February 5, 2010

Bangkok Full Release!

Mafia Wars Bangkok is now fully released! All of the episodes are now unlocked, along with new businesses, new collections, and more!

While all this content is now out in front of us, players will find a familiar road block in that there appears to be two new Moscow businesses that produce consumables that you will need for jobs:

Need Pirates to do jobs in Episode 3, which is aptly named "Pirate" as well.

I am guessing these consumable costs will increase with tier mastery. By the time you are on diamond mastery, pirate requirements will probably 15-30+ for each time you do the job I would be willing to bet.


At any rate, there is a ton of new content out. I will be working through it and making some more posts throughout the evening!

Here is a link (thanks Brainkiller) from the Mafia Wars Fan Page that gives out free godfather points:


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  1. Fighting in Bangkok is live now!!!!!!

  2. 7 defense point for valut spice coll. and the boost is pepper spray with 36 def. skill

  3. Where do we get the pirates?

  4. Gotta buy the Business. Sucks having to wait to do the job now.

  5. is faction store stuff giftable?

  6. No faction gift stuff is not giftable. I just posted about the pirates, satellite phones, and drug shipments. Read on up.

    Will post about collections once I have episode 5 info. Waiting on drug shipments at the moment..

  7. Any idea yet as to what faction we should choose for what episode yet? Going to hold off on mastering them in diamond til I get solid item content for each one

  8. Thing that is a bit weird, I recieved a bonus item from helping with/being helped with a job a few days ago. That item was Bom Gold (a pink flower). I had no idea what that item was, it wasn't a weapon/armor/vehicle or part of any collection yet. Turns out its an episode 5 bangkok collection item that I got before ep. 5 had even come out.

  9. Typo in there, you said "Moscow buisnesses" which should of course be Bangkok

  10. Oh and btw, the Loot Mastery Item for Commandant is an

    Armored War Elephant
    96 Attack 69 Defense