February 6, 2010

Bangkok Collections and Boosts; All Episodes

I am condensing all of the Mafia Wars Bangkok Collection and Boosts (for boosts from businesses, see the faction business post) from the first two episodes in along with the collections from the recently released episodes. Note: Currently, Episode 5B (Dragon Head) does not have a collection associated with it.

Chest Set Collection: Episode 1 (Brawler)

Reward for vaulting: +5 energy
Boost for vaulting again: Chess Master (-8 job energy costs)
Pieces in set: Chessboard, Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King

Masks Collection: Episode 2 (Criminal)

Reward for vaulting: +5 defense
Boost for vaulting again: War Paint (+32 attack skill)
Pieces in set: Agat-Talai's Mask, Sukreep's Mask, Palee's Mask, Phra Ram's Mask, Indrachit's Mask, Hanuman's Mask, Tosakanth's Mask

Spices Collection: Episode 3

Reward for vaulting: +7 Defense
Boost for vaulting again: Pepper Spray (+36 fight defense skill)
Pieces in set: Coriander, Garlic, Tumeric, Green Peppercorn, Holy basil, Lemongrass, Thai Chili

Episode 4

Reward for vaulting: +4 Attack
Boost for vaulting again: Chisel (+34 attack skill)
Pieces in set: Wall Carving, Floral Statue, Dragon Statue, Decorative Nightstand, Lotus Bloom, Rearing Elephant, Stone Buddha

Episode 5A

Reward for vaulting: +8 Health
Boost for vaulting again: Boutonniere (+10% payout on jobs)
Pieces in set: Marco Polo, Grace Pink, Misteen, Jade Siam, Bom Gold, Bom Blue, Fatima


And that's it so far for Mafia Wars Bangkok collections. For some reason Episode 5B (Dragon Head) does not have a collection, if that changes, I will update accordingly.

All in all, I'm fairly disappointed with these collections and especially the boosts. They are definitely a step down from Moscow collections and boosts. The Boutonniere only gives +10% payout on jobs, which is essentially worthless - even if you got 10 of them from re-vaulting, it would only be an extra $B5,000 or so from even the best jobs, which is just over 1% of the cost of the best loot from the faction store.
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  1. youd think they would disable beta passports when they went live with bangkok, stupid things just keep accumulating....

  2. you notice that the mini-boost is back to giving 25% again?

  3. you can enter bangkok at level 17 or something like that. I don't think anything here is going to be better than russia, they are setting this up to be the second stop, not the 4th. I guess we'll just have to wait for vegas

  4. No I didn't sally - will check it out, very cool if true!

  5. Off topic but where are the acheivements for completing moscow?? Moscow has only 2 simple to obtain achievements so far. After the painful levels of 1% completion rate MULTIPLE times, they could have at least thrown in an achievement for completing all 6 episodes

  6. also off topic but does anyone knw how to buy reward points with a mastercard prepaid internet card they seem to ask for name on card and there is no frikkin name !!!!!111please anyone reply asap

  7. Will - there aren't really any. I doubt they will go back and add them now.

    @ anon - not sure.

  8. hey mafia wars guide did u master ep 3 or 4 or 5 to lvl 4 if yes to one of them what are the rewards

  9. They're changed the revaults on the last 2 collections. Now Carvings will give Black Market Ammo on a revault, while Orchids will give a Hyper-Alert Sentry. Better than the previous ones if not by much. :)


    Heart Tattoo
    Shoot The Moon
    Stolen Heart
    Heart Locket
    Box of Chocolates
    Love Bear

    so far i just collected the Love Bear while fighting...
    any help? They have a LINK saying FIND ITEM

  11. Is it now OK to sell all the items used in Bangkok Episodes 1 and 2 that are not needed in the remaining episodes, to get the extra baht??

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    Opening bangkok using the Moscow method to expose the best BHEL for Looting. (Tanto/Cleaver/Lloyds) What are the tiers top open and i know open it to where my energy for the loot is lowest, any other suggestions?

    BTW this site is my only source for real up to date game info! Do not let a few "I am Stamina hog and level all day long with my autoplayer but cannot gain any of the content bonuses and get their asses kicked anyway, leaving there oh so I am in a clan and I have wisdom to leave comments!

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  13. Where do you find prop planes? And don't say "in new york tier Capo - Steal an air freight delivery..."
    I DON'T HAVE TIERS I have districts, and there is no Steal an air freight job...