January 23, 2010

Yakuza or Triad; Bangkok Strategy

Just like with Mafia Wars Moscow, in Bangkok you will have to choice between the Triads and the Yakuza. In Bangkok, you will actually have to choose between each side twice per episode. Here is the breakdown of the differences between the Triads and Yakuza for Episode 1 (Criminal) of Bangkok.

Before you get too into it, note that there is no significant advantage in the first two episodes of picking either Triads over Yakuza or vice versa. For your first time through, you should pick a faction for Episode 1, Chapter 2, and repeat that "help" job over and over again for faction points as posted in the faction post. Read there for more information on the logic behind that.

When you finalize your choices (that is master the tiers for the fourth time), the only thing you have to worry about is picking Yakuza for one episode and Triad for the other. That way, you can max out both your factions. If you pick Yakuza (or Triad) for both episodes and master the tiers all 4 times, you will no longer have a way to improve the opposite faction standing (at least until another episode comes out. The downside to this is that one faction may be better than the other in future episodes, leading you to have to choose between faction points or an advantageous faction.

Episode 1

Here is the job tier for Yakuza (click if you want to see item requirements - right now it is zoomed in on energy requirements and job titles):

Compared to the job tier for Triad:

Note: The first picture is the 4th and final mastery of Episode 1 whereas the second picture is the 3rd mastery of Episode 1. As you progress through levels of mastery in Bangkok, jobs increase in energy cost and item requirements. The important differences are between different jobs themselves, rather than the consumables or energy requirements of specific jobs.

Episode 1, Chapter 2

By siding with the Yakuza in Chapter 2, the "Torch A Building For Insurance" job is unlocked and drops the Silk Scarf (armor; 20 attack, 22 defense).

The Silk Scarf is Yakuza Only.

In the same position in Chapter 2, siding with the Triad's yields the "Raid One Of Suchart's Gambling Dens". This job can drops the Attack Cobra (weapon; 24 attack, 20 defense).

The Attack Cobra is Triad Only.

Episode 1, Chapter 3:

By siding with the Yakuza in Chapter 3 of Episode 1, you unlock the "Pay Off A Corrupt Police Officer" job which drops the Muai Thai Bodyguard (armor; 18 attack, 25 defense).

The Muai Thai Bodyguard is Yakuza Only.

By siding with the Triads, you unlock the "Bribe a Deck Guard" job which drops the Jade Inlaid Pistols (weapon; 23 attack, 15 defense).

The Jade Inlaid Pistols are Triad Only.

There are other minor differences between the two sides, but these are all of the differences in loot. Note that in this episode, it does not particularly matter which side you pick.

Episode 2 - Criminal

Episode 2 is no different from Episode 1 in the fact that no job drops particularly good loot. The only consideration I would make (repeating because it is that important) is that if you picked Triads in Chapter 2 of Episode 1, pick Yakuza in Chapter 2 of Episode 2, and vice versa. That way you will be able to max out both factions.

With that said, here are pictures of the jobs tiers (note: these mastery levels aren't the same. Energy cost and item requirements increase with level; there is no discernible difference in costs or item requirements that makes picking one side significantly more advantageous over the other faction in that respect).

Tier for Yakuza:

And for Triad:

Primary Differences:

Episode 2, Chapter 2:

Siding with the Yakuza results in the "Sneak a Yakuza Enforcer In" job which drops the Royal Thai Army Beret (armor; 28 attack, 21 defense).

The Royal Thai Army Beret is Yakuza Only.

Siding with the Triads results in the "Set Up A Bogus Chess Tournament" job which drops the Riding Elephant (vehicle; attack, defense).

The Riding Elephant is Triad Only.

Episode 2, Chapter 3

Siding with the Yakuza here results in the "Re-Route A Van Full Of Medical Supplies" job which drops the Dirt Bike.

The Dirt Bike is Yakuza Only.

Picking the Triads here results in the "Break A Triad Hitman Out" job which drops the Bosozoku Convertible.

The Bosozoku Convertible is Triad Only.


As I said earlier, it does not really matter what side you pick; none of the loot pieces are that great in the first two episodes. This may become a lot more important in the later episodes, but for now, there is no need to worry.

I recommend siding with both factions; choose one for Chapter 2 of Episode 1 and pick the other side for Chapter 2 of Episode 2. That way, you can work on faction as I outlined earlier.
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  1. I think you got the dirt bike and Beret switched.

    So are the requirements for the different job masteries are 1x, 3x, 7x, and 15x?
    That's insane.

  2. I dont understand you, in your previous post, you asked us to max out one faction first before going back and forth 1500 then 1333 and stuff.

    Now you are asking us to alternate between the triads?
    quote I recommend siding with both factions; choose one for Chapter 2 of Episode 1 and pick the other side for Chapter 2 of Episode 2. That way, you can work on faction as I outlined earlier.

  3. Hmm what if i picked all triad for all one episode? Will it be lock like in moscow and wont be able to get the items loot for yakuza?

    Sorry my bad english

  4. To Anonymous (JANUARY 24, 2010 1:23 AM):
    Best strategy should be to choose one faction until you reach 1500, then work on the other.
    Make sure to lock one faction in Episode 1 Level 4 and the other in Episode 2 Level 4...then you can always work on the score.
    It shouldn't matter which one you choose or how many times between levels 1 and 3.

  5. Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but the Bangkok loot drops are currently not giftable. That may turn out to be significant - for a start it puts energy accts out of business.

  6. "Anonymous said...

    Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but the Bangkok loot drops are currently not giftable. That may turn out to be significant - for a start it puts energy accts out of business."

    Oh, that's a shame...

  7. Off topic but are there no more mini energy packs? I have no problem getting them up till a day ago. Not working at all for both IE and Firefox even after clicking the "Play Now" button for more than 5 times

  8. you told us to max all yakuza first, and now to alternate between both ? i didn't get it ..

  9. Torch A Building For Insurance: Completed

    You gained:
    133 Experience
    You spent: 82 Energy

    82 energy?
    Requirement is currently 91 in level 3

    I just worked my way up to be suspicious in Yakuza

  10. Am I not up to date?

    This time I took a screenshot, but another job though...

    I havent read anything about less energy job costs inhere.

  11. My fault.. as one of the earlier anons replied:

    It is good to get most of your faction done when it is cheaper, that is on the first time through. You can do episode 1 for triad and episode 2 for yakuza or vice versa.

    However, when you finalize your choices, you definitely want to have both faction bars unlocked in case later episodes have good pieces of loot that are all 1 faction only or something of the like. that way, you can always come back to episodes 1 and 2 to work on your faction.

  12. @Falkenburg:

    Yep, for some reason Wheelman bonuses aren't changing the text on the background screen, so jobs are costing less than they say.

    For Episode 2 on the last time through, most of the jobs are really 1.75ish XP:Energy (which is similar to Moscow). Not nearly as bad as the 1.4 that was anticipated.

  13. Randy here,
    I just bought a Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun in the store there. Note: you can not gift these items and they are not on your loot page nor or they in your Inventory list of stuff to buy, just in that store. They do show up when you fight someone, when you click "Show all Items used" it will be there,

    I will say this by the time we are done with Bangkok 100%.. You will be able to be huge in your energy and your attack/Defense. Because when your done and wiating on Vegas. You can buy as many things in the store as you want, you can buy 100 at a time of something.

    Just think about it owning 501 of the Yakuza Assassin Attack-50, Defense-26, or the Triad store, The Shaolin Bodyguard Attack-27. Defense-51

  14. just as a side note, the first eisode is brawler, not criminal. but as my main point, does Zynga actually expect anybody to be able to purchase 501 of the top loot items in the faction stores? geez..

  15. @ Anon,

    The money drops are similar to the beginning of NY, and look how easy it is to buy stuff there. Just wait until the later epsiodes come out and you'll have too much money.

  16. Think about it...
    My Moscow has been done ok, and I have 78 billion in the bank sitting there doing nothing, So when your Done with Bangkok that money will not just sit there and be worthless now.

  17. Wouldn't be nice if there was a currency exchanger on Mafia Wars.

  18. I have finished both Chapters in Bangkok (well almost,because they have the final Boss Fight in Chapter 2,Level 4 LOCKED! )
    I keep hearing rumors that cell phones are needed in Bangkok and so far That seens to be false...I didnt need any.

  19. Yes you did, in the first episode...you need cell phones

  20. I should have done yakuza then triad instead of triad than yakuza. Episode 2's yakuza loot looks weak compared to triad's

  21. yeah, need cell phones in the first episode.. not many though.

  22. Is the first boss modeled after the Bangkok boss contest winner? They've both got the suit, tie, and popped collar.


  23. Did anyone else get automatic credit for the level 4 finale in both episode 1 and 2? I finished chapter 3 in both, then received the job mastery item and never had to buy the additional items...

  24. Isn't it possible to select yakuza (or triad) full first episode and 3 second episode levels and then in Episode 2 forth level you select triad (or mafia) and have possibility to come master both fractions?

  25. 2:44 pm is correct in this fashion and depending on WHEN they open the next episodes, you could have a great head-start. Has anyone else received large sums of money in Bangkok? I logged on yesterday and found 440000 in my bangkok account. I bought all the business's and enhanced as many as possible. Not sure if this was a quirk or not.

  26. Note to anon above; 440k will help but it can't buy you all the equips you need in 2nd chapter. That's more like 1 mil.
    However through masteries you'll probably not need to make pit stops to gather money.

  27. I finished 1 & 2 episode and went Triad all the way. now what when 3 & 4 opens should I go with yakuza 3& 4 .

  28. I jut got into bangkock. and i like Yakuza more.
    But i do them like this

  29. Looks like you have Ch 2 and 3 switched in regards to Yakuza loot. (Dirt Bike is ch2, Beret is ch3).

  30. I worry it's impossible to max out both reputation for Triad and Yakuza, anyone has calculate if we have enough job to do it? We need to have total 3000 point to do that..

  31. I am a bit annoyed i am at episode 2 level 4 cahpter 3 ..... Ive played yakuza all along and when the option came to pick your faction it only gave me triad... i clicked it and im stuck and can not go any further .... message says i cannot do jobs for opposing faction nor will it allow a unlock for yakuza .... any suggestions?

  32. i feel like you missed a very evident strategy for saving energy during your faction rep build-up. You propose to keep one episode in one faction and the second one in the other. that's gonna cost you a lot more energy than waiting for the 4th chapter of episode 2. if you look at the 2 faction jobs (energy cost 47e and 62e +500b$), they cost much less than the episode 1 (energy cost 78e for both) faction jobs and the 500b$ is peanuts once you have all the businesses activated. The logical choice would be to go with both faction rep job in chapter 4 of episode 2

  33. I have yet to complete an episode because I am working on rep. However during my fights I have seen loot from BOTH factions drop. I just mention this because I was wondering where my Attack Cobra came from. If this continues it won't really matter too much which side you pick.

  34. it's better to go for one or the other and go all the way, because you cant go below 0 in the penalties.

  35. Hey I think I found either a bug or a mistake with your page here. I went TRIAD first in E2 Ch2 and got the Riding Elephant, but then I went YAKUZA for E2 Ch3 and its giving me the royal thai army beret. Did they change this post launch maybe?

  36. as above said and someone else also earlier in this thread,,, i am doing ep2, ch2 triad=Riding Elephant,,, and ch3 yakuza=Royal Thai Army Beret.
    can we confirm this is the same for everyone? or perhaps it is different for different accts perhaps? imho

  37. I am now at honored level for both Triad & Yakuza, and working on Episode 3, Chapter 2. Any suggestions to help guide me?
    Also, all businesses are started except the "Drug Smuggling Ring", which I have not run across the drug job that avails it to me.

  38. hey i think u mixed up the loot drops for episode 2. Dirt Bike drops in chapter 2 not 3!

  39. It doesnt matter which side u choose... JUST DO ALL UR FIGHTING IN BANGKOK AND IT WILL ALL EVEN OUT, VERY FAST TOO

  40. I have a similar problem with another poster above. I was doing jobs for Yakuza in Criminal Chapter 2 but in Chapter 3, I clicked Triad. Now I can't move on because it says "you cannot do jobs for the opposing gang". I'm just at level 1 mastery here. Does this mean I'm stuck at this phase of Bangkok?

  41. I wouldn't worry too much about the loot items. I have all the items that are dropped for both sides expect the Thai bodyguard and I haven't even made it to Bangkok yet since I'm still waiting for the Thai coin to drop from the job

  42. I have honored status with both factions so far- 1091/1500 Yakuza and 1105/1500 Triad. I have not made a choice in chapter one, and have only mastered level 1 of the three jobs. I have won 2196 fights in Bangkok and earned enough money to fully upgrade the first two businesses and well on the way to fully upgrading the third (Rolling business profits back into businesses). Also have bought the items needed to do the first three jobs. I have 3 Silk Scarfs, 8 Attach Cobras, 6 Muai Thai Bodyguards, 9 Jade Inlaid Pistols, 3 Royal Thai Berets, 6 Riding Elephants, 7 Dirt Bikes, and 11 Bosozoku Convertibles. Who says you have to do jobs to get what you want, just fight and take it away from the guys you ice.

  43. Chapter 2, Triad's yields the "Raid One Of Suchart's Gambling Dens", drops the Attack Cobra (weapon; 24 attack, 20 defense) which will be useful when Zynga breaks Animals out from the other loot.

  44. i cannot sem to gte the thai note no matter how many tmes i do the job, whats going on??

  45. I'm having the same problem. I've cycled through Enforcer "Thai Gems" 18 times (600 Energy) and STILL cannot seem to get the Thai note to drop.

  46. The problem is because when you do a job yu gain
    +3/-1 and fighting gives +2/-1 how the hell do you get 1500/1500 on both factions iwith the -1 penalty the hgihest you can get is 1499/1500 and 1500/1500 which is good enouht to buy the gear but what about the achievment?

  47. why not just do the jobs for yakuza and triad, maxing out both as much as possible then pick one as your preference for completing.

    that way you maximise faction points

  48. My question here would be that if I am swapping between the two factions to try and get the 1500/1500, do I have to worry about doing any Chapter Sections/Jobs for one Faction in particular, in order:
    1) To get a drop needed for a later job?
    2) To do a job which allows me to buy all of the available businesses?

    Would really appreciate any help on this, and if there are any changes (as the last date posted shows as July 2010, and it's now 8 months later).

    Many thanks in advance!