comes soon!!!

  27. This is what i got so far - dont know if i open more:
    Deadly Silver Knuckles 22/28 = 3
    Deadly Piano Wire 32/16 = 2
    Deadly Light Anti Tank Weapon 33/22 = 1
    Deadly Bullet-Proof Berkshire 20/36 = 2
    Deadly Flamethrower 35/24 = 5
    Deadly Giavellotto 30/33 = 5
    Deadly Gas Mask 16/26 = 1
    Deadly Riot Gear 20/35 = 2
    Deadly Combat Knife 27/21 = 1
    Deadly Armed Guards 12/28 = 2
    Deadly Cattle Prod 14/26 = 1
    Deadly Impression 28/47 = 1
    Deadly Boomslang ACR 45/20 = 2
    Deadly M468 Assault Rifle 36/20 = 1
    Deadly Gold GX9 46/30 = 3
    Deadly SWAT Van 18/28 = 1
    Deadly Body Double 25/45 = 3
    Deadly Gold Crowbar 27/23 = 2
    Deadly Chrome Skyline 35/22 = 3
    Deadly Car Bomb 42/36 = 1
    Deadly Dragon Skin Body Armor 19/36 = 1
    Deadly Jetpack Prototype 46/15 = 1

    Feel free to add me -> http://www.facebook.com/medioman

  28. Doing jobs for days no and not a single treasure chest yet.

  29. I have now 55 treasure chests, and yeaaah lets start open all of them, with what? 495 godfathers revard points? I would rather take the 247 extra mafia members. *phs* with my luck it would be 55 meathooks or something more trash...

  30. Supercharged CM Seta
    16 Attack/29 Defense

  31. i bought 4 keys fromt the sale(5GP) and all what it dropped was cars!

  32. They changed it, they're dropping high to mid-level cars for now. Lots of repeats from what I've seen. (Small list, unlucky?)

  33. i've gotten an irish wolf hound before, thats amazing considering the alternative of unlocking the crew collection

  34. Does anyone know how to get the ex KGB bodyguard?

  35. I was hesitant to spend the GF points on one but i decided i would try it. I got 9 GF points!