February 25, 2010

Mafia Wars Marketplace Post

Well, as some of you have commented, I'm sure quite a few people noticed this e-mail:

Mafia Wars' all-new Marketplace is about to drop.

Buy limited edition loot, boosts, and crates 24/7!

A bigger and badder Godfather Page, the Marketplace will be fully loaded with serious selection and deep discounts... Get ready for a new kind of spree!

Apparently, the Godfather page is getting revamped. I'm guessing it will be something like the Black Friday "sale" but it will be never-ending. I am also guessing that there will be more items for sale at once - maybe even in-game items and not just limited edition pieces. We'll see soon enough!
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  1. My account just got the new Marketplace.... quite a bit in every category....

  2. Marketplace is live. Here's some screenshots of it. Major weapon upgrades but it looks like it's still not worth the GF points. http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt237/daveprince13/Screenshot2010-02-25at80527PM.png

  3. Nice Anon#1 this is Anon#2 (Dave).

  4. Just Got it. The Limeted edition loot has stats over 50, but it costs 10 more RP than usual. The old LEL are still availible for 25 RP though, but their stats are in the 40s

  5. Marketplace is live, but honestly wouldn't recommend spending the GF points on it...

  6. try this....free gf point

    Congratulations!In celebration of the Grand Opening of the Marketplace, here are 2 Reward Points for you to use.Check out the great things you can get.



  7. I think I will get 25 crop dusters for 875 godfather points. YEA RIGHT!!!! Who are they kidding, what a joke this is.

  8. Thanks renan, I got 3 GF points!

  9. I got to level 300 in just 7 days. It's realy easy and probably the best mafia wars guide out there... Check it ot...