February 24, 2010

Class Changes Now Available!

After many months of pleading, players are now able to change classes for 15 godfather points! You can pick this your class change in the godfather tab:

Additionally, Fearless and Mogul accounts have been improved. Fearless characters now regenerate stamina in 2 minutes less time (so 1 stamina every 2 min 30 sec for those with the Chainsaw Bayonet). Mogul characters now receive +40% bonus payout from this.

Now, note that there is no cooldown for this, so players are freely able to swap between classes. Need money for Bangkok? Switch to a mogul for a few days, spend all your energy, and then switch back to Fearless or Maniac. Same thing could be done for finishing content - when you still have content to clear, you can be a maniac, but as soon as you finish that, you can go back to Fearless to fight more often.

Additionally, many of you know that Fearless is my favorite class, so the fact that they now regenerate stamina, in my opinion, leads me to believe that Fearless is now the best class in the game in the vast majority of situations. Before, most players picked Maniac, but now, I see no reason not to pick fearless.


Oh, and there's 3 new property achievements in game (all are easy to get), will post them up later!
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  1. I like how they keep adding property achievements when I have rackets and no access to properties. Where are the racket achievements?? At the very least they could tack on a racket equivalent to the property related achievement so you can get them through properties or rackets.

  2. "Mogul characters now receive +40% bonus payout from this."

    +40% bonus payout from what? Jobs? Businesses? Property? Fighting? Or everything?

  3. Game News
    Tuesday February 23rd 2010

    Fearless and Mogul classes improved: Fearless players now receive higher stamina regeneration. Mogul players now receive more cash from jobs.

    I have alot of Stam but dont fight that much anymore (only if needed to push my XP over to a next level), would I be better off going with Maniac or Fearless and start fighting more?

  4. one thing mafia wars guide im a fearless and at some point of doin jobs and since i have an 11%wheelman i get luky and do a job for 0 energy that doesnt change does it ???pls znswer this will afect me greatly

  5. So if you are a maniac, and switch to fearless, does your energy timer reset back to 5 minutes and your stamina goes down by 2 minutes? Also, does the fearless also still regen health quicker too or did they change that? that was the original benefit of the fearless character. Anyone know? Thanks.

  6. So I'm a mogul who took advantage of the previous glitch to be someone's wheelman, if I change classes (to maniac for instance), will this reset that?

  7. For me i think Fearless is best 0 energy for job compare to waiting for hours just for 100 energy ... if ur luckily u get few shot of 0 energy lols

  8. I thought by changing my class to Mogul I might be able to buy properties in NY so that I can get those achievements. No dice. Is there anything I can do to start buying properties as opposed to rackets?


  10. How does this affect your standing in someone else's Top Mafia? You said before that you think Fearless is the best because you can be someone's Wheelman, but what would be the downside to becoming Fearless, getting promoted to Wheelman, then going back to Maniac?

  11. If you check the mw forums they answer some of the questions asked here. Fearless stam regen replaced the health regen bonus, if you were already in someone else's top mafia you won't be removed from that position unless the person removes you from it. Source: http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?p=4471524#post4471524

  12. So if you have a 2nd account (if not create one) - be a Fearless, promote to wheelman on that account and then switch to Mogul or Maniac back on the first account...

  13. Has anyone else noticed that the changed the "gifting" items for the Safe House.

    So far i have received:

    Machine Gun Kelly's Gun (Weapon 25,14)
    Frankenstein Poker Chips (Weapon 22,10)
    Pea Shooter (Weapon 26,10)
    Kunai (Weapon 18,12)
    Tigerskin Armored Vest (Armor 12,30)
    Gene Splicer (Armor 27,16)

  14. before we start changing class...arent we sort of underating the mogul class a bit..i mean moguls get paid alot more now and money actually has value now with the faction store containing the most powerful equipment. Wouldn't moguls logically be the most powerful class since we buy the best equipment at a higher rate than any of the other classes. Like the guide says..it may take a year to reach 501 equipment of the faction store items but by then las vegas will be out with better equipment. The creators took a long and slow time allowing class change and balance between classes, i believe they wouldn't leave a major flaw right before releasing it unless they're idiots. I am gonna assume someone is counter me by saying fearless will level faster and compensate for the money disadvantage but let be rational!!

  15. I also have a question, and would appreciate feedback:
    I have 2 accounts. My regular acct is a level 400 Mogul, and my energy acct is a level 600 Maniac. Both are masterminds in several mafias including my own. Which one should I change to fearless/wheelman?

  16. If you get to keep top mafia wheelman status after changing, all I can say is wow, what an oversight.

    @ people asking if they should change classes - it really depends on what you need and what your playstyle is!

  17. Agreed. I have 3 accounts:

    My real account with my actual real information who is a mogul but with only 50 mafia.

    My main account which is a high level maniac.

    A new energy account that is supplementing those 2. (BTW, he went to bangkok at level 35 because there is no level requirement!)

    Here is my analysis and what I am going to do.

    Mogul gets 140% payout from jobs, but 2 energy every 4.5 minutes (with bonuses) and 1 stamina every 4.5 minutes.

    Maniac gets 100% payout from jobs, but 2 energy every 2.5 minutes and 1 stamina every 4.5 minutes.

    Fearless gets 100% payout from jobs, but 2 energy every 4.5 minutes and 1 stamina every 2.5 minutes.

    Ok here is the number crunching.

    Let's take a few examples of jobs that we are going to perform a lot and compare them:

    The Tanto job is 71 energy for 115 xp and B2668.

    The Cleaver job is 64 energy for 102 and B2402.

    I did this in an excel spreadsheet and the mogul class still sucks. The extra energy gained from maniac outperforms the 40% extra money from mogul.

    The mogul can perform the tanto job every 319.5 minutes for B3735.5 each job... which comes out to B11.69 per minute.

    The maniac can perform the tanto job every 177.5 minutes for B2668 each job... which comes out to B15.03 per minute.

    So we have ruled out mogul as an effective class.

    For fearless it really depends on the drop rate of good items and how often you attack someone that actually gives you money. But we can definitely rule out fearless for any account that has less than 501 mafia just because of a lack of targets.

    So i think for now I am going to switch my real account (with 50 mafia) to maniac. My main will stay maniac because it earns more money for job than any other (because i cant predict money from fights), and my energy account will of course stay as maniac.

  18. If you do the math, on average you may get 1 or 2 free jobs per day. Pending on the job you are doing you could save as little as 20 energy or as much as some of the big jobs taht cost 185 energy.

    But there is no guarntee. If you calculate and see how much energy a fearless player generates in 24 hrs adn then calculate and see how much energy a Maniac generates, you will see that in fact although a Fearless may get a random free job here or there taht doesnt make up for the lack of energy it produces in a 24 hr period.

    Therefore although you may get a free job or 2, a Maniac will still generate more energy during the entire 24 hr day.

    Now the best thing to do, and I have proven this is:

    I started off as a Mogul, I made sure I was promoted on 1 farming account as a Bagman. Then I switched to Fearless, and on another farmer promted myself as a Wheelman, then finally I ended up as a Maniac and promoted myself as a Button Man. ON other accounts I am a Mastermind, Bodyguard and SafeCracker. And it is true that I am have gotten all of the bonuses.

    When doing jobs, I got extra exp pts for being someones mastermind, later I got a free job for being a Wheelman, and I have the faster regeneration of the Maniac and thus have the best of all character types.

    As long as you do not depromote yourself as one of the spots that requires you to be a particular Character, then by switching characters a few times and ending on Maniac, you can indeed get all the perks.

    The only thing that you must conisder though is if you prefer faster energy or faster Stamina regeneration.

    You can still get all the bonuses, but instead of ending on a Maniac to get the faster energy regeneration, end on a Fearless and get the faster Stamina regeneration..

    --The Gator

  19. very nice analysis from both ira and gator! thank you.

  20. dont u know the advantage of mogul in properties? 280x3x8= extra B6720 each day

  21. What's the effect if you're changing class on your Top Mafia status? Say, if you're a Mogul (Bagman) and if you want to change into a Maniac (ButtonMan) --- will your status being the top mafia will 'roll over' to your next chosen class? --- from Bagman to ButtonMan? :-) --- any wise response? :-) (appreciated!)

  22. @marie anne - not sure, I am you will be able to get multiple bonuses, as that is how it was prior to the update.

    @gator - the math is inaccurate because 1) you are downplaying the frequency with which the free job proc occurs and 2) you are not counting anywhere in the fact that you get an energy refill when you level up.

    I think Fearless is better no matter what your playstyle is.

    1) If you have a typical fighting account with 2x attack/defense per level, the extra stamina regen will result in more $B earned (as each stamina point pays out better than each energy point by far in Bangkok) and more XP earned (each stamina point brings in like 2.3 or 2.4 XP per stamina point spent.

    Even if you are a Maniac with the top mafia wheelman bonus, if you play a high attack/defense account, the stamina will go further.

    2) if you have a high level energy account, you can easily level up off of each energy bar by doing the settle a beef permanently job. My acct is level 1550 and I can still level up off an energy bar, but if and only if I am a top mafia wheelman. If I do not have that bonus, I will fall short of leveling up off my own bar without a shadow of a doubt.

    The regeneration bonuses do not mater in this situation, since when you are approaching 10,000 base energy points, regeneration over time is a drop in the bucket compared to leveling up, mini energy packs, and normal energy packs.

    No matter how you play, Fearless wins.

  23. Just to throw it out there, "balanced account", level ~550, energy ~2500, att/def ~450, less than 200 mafia of which only 10 are active players and 180 are hired guns.
    No secondary accounts to guarantee top mafia slots.

    Is fearless still a good choice?

    I can see clear benefits to Maniac (energy) or Mogul (money), but with fighting being a major PITA due to lack of targets I can win against, I just don't see it. For example, when I get the 200 stamina boost from the MW toolbar, I don't even bother using it. Also, can level approx 2 times per day, once from energy pack, and once from energy accumulated overnight.


  24. Here is some basic math. I am going to compare the average amount of XP earned for the maniac and fearless characters per hour. Take it for what it is worth.

    Regenerates 24 STAMINA per hour. (60/2.5=24)
    24 fights (assuming you win all fights) times the average amount XP earned per fight (2.3)equals 55.2 XP

    Regenerates 26.6 ENERGY per hour. (60/4.5=13.3 X 2 for mastering boss). If the average job you do gives 1.8 XP, you will earn 47.88 XP per hour. (26.6 X 1.8= 47.88)

    Stamina XP earned (55.2) plus energy XP earned (47.88) equals 103.08 total XP earned per hour. That is 2,473.92 for a 24 hour period.

    Regenerates 13.3 STAMINA per hour. (60/4.5=13.3)
    13.3 fights (assuming you win all fights) times the average amount XP earned per fight (2.3) equals 30.59 XP. (13.3 X 2.3=30.59)

    Regenerates 48 ENERGY per hour. (60/2.5= 24X 2 for mastering boss). If the average job you do gives 1.8 XP, you will earn 86.4 XP per hour. (48 X 1.8= 86.4)

    Stamina XP earned (30.59) plus energy XP earned (86.4) equals 116.99 total XP earned per hour. That is 2807.76 for a 24 hour period.

    Fearless = 2,473.92 for a 24 hour period.
    Maniac = 2,807.76 for a 24 hour period.

    Winner= Maniac by 333.84 XP per 24 hour period.

    Obviously I have not taken top mafia bonus’ into account, but if you are able to take advantage of all positions, then the winner is still Maniac. I am changing my character now.

  25. is there an advantage to be the wheelman in more than one top mafia? I am a Mastermind in several Top Mafias and I think, that the drop rate of the Mastermind bonus is the same as it was when I was promoted to Mastermind for the first time.

  26. Kudos to Zynga for finally listening. I have had a mogul character for a while and been too lazy to keep up with multiple accounts. Now I don't mind mogul since the Bangkok jobs are expensive and I can switch when I need to.

    Great update!!

  27. Off topic

    When sending the Mafia Wars "Respect" gifts,after you select the"respect"or"disrespect"and your reward, click on the send button as fast and as many times as you can until the next page loads.

    I don't know if this work for everyone but it work for me


  28. i am having different type of calculation:
    my total energy is around 4000
    and i can level 3 times a day with energy buffs and sending 'respect' gifts, etc.
    so i'm using 12000 energy per day.

    so by being a mogul, i get extra money of 40%
    ie equal to spending 40% of my daily energy expenditure, ie around 4800 energy to get that money,

    if i would be maniac i would get around 50 energy er hour, that will leave to 1200 per day.. even being mogul i can get 600 per day.

    so comapre 4800 with 600, mogul cannot be compared to maniac as Ira said..

    when u have more energy, it means that moghul gives a better money than manic, and maniac's faster energy regeneration does not help.

    so what others missed is that work done after normal energy refill (levelling) also gives u extra money.

    and practically, i was a maniac before, and after going through half of one mastery i would be struck without money. then i have to use my two or three enrgy fill to get enough money to get enough tools to go to next job. this didnt happen when i changed after mogul, even i had surplus money to buy from faction store.

    note: this does not work well when u have low total energy, then maniac would be better..

    my assumption is that if u have 2000 energy u can take mogul...

  29. If you are a truly balanced account as you say, you can use really any class depending on your situation. If you need money, use mogul.. if you need to finish content, use maniac..

    If you are heavily fighting oriented, choose fearless.. even if the XP return is slightly better w/ maniac, the extra stamina return will allow you to make a good bit of extra $B, which is needed to buy the good and untradable faction store items.

    If you are heavy in the energy department, it doesn't matter what you have, as long as you have the top mafia wheelman bonus. Now that I think about it, it might be good to get the top mafia wheelman bonus and then switch over to mogul.. you could earn tons of $B that way!

  30. With how often the nerf things (even when it's a marginal benefit) in MW it's shocking to me they will allow people to remain in top mafia positions through class changes considering how good the benefits can be. You can essentially get the best of all classes by occupying all top mafia positions. How is this balanced??

  31. Your shopping experience will never be the same again. Tomorrow is the grand opening of the Marketplace. Click here to play!
    I just got this notification from mafia wars. Any ideas?

  32. sounds like the black friday sale thing, except around the clock.

  33. I see the new land achievements, but the old cash out mega casinos is still there. There is no way you can get that achievement now, is there?

  34. Could anyone explain how fearless gets to do jobs for 0 energy? is is random or it depends on the things/fights,jobs your mafia is doing?
    since now I'm a mogul and thinking about swithing to maniac, but I'd like to clarify the benefit from frealess, apart the faster stamina regen.

    Thank you in advance

  35. I'm sure they're going to fix this at some point, but right now I just switched from Mogul to Fearless, finally correcting a long standing error from before I read this guide.

    I am a top mafia bagman, wheelman and mastermind now. It seems that when you switch classes they don't revoke your bonuses for positions you should no longer be able to hold.

    Now that I'm Fearless I shouldn't be able to be someone's Bagman now, but for the time being I'm getting all the bonuses applied to jobs. Now that I have all these perks I'm blasting through Bangkok missions like crazy. I can finally do non-stop levelling on my main account efficiently.

    It kinda worked before even as a mogul, but it was really tough most of the time to level off a single energy bar.

  36. I just love this quote from a few days ago:

    "The creators took a long and slow time allowing class change and balance between classes, i believe they wouldn't leave a major flaw right before releasing it unless they're idiots"

    Since they took this long to fix the abysmally horrible character type system, I think the later is true.

    By the way, does anyone know how often the wheelman bonus occurs? I've been thinking of switching. I'd just like to get some idea of how often it actually occurs.

  37. I was a Mogul and now i've changed my class to Maniac so that i can finish content faster.

    i had seen my friend's account that it cost less energy for a job if u r a Maniac.

    but after changing my class i see no difference in the energy requirement of the jobs!!!

    as a mogul i used to level up trice a day.. n now there's no difference being a Maniac!

    can any one say what's the problem or what can i do!

    * my wheelman provides 11% less energy on a job

  38. As a Top Mafia Wheelman you spent no energy on this job.

    I got that 3 times out of 12 jobs run in succession

  39. look at it in 5 minute blocks. as a maniac I get 4 energy, as a fearless I get 4 stamina. each time I win a fight, it's roughly 2.3 xps + incidental $$$. As a maniac in bangkok, you get 1.9 -/+ per energy and the same money as maniac. Fearless is better.

  40. Question? Im a Mogul now and would like to change to Fearless, however my cousin whom been playing for 6months and his a FEARLESS however his account do not have NY PROPERTY and he can only do RACKETS. Would it be the same thing once I change my class to FEARLESS?

    Since you can change class now, does FEARLESS OFFERS NY PROPERTY along with RACKETS? Please do let me know

  41. i clicked on that symbol (many times) but nothing happens :( what can i do?

  42. How do you promote yourself for Wheelman?

  43. mafia wars wont let me send respect, it will let me click on the reward that i get but it wont tick for the reward that ii am sending , any1else having these problems, thanks