February 5, 2010

Fighting Now Live in Bangkok; Strategy

Fighting is now live in Mafia Wars Bangkok!

As you may have noticed in game or from the picture above, when you fight players, you can now earn Yakuza and Triad faction. In the fight list, you will see a players allegiance listed next to the fight button:

If you haven't figured it out yet, the triangle symbol indicates the person is allied with the Triads, and the diamond symbol indicates that they are allied with the Yakuza. You don't have to "pick" your allegience - whichever faction you currently have the highest faction with will be the one with which you will be allied. I am not sure what happens when you are the same with each faction.

You will lose 1 faction point with your enemy's faction, but gain 2 points with the opposite faction. This will be an easy way for players to work on faction even when jobs are completely sealed off.

As far as income from fights goes, it appears to be capped at $B10,000 per fight.

I fought the person in the picture above multiple times for $B10,000 for each win. It's not a bad way to make some extra $B, as I earned a quick $B55,000 off of that same person. On the other hand, it's still going to be quite a bit of work to generate the $B470,000 you need to buy a high-end armor piece from the faction store.

More information on the new Bangkok content soon enough!
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  1. If there is a short answer,
    I have a level 297 fighter character with limited energy (453 pts). I read someone talking about Bangkok being a waste of time, having to earn so much money and spend a lot of energy there, instead staying in Moscow and try to get more loot there. Any thought?

  2. ^^ suggest you fight in Bangkok to try to earn $Baht and faction points. If you haven't finished CUba and Moscow then I would do that before starting doing jobs in Bangkok.

  3. the skill points you earn with finishing jobs in bangkok are much more than just the loot in moscow

  4. Yesterday, I found fighting to be relatively easy in terms of getting $$ payouts when I fought. Not any more. It seems people are storing their $$ in the bank now for Bangkok now that fighting has been released. Anyone have tips on how to find those enemies that drop $B10,000 on each attack?

  5. Anybody not receiving their baht for fights? I've fought two people where each attack was supposed to earn me $65,000 baht but the money never appeared.

  6. If you get the 65000, it means that that the person has not joined bangkok yet, and it is money in new york.

  7. If the $65,000 is in Baht, you will see the "B" just like you see the "R" when it is in Rubles.