February 3, 2010

Meaning of the New York Property Change

In an earlier post, I noted this link which talked about property changes that are coming up in Mafia Wars New York.

While you will have to check your property now once every 48 hours to collect your money, this is not a nerf by any means. What this change actually does (in theory, we will still have to see how it exactly works) is that it makes robbing property scalable. Wait, what?

For anyone who was playing when there was robbing, don't you remember how cool it was to rob your first casino and make around $750,000? It seemed like such a large amount of money at the time. But then, when you hit higher levels and jobs paid out 10-50 times as much, it no longer seemed so special.

However, now, properties will have levels. As property level increases, I would think that so would the payout for robbing this property. What this does is allows higher level players to rob for large sums of money. Imagine if a level 500 casino paid out the same for robbing it as you would make for robbing a casino 500 times under the old system. Under the old system, you got $750,000 or so for robbing a casino. If you robbed a level 500 casino and got 500 times that, we would be talking about $375 million for robbing a casino.

With these large sums of money floating around, people will rapidly get 500, 600, and even 1000 casinos, which would ultimately lead to the top-tier players unlocking the $999 Trillion achievement with relative ease. The next step would be for the developers to implement a reward for players either hitting these achievements or good loot pieces for players to buy with this money (much like the Bangkok faction store).

If anyone remembers my post about where Mafia Wars should go with future development, it looks like the developers are now implementing a lot of this into the game (could be a coincidence, but you never know!):

- Fighting progression (items purchased for $B in Bangkok will be top tier, and when fighting is implemented it will be one of the best ways to get $B)

- Property changes to make robbing scale (which is what this change will do)

- Properties producing items (businesses in Bangkok produce boosts over time)

The final thing left to do is to attach some sort of carrot to robbing and these new property features. If players are able to rob for massive amounts of cash, they need something to do with it or a reward for hording large quantities!


In other news, it looks like the Special 8-hour mini energy pack was changed. Zynga got quite a few people to install their toolbar for an amazing reward (3 extra mini energy packs per day), then after players are used to the toolbar, this reward was reduced significantly.

Thanks Farid for the pic!

Honestly, the 25% boost was too good to be true. I'm not surprised they pulled a bait and switch.
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  1. hate it...."robbin hood return!" oh no... hope its better than "yesterday"...

    and now mini ep....
    whatz nextz...?¿

  2. Well, off goes the toolbar then... Grrrr.

    I wish I had noticed that before I chose to do a run on a low xp/energy job.

  3. Things that would make me keep the toolbar...

    Reward Points
    Skill Points
    Items with stats substantially above Moscow High End Loot
    Lottery Tickets
    Energy Boosts
    Energy Packs or Energy Buffs
    Stamina Packs or Stamina Buffs
    XP Bonuses (same as the Gift House as long as we can time when they are used)

    What won't get me to keep the Toolbar...

    Pretty much anything else.

  4. Did anyone notice the part of Zynga's explanation of the new robbing system that said they will be doing away with undeveloped properties? They will be reimbursing those who have properties at cost, it looks like. Sound like it's a great time to buy these properties in bulk, get the returns from them, and get back the money you paid when they remove the properties. It would cost nothing in the end, and get you some free money.

  5. Looking at the preview picture of the new Properties system, as looks as though it is going to be done as a Flash app.

    That will suck for us MWAP players, who use it to collect money/rackets automatically, rather than having to log in every couple of hours.

  6. I had allot of stamina this morning...

  7. Oh, I´m so sorry for you MWAP players...NOT! Fucking cheaters go and burn in the mafia hell!

  8. I had allso a lot of stamina. 120/28.

  9. As for your information, my MW account got a blackmail photos rather than mini energy pack as usual. Seem Zynga already change the reward.
    For me actually 25% energy is much more usefull than black mail photo.
    Currently blackmail photo is unusable if you already finish NY.

  10. i had 107/50 stamina this morning too! whats up with that?

  11. well i got a whopping 200 extra stamina showing my stamina 235/35 but of no use. not knowing anything about it when i went to other city it disappeared... GRRRR....

  12. Muahaha burn in Mafia hell you energy douche account playerss !!

  13. For all who didn't know or notice. It's no longer a mini energy buff in the tool bar, but a treasure chest. And in it is a mini stamina buff. Which as I'm typing is currently glitched. I woke this morning with 120/40 stamina. but hadn't used the buff. When I tried, it said my stamina was already buffed. So I fought down to 0 stamina, then used it. It said 'you have used a mini stamina buff which raised your stamina by 156 energy' (lol glitch one). but then my stamina went from 0 to 196. When I clicked fight, my stamina was just the normal 40 (glitch 2). i'm sure most people, energy accounts in particular loved the 25%. But all good things come to an end. I'm sure this also has to do with Zynga wanting people to fight more (which keeps you online, and keeps them paid) and use robbing when it returns.

    If you have any questions or need to add me just use the link.

  14. My account gave me 200 energy as its "treasure" this morning. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with these changes if Zynga would give some warning.

  15. i don't know, but somehow my stamina got jacked up this morning too. i now have 134 out of a possible 24 energy. i've never seen that before.

  16. I guess Zynga is making it random ala Vampire Wars and Farmvile in the treasure chest. honestly the toolbar is useless without the mini energy boost. I'm content with my stamina as is, or else I would've raised it. I only fight for the loot drops. But willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they do with it.

  17. People go read the forum.. u get 200 points energy, a computer, phone, blackmail photo, tokens or liquor...stamina (though no one who got stamina can actually collect it)The feeling is Zynga got ur info and emails through the cookie placed and dont need it anymore.. the same with the new page feed that asks u to contribute to 100%.. I hate this no 25% but I go and read... we've been conned my friends

  18. in case anybody still needs beta passports, write me a message, first come, first serve. i got like 6.
    gimme 10 mhel or so in return.


  19. and here goes the toolbar... I have a lot of friends and me myself that have energy accounts just because I refuse to add strangers as friends just to increase my mafia size. Having to spend 200 stamina for weak characters is just a pita. would it have been so difficult to let the player decide?
    Using flash for properties, well, Zynga never tried to Flash on a Mac. The Flash plugin on OS X just sucks, no wonder Apple won't have it on the iPhone/iPad. And I used to look after my properties on the iPhone while abroad quite frequently..

  20. Am I the only one that has to collect my properties every 24 houres!! Have played since november 2009! I have like 24h storage place and every 3 houres properties pay out!!! If the storage runs full I have like 36 hours to collect it or the pay out is reduced and in the end shut down! then i have to restart it! enybody else out there!!!

    ***While you will have to check your property now once every 48 hours to collect your money, this is not a nerf by any means.***

  21. the people complaining -like me- are the ones that dont have to collect ny property output at all. i just get my cash hourly.

  22. I read the post about the new properties and while I think it will be a good change in the end, I have some issues with it, I have rackets, which means I was part of a failed experiment that will be soon forgotten. But acording to the post, you will no longer be able to sell properties which will make two achievements unattainable from now on, two achievements I have never given a chance to get, (and I want them) and I spent skill points to make the rackets work, will I get those back? People with properties will jus have their properties updated and some money restored for the properties that will no longer exist, and us? We did spend some money buying the racktes but even if that is returned, will we have to start building from zero? It just sounds like it is going to suck for us people with rackets. And also, without racktes, the best boosts in the game will be lost, the boost from bangkok are easier to get, but way weaker too.

  23. Yes, it was too good to be true. :/

    I was actually QUITE pissed last night when I found out about this. The 8-hr buff was the greatest thing that has ever happened for energy players.

    And now they want me to fight? Huh, might as well considering I've only been playing since 4th Quarter 2009 and have Mastered all four cities (well, eps 1&2 for Bangkok). I've already began dropping points into Atk and Def skills and they are nearly 100 (lol).

    I just don't know what to do will 5000+ energy anymore, save for collecting money and HEL.

  24. Didn't have rackets, and don't know anyone who does. And nobody parts with the truck driver or hollow points, so not familiar with their use. I am curious since I have 300 mega casinos how much I'm going to get per 48 hour period, and how much I'm going to lose from fighting. Will their be protection? will the boosts come back into play? will the same stats apply? will higher level properties be harder to rob? Thankfully I got all the property based achievements. Right now working on 'That's with a T' but if spending the money to buy more would increase the level and payout when the rollover comes I would get them now. It does stand to reason that Vegas would use dollars, I hope they don't nerf that by coming up with some new currency, that would make the game unrealistic.

  25. i also got that stupid stamina bug it says 200energy and then it gives 200stamina
    and then it returns to my normal 35stamina -_-"

  26. I got a stamina energy pack :S 59 (yellow)/45 (white)
    I didn't actually use any energy packs today - it came automatically.

  27. Whaaaa! ! stop whinning you weak imbecile energy players....Whaaaa ! no more energy for me whaaaaa !....I for one, have 500 in each category which makes me elite in most aspects...cant wait till robbing comes along so I will make you kneel before me and beg for forgiveness so I can pardon your 10000 energy 20 health accounts....

    You want some cheese with that whine????

  28. I got double stamina when I used the energy pack today.. Surprised me and pissed me off at the same time. I was try to finish 4th lvl of Bangkok ep 1. Also wish I knew there is 4 lvls not 3 in bangkok.. Oh wait is there a 5th lvl?????

  29. So basically this new cash system means I'll get the same amount of cash from my NY properties after 2 days that i would after a year? A year in which I would normally collect amounts I don't even care to estimate? How is this a good thing?

  30. {Update}
    I dunno but i think the toolbar will droop random buff/ itemz, coz today i got miniep but just increased 170 suck!... not 25%.... grrr...

    and about NY propertiez, i like old classic zyztem. automaticaly collect money/racketz without user to login, would be better if there is a new zyztem that auto save moneyz in the banxz....

  31. I just got an energy buff out of the toolbar, but instead of 25% it was 200 energy (for a level 1151 account.) That is not as enticing as it was before, but it may make it worthwhile to keep the Toolbar in the short term.

  32. how to get the mini energy pack ??? lol it says it;s ready and where do i get it lols

  33. I have a question. Since I have rakets in NY will they be giving me back the upgrade points that i have under influence?

  34. I have rackets instead of properties since I started the game. I have built up 200 influence points over the course of my time playing.

    What is going to happen to these influence points now ???

  35. As I never use IE, I only installed the toolbar to get the utility belt. Uninstalled it 2 minutes later. MafiaWars still thinks I have it installed, so I am now getting the stamina boosts.

  36. I have the feeling that they are actually going to "refund" skill points put into Influence for those who have that kind of racket system. Conceivably some users increased their Influence with bought reward points and I doubt that Zynga would want to alienate paying customers.

    Not that it has stopped them in the past. But I think the situation is different enough from the changing Stamina from 2-1 to 1-1 for them to make allowances.

    The fact that Racket accounts are going to the new properties several weeks after everyone else does makes this seem more likely.

    That said, I wouldn't dump any more skill points into Influence.

  37. hey guyz are the loot from ep 3,4,5,6 still droping from fights coz i spend abt 400 stamina per day and im nt getin any ??!

  38. The toolbar boost got even worse. Today I received no energy, but instead... some liquor bottles. What a waste. Time to uninstall this waste of space.

  39. Is anyone else having an issue where Mafia wars is only showing half a screen?

  40. Yes, I am having the half screen issue.

    It is easy enough to fix. Right click in the Mafia Wars part of the screen and choose "Show only this Frame." The exact details differ depending on your browser, but that will fix the problem.

  41. i am getting the toolbar stamina boost, even though i have never even seen the toolbar in action. install it on some browser you dont ever use, deinstall it immediately and never look back.

  42. OMG!!! Bangkok ep3 is OPEN!!! =D

  43. Bad news! There are two new businesses in Bangkok:

    Piracy Operation- Produces: Pirates (for use in ep3)

    Drug Smuggling Ring- Produces: Drug Shipment (Unlock by mastering the "Buy Some Chemicals On The Black Market" job)

    This is just going to slow us down. The Cuba PC's are back. >.<

  44. Oh! There are new Achievements and Fighting is open in Bangkok!

  45. New Property system in NY is a go!

  46. Feburary 4, 6:30 comment

    Seriously? how can you be that stupid.
    A. Unwitty childish sarcasm
    B. Calling yourself "elite" because you don't have a pure energy account?
    C. Trying to be threatening/cool/tough by saying that kneel before/bow to you because of how unimaginably tough you are... in a video game
    D. Ending is a trite, immature cliche

    So that comment alone shows your probally a pretty lame person.

  47. unframing MW doesnt stop the half loading screen crap...anyone have an actual working solution?

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