February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day Massacre Limited Time Job; Mafia Wars Event

For Valentine's day, Mafia Wars will be launching a Valentine's Day Massacre Limited Time Job.

From the description and pictures on this official Facebook post, it looks like the limited time job will be set up much like the New Year's Eve event. There are three total jobs: Trick Target to Attend Meeting (5 minute cooldown), Scout Out The Location (8 hour cooldown), and Procure Untraceable Sub-Machine Guns (24 hour cooldown). Each job promises a "100% chance of a rare item", which is nice.

..but that is not all! In addition to the limited time job, there will actually be a new holiday surprise - a limited time collection just for Valentine's Day. For vaulting the items in the collection, players will receive a "coveted Cupid's Arrow" as a reward - probably a weapon with decent stats. To get collection pieces, simply do jobs and fight in game, just like with the old 8-piece item collections. One of the pieces will be a free gift, so you will have to receive it from a friend.

Finally, players will be able to send Valentine's Day items through the gift safe house. If you open enough gifts, your "love meter" will increase, and when it maxes out, you will get another limited edition loot piece. The only catch is that players can send you a "gag gift" which will actually lower your love meter if you open it. I foresee this function causing many wars!

Updates on loot to come whenever they put the event in!
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  1. muggling jobs?? :D

  2. all three options have the same energy and payout, so why wouldn't you just do the one that is every 5 minutes? at least the New Years one had different ratios. wonder if they have different loot items?

  3. since money is everything in Bangkok, could u suggest me which job return most money per energy used? So far:

    Episode 1: Show a Cocky Biker Who's In Charge
    33.2 ratio, give $B332/10 energy

  4. Pisang - it seems the very first job in each episode usually pays out the best as a rule. In episode 5a/5b, the ratio is about 45 $B per energy point.

    Stamina pays off much better $B wise!

  5. When will the episode 4 guide for Bangkok be released?

    Great job so far. Just a little notice... If another link for redoing the special job without waiting is available, please post it :)

  6. the glitch still works for the boss fight except its sooooo amazing i got 200000000 b$ just bought a few hundred yakuza assasins and shaolin bodyguard

  7. How does the boss fight glitch work?




    just made 6000000000 $B and 1000000000$B on my accounts :O

  9. Bah, to bad it only works if you have the new properties :(:(:(:(

  10. Here's something new:

    (why can I not paste here?)


  11. how do people get the newer new york properties? I hope zynga figures this out cuz its pretty truly unfair. Sites like this that have valuable information is one thing, but that seems like a total cheat. its even worse that only SOME people can do it...atleast give people the option to cheat if they want too haha

  12. cheaters do prosper apparently

  13. Hmm for some reason I thought I had posted up the episode 4 stuff up, guess not. Doing that now.

    As far as that cheat goes - I don't have properties, so I guess I'm out of luck lol. Also, if you didn't notice, Mafia Wars is about to go down for an extended maintenance.

    I'm betting that when it goes up, 1) that exploit definitely will not work and 2) we might get rolled back so those people will lose all that money. I can't see them not rolling it back honestly, 10s of thousands of players have billions of $B and maxed shit out at the factin store.

  14. I was the one posting earlier about the bug.. and now, after all excitment i feel kind of bad cause i have all the fation stuff :o and have advantage over people and i think bangkok lost a great part of its fun.. i wish there was a rollback so we could all be equals again :)

  15. are you saying those role backs are INTENTIONAL? the last time they did that it cost me 2 weeks worth of effort. If its intentional I will stop playing if they do that again.