February 13, 2010

Crisis Crates Loot List

The old Bangkok Crates were replaced by a new set, Crisis Crates, late last night in Mafia Wars.

And here is the loot list:


Fire Axe (common): 26 attack, 17 defense

Battering Ram (common): 28 attack, 14 defense

Shock Paddles (uncommon): 36 attack, 16 defense

Shaped Charge (rare): 51 attack, 25 defense - about time there was a decent loot piece from the crates


EMT (uncommon): 18 attack, 35 defense

Ironside Tactical Vest (rare): 27 attack, 49 defense


Hook and Ladder (common): 15 attack, 27 defense

Trauma Chopper (uncommon): 21 attack, 34 defense


While the Shaped Charge might seem good, these are still a waste of GF points. It looks like they are headed on the right direction by making the rare items slightly better than the best-in-slot loot pieces. It's just not worth it right now though, especially since those pieces have such a low % drop rate.

Common items should be as good as uncommon items are now, uncommon items should be comparable (maybe 1-2 point advantage) over the best-in-slot pieces, and the rare items should be 8-10 points ahead of the best-in-slot loot pieces. This wouldn't create an unfair advantage for anyone, because it's not like anyone would buy the 3,000 crates needed to completely outfit their character, and even if they did, if they spent those 30,000 GF points that would be required on +4 stats, they would be unstoppable anyway.
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  1. mafia wars guide im a 13 yer old kid and im lvl 352 i used to get my income /3 hours and i cannot use my mafia wars during school days (monday---friday)and wen i check my properties they are shut down and i re activate them but now with this new property will they shut down after several days or can i collect them after a week

  2. you can still collect them after a week - they will no longer "shut down" - they just won't hold any money outside of their cap

  3. I agree with you. If they would up the ante with the item stats inside the crates, then maybe players like me who NEVER buy crates would actually consider doing so.

  4. Anyone else notice the "Godfather" link is missing from the menu in all cities?

  5. heeyy the collection of oyabun the revault boost is no more the boutineure thingy that pays 10% more on jobs it is now hyper alert sentry guard 32 defense boost

  6. heeyy the collection of oyabun the revault boost is no more the boutineure thingy that pays 10% more on jobs it is now hyper alert sentry guard 32 defense boost thought id mention it

  7. Quick question!
    Do we need any NY consumable loot in Bangkok AFTER the first episode? TY

  8. one question mafia wars guide there are 4 mastery for each episode so like in other countries for mastering lvl 2 u get +5%to loot drops and 3rd lvl 10% does it mean in bangkok lvl 4 u get mastery reward master title and 15% to loot drops????this question haunts me plz answer!!!

  9. @anon - I think the godfather tab missing is a bug just for some people. I don't have that issue.

    @jad - thanks for the heds up!

    @anon - no NY consumable loot needed outside of first episode

    @anon - No clue, I have wondered that myself. it appears as if the bonus is nothing.

  10. I'm stuck. I had stopped on the second pass of Ep 3 to harvest Satellite phones while I work on Eps 4/5/6. I had finished the Sat phone job on Yakuza and actually finished one of the two follow-on jobs. Now "Help Triad" is lit up, and now I see the two Triad follow-on jobs. Yet, I can do none of the three jobs. Instead I get a "You cannot do jobs for the opposite gang" message.

    I can no longer collect satellite phones. Anyone else see this? Is it fixable?

  11. @anon 7:02, I did the same thing as you, but have not encountered that issue. I don't have a lot of energy though, so I'm still working the first pass through epsidoe 4. At what point did you see that start happening?

  12. Just happened out of the blue. I'm on my fourth pass of Ep 4, and I've finished Eps 5A and 5B once, each.

    At this point, I'm stuck at satellite phone jobs in all three episodes. I remember getting stuck in Moscow where I couldn't do the boss job to unlock the next pass through an episode there - it cleared after a few days.

  13. I got a reply from Zynga - basically they just say that Bangkok is in beta and they've got some issues. It should be fixed soon. Pretty much a boilerplate reply. I expect that I'll be stuck anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. Guess I could stock up on money to buy the rest of the equipment needed to finish Bangkok once I can get sat phones again - or start shopping in the faction store. Guess I could trade pirates/drug shipments for sat phones.

  14. "...Guess I could trade pirates/drug shipments for sat phones."

    You are clever. I like that. Stock up on money and phones and you will really be set.

    I had a similar issue last week and it was fixed within two days, so hang in there!