February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Massacre Limited Time Job Guide

The limited time job, Valentine's Day Massacre, is now available in Mafia Wars. It is quite like the New Year's Eve job in that there are 3 different jobs you can pick from, each with different cooldowns and rewards. Additionally, no matter which job you pick, you will earn some job mastery percentage points:

For doing the Trick Target to Attend Meeting, I ended up receiving the Heart Tattoo Valentine's Day collection item. This job appears to be the only way to get the Heart Tattoo Valentine's Day collection piece. The rare item is the Senza Pari, a vehicle with 21 attack and 12 defense.

For doing the Scout Out the Location job, I received a Lookout (armor; 9 attack, 22 defense):

Yes, this item shares the name of a boost.

For doing the Procure Untraceable Sub-Machine Guns job (24 hour cool down, 100 energy cost) I received Purple Gang's Gun (weapon; 19 attack, 30 defense) as a reward:

For hitting 100% job mastery, I received a Highball (weapon; 36 attack, 24 defense):

Nothing too special here; not worth spending the GF points on this event by any means - much better to use them in Bangkok.
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  1. I have the item you cannot find. I'm not sure how to take a picture of it for ya.

  2. Hit the "print screen" button. Open up MSPaint, crop accordingly, save and send! Heading to sleep for the night now though!

  3. http://i50.tinypic.com/2u5uxhs.jpg

  4. saenza pari was doing the 5 minute job... 21 attack and 12 defence

  5. The "bad gifts" on the safehouse are also weapons (rotten chocolates and wilted roses) not very good ones but I believe they are still worth mentioning