March 30, 2010

Robbing Mastery Requirements and rewards

Along with the addition of robbing, there is now a mastery system that allows players to "level up" as they complete more successful robberies.

There are 10 total levels, and each level confers a new title to the player along with a "reward" of some sort. Here is what is known so

Level: Title earned for mastering level, # of heists needed, bonus earned for making it to the next level

[For finish level 1 and reaching] Level 2: Burglar, 10 heists, 6% bonus XP for robbing

Level 3: Master Burglar, 25 heists (more heists, the 10 from the previous level do not count), 7% bonus XP for robbing

Level 4: Apprentice Robber, 100 heists, 8% bonus XP for robbing

Level 5: Robber, 500 heists, 9% bonus XP for robbing

Level 6: Master Robber, 1000 heists, 10% bonus XP for robbing

Level 7: Apprentice Thief, 2500 heists, 12% bonus XP for robbing

Level 8: Thief, 5000 heists, 15% XP for robbing

Level 9: Master Thief, ??? (guessing 10,000) heists, guessing the bonus will be ~20% XP bonus

Level 10: Grand Master Thief, ??? (guessing 20,000) heists - this is the title for level 10 - I am not sure yet if this title will be granted to the player simply for reaching level 10 or if the player has to max out level 10 mastery first. I'm guessing the reward will be ~25% XP bonus, along with an item of some sort. It has been stated that we will receive an item reward, just not sure what it is yet. It will be awhile simply due to the large number of heists needed to get this high, but perhaps we will find out early if someone exploits!



Note that quality of type of heist does not matter for leveling up. The only thing that is important is winning. You do not get bonus mastery % for robbing high-stamina cost targets (Casinos etc). As a result, you want to focus on robbing low stamina cost targets.

If your board looks like this:

Flophouse x2 (costs 2 stamina to rob)
Pawn Shop x3 (costs 3 stamina to rob)
Restaurant x2 (costs 7 stamina to rob)
Mega Casino x2 (costs 20 stamina to rob) robbing (successfully) the 2 flophouses, you will add 2 successful heists to your total, while only spending 4 stamina (10 times more efficient than robbing casinos).

As a result, I recommend never robbing casinos (unless you are trying to collect cash or XP). It's simply a lot faster to level up your robbing mastery by robbing everything but the most expensive targets (casinos, uptown hotels, and even office parks) and getting new, cheaper targets.

Think about it this way - you can leave 4 properties unrobbed each time and for only a 4 stamina cost, however, simply by robbing a Casino over a Flophouse, you have spent 18 more stamina!

In short, rob the cheapest properties and then refresh your property page.


In other news, I'm not sure if we will see an Easter event or not. It's in between being a Christian holiday only and being secularized, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is not an event associated with it. Holiday events didn't become the "norm" until the 4th of July event, so there's no way to know for sure since we didn't see what they did last year.

Also there's a few new free gift items, so if you're into collecting weak loot, it's your lucky day!

You can also get a new 51 attack, 30 defense weapon (Pocket Rockets) by leveling up in Zynga Poker. The reward system is buggy as usual, can't help you there if you didn't get it! The only tip I have for you is to go into your achievements page in Mafia Wars after you have earned your levels.
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March 29, 2010

Mafia Wars Double Mastery Days

From the Mafia Wars Fan page:

In honor of reaching 10 million fans on Facebook, Mafia Wars will be giving away a few tokens of their appreciation starting March 30 (12:01 a.m. PST) to March 31 (11:59 PST).

For 48 hours, Mafia Wars Facebook fans will be able to the following:

* Double mastery in all cities (New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok)
* All fights will produce 25% more experience
* Everyone who plays during this even will receive a limited edition item called the 'Heavy Hand'


Double mastery in all cities is unprecedented! There has never been anything like that before. This is the perfect time to make a new account and blow through the entire content field. Last time there was a double mastery bonus for New York, I was able to take a brand new account through New York (entirely) within just a few hours, following the principles outlined in Mafia Wars Compendium.

With double mastery in ALL cities, the only thing stopping you from mastering all content in game is your ability to come up with politico corruptos, pirates, and drug shipments. The thing with double mastery is that you have so much spare energy since you have mastered more jobs than normal, you will have tons of extra stat points at a lower level, making leveling up off a single energy bar exceptionally easy.

If you do not have an energy account yet, it's certainly the perfect time to make one!


As part of the fan bonus, players who log in March 30th or March 31st will receive the "Heavy Hand" limited edition loot item, which is a has 43 attack and 23 defense. You get it just for logging in.

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March 27, 2010

Robbing Strategy and Mechanics

Robbing is now in game for all players! Even my rackets account (which still has rackets) can log in and start robbing. Now that I've gotten to play with it some, here is what I have noticed:

1) The amount of Mafia you can use during a robbery attempt depends on which type of property you try to rob.

For example, look at the Dockyard picture above. The "50" number next to the mafia icon shows how many mafia members I can use during my robbery. What this means is that I will only be able to use my 50 best weapons, armors, and vehicles during a robbery attempt on a Dockyard, even if I have a bigger mafia and more weapons. You will be capped at the number indicated on each robbery.

The more expensive the property, the more Mafia Members you can use. For example, you can only use 2 mafia members to rob a flophouse but you can use 50 to rob a dockyard.

2) Equipment stats and stat points are somewhat additive. This picture was taken on my energy account, which has zero extra stat points in attack, yet I still had a much higher attack score than my opponent. It seems that the total offensive score is calculated by:

(Stat points in attack + score from equipment) * a random multiplier (anywhere from 1-3 it would seem).

Sometimes, I will rob a property with an attack score of 15,000, and then rob the same property and have an attack score of 5,000. The "random" element means that anyone at any point can win a robbery (and also lose one!), no matter how much attack, defense, or equipment you have.

There are a few practical results of this:

1) If you want to rob one of the smaller properties (ones where you can only use a few mafia members to help out), such as a flophouse, the fight comes entirely down to who has the most points in attack (or defense).

2) If you rob one of the larger properties, your equipment score vastly outweighs your stat point score.

3) "Special" loot pieces, especially job mastery rewards and Bangkok faction items, now weigh heavily into robbing.

4) Having a full set of good (but not great) loot is only important in robbing larger properties.

5) Attack boosts help out significantly in small robberies and mean nothing in large robberies.

6) Due to the random multiplier, even the weakest accounts will win some robberies, and even the strongest accounts will lose some robberies. While a lot of people don't like the randomly losing, I think the randomness is a good thing as it allows everyone to progress through robbing (i.e. there won't be so much whining from bad players), and since there is no penalty for losing, it doesn't matter too much if you lose once in awhile.

Here is how this comes into play:

1) My "fighting" account will win every small robbery attempt that it makes. Since I have been slacking on finishing content with it, it loses most larger robbery attempts! Missing out on Bangkok faction pieces and job mastery rewards will significantly impair your robbing ability, even if you have 1000 or more points in attack.

2) My energy account will lose every small robbery attempt it makes, but wins most of its larger robberies (where you can use 100+ members), since I have every special item, tons of faction loot, and all the job mastery rewards.

In short, your ability to win fights does not predict your ability to win robbing events. If you want to win all your robbery attempts, you need 1) all the job mastery rewards 2) about 25 of the Yakuza Assassin Bangkok faction items 3) a lot of stat points in attack.

There are no shortcuts here and it is fairly balanced. They did a good job in my opinion in that regard. I will post again later today with more info on the rewards and other robbing information.
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March 25, 2010

Robbing Collections & Other Info

Robbing is now in game for a small subset (probably about 10%) of the gaming population. Here is how it works:

When going to the robbing screen, you are presented with 6-9 possible properties to rob. Usually a few properties are listed as "easy" while a few always seem to be listed as "hard". Despite this, if you have a strong fighting account, you will almost always win your "hard" matches. If you have a really weak account, you can still lose "easy" matches. It doesn't seem to be a reliable gauge of your opponents weaknesses. If you're strong, you'll win. If you're not, you probably won't.

Also note that your board changes while you are away. As predicted, you will need a good bit of stamina to really take advantage of this new feature (200 stamina seems about right). Good thing the chop shop has a +5 stamina car, so even if you are firmly entrenched in a high level, fighting based account, you can still easily pick up tons of stamina.

If you successfully rob each property on your property "board", you will get a bonus XP reward. I've seen as high as 500 XP. This makes robbing a great way to get experience points, assuming your account is strong enough to rob other players.

Additionally, as you rob, you have a chance to get bonus loot pieces (random loot pieces, sometimes high end, just like with fighting) and also a chance to get robbing collection pieces. Here's what they do:

Tools of the Trade Collection

Pieces in set: Lock Picks, Diamond Drill, Flashlight, Walkie Talkie, Safecracker's Stethoscope, Black Ski Masks, Grappling Hooks

Reward for vaulting: +20% cash and items from robbing

Stolen Diamond Collection

Pieces in set: Hope Diamond, Koh-I-Noor Diamond, Great Star of Africa Diamond, The Orloff Diamond, The Sancy Diamond, The Idol's Eye Diamond, The Regent Diamond

Reward for vaulting: Improve odds of successfull robberies by 10%


The collections are pretty solid, especially if you rob a lot. Note that with the Stolen Diamond collection, even a weak energy account can successfully rob even the toughest opponent. Bringing back the RNG!

At any rate, it's nice to having robbing back. I'm not sure when it will be available for everyone, most of my accounts do not yet have it (even the ones with properties).
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March 24, 2010

More Robbing Details and Information

So, earlier today a new post was mentioned containing more information on the upcoming re-implementation of robbing. Here is how it is going to work:

When you click on the "robbing" tab, you will be given access to a "grid" of a few properties, from which you can decide who you want to rob.

Couple of things:

1. For robbing properties, you get experience for a separate leveling bar. Level 10, the top level, earns you the title of Grand Master Thief (hopefully you can use that as your profile name) and an unknown reward item.

2. You can earn robbing collection pieces from robbing.

3. Note that the difficulty level of each property is already calculated for you. So when you decide to rob an easy target, you'll probably win 100% of the time, and if you decide to rob a "Hard" target, you'll probably lose 100% of the time. Turns out you won't need to use your brain with the new feature.

4. Also, note that the stamina cost appears to vary from property to property. In the picture above, robbing a casino appears to cost 20 stamina. This may depend on the level of the property, we will have to find out. It's a nice change either way, as spending a few hundred stamina can be a pain. Hopefully the reward for spending that extra stamina matches the cost.

5. Getting new targets appears to cost stamina (note top left of the picture). So if you can't find anyone to beat on the robbing list, it looks like you'll have to spend some stamina to get a new list.


While it's too early to make too many assumptions, I can safely assume that robbing will be stamina intensive (20 stamina for robbing the casino in the pic above, and 6 stamina just to get targets). As a result, I'd recommend stocking up on stamina over the next few days if you plan on doing a lot of robbing. The Rebel 2 chop shop car gives +5 stamina for building - considering making one of those each day until robbing comes out.
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March 19, 2010

New Mystery Bag Items

The mystery bags got a makeover - same concept, just new items.

In addition to some new items, players can now get 100 Free XP from mystery bags.

Here is what I have found so far:

100 Experience Points
Wishlist Items
Many different kinds of boosts
+5 Free Skill Points
+1 Reward Point
Chop Shop Items
Cricket Cage
Uilleann Pipes (St. Patrick's Day Collection Item)
Luck of the Irish
Green Limo

..and I'm sure there are a lot more items (feel free to post what you find in the comments).

The unfortunate thing that is a lot of these items are either 1) free gifts 2) easily gotten (chop shop items, boosts, etc).

There are still a few useful items (+100 XP, +5 skill points, +1 reward point), however, it seems that once again the "good" rewards are limited. Nearly everyone's first mystery bag seems to yield 100 XP, and the +skill points and +reward points are fairly rare. However, they're certainly better than nothing! The +5 skill point reward can go very far along with the extra stamina and energy each day from the chop shop!
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March 18, 2010

Free Godfather Points Link

Another free godfather points link:

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March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Collection and Dublin Derby Event

The St. Patrick's Day event is now live! Here are the details:

Fix the Dublin Derby

There is a new limited time job, and like previous events, there is a 5 minute, 8 hour, and 24 hour option.

Each job has it's own item associated with it:

Blackmail the Judges: Vintage Binoculars (weapon; 14 attack, 23 defense). Thanks Juliano for the pic!

Switch the Jockey: Horse Training Whip (weapon; 24 attack, 13 defense)

Steal the Favored Horse: Horse Trailer (22 attack, 16 defense)

For mastering the job (getting 100% mastery), you will get the Winner's Wreath:

Much like Valentine's Day, there is a new collection, the St. Patrick's Day Collection. There are 7 total pieces:

Irish Flag (drops from featured job - simply keep performing the featured jobs until you get the flag)
Green Fireworks (drops from random jobs; any normal job can drop this)
Leprechaun (drops from random jobs; any normal job can drop this)
Green Bowler's Cap (drops from random jobs; any normal job can drop this)
Lucky Pint Glass (drops randomly from fights; any normal fight can drop this)
Pot of Gold (drops randomly from fights; any normal fight can drop this)
Bag Pipes (free gift from friends; can be sent on the free gifts page)

This time, all the limited time jobs drop the Irish Flag (not just the 5 minute job like with the Heart Tattoo). Since every limited time job can drop the Irish Flag, it is unlikely that it will be as valuable as the Heart Tattoo became, although there is a chance this item will be at least worth a high-end loot piece or two.

The reward for vaulting the collection is the Irish Wolfhound (weapon; 48 attack, 29 defense).

Lucky Shot Achievement

For vaulting the collection and mastering off the Dublin Derby limited time job, you can achieve the Lucky Shot achievement.

Find the Rare Dublin Stallion

This item has a very low % drop rate from the limited time job and can also be purchased for Godfather points. It is a horse (vehicle) with 26 attack and 51 defense.

Lucky's Pot o' Gold:

From the marketplace. I'm not really sure what the appeal here is - buying 7 items (and spending 100 reward points+) for a chance to win 100 reward points? That's like buying a raffle ticket for $5 for a chance to win $4.

I'm not sure what marketplace items count for the total. If you find out, feel free to leave a comment!
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March 15, 2010

Robbing to return to Mafia Wars

From the fan page:

Coming soon – We’re bringing back robbing to Mafia Wars! Soon you’ll have to keep a close eye on your properties so they don’t become vulnerable. Get ready to pull some heists and bank all the new robbing collection items! Stay tuned!

Very cool. Unfortunately, it's not in the game just yet, and I honestly have no idea when it is coming. We heard back in December that it was "coming soon" and it is now still "coming soon", so there's no way of telling if it will be in the next few days or next few months.

It looks like they will be adding some sort of robbing collection. I'm guessing you will get a collection piece for robbing casinos, for robbing tenements, etc, until you have robbed every building type. I'm hoping you can raid other people's chop shop's for car parts though, that would be pretty nice!
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March 13, 2010

St. Patty's Day Event

According to the Mafia Wars official Facebook page, a St. Patty's Day event is right around the corner. There will be another new limited time job, achievement, and collection.

At this moment in time it is not in the game yet, but given that St. Patrick's Day is on Wednesday the 17th, it will be in the game very soon. I will have some updates then!
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March 12, 2010

Crew Collections; Prototype Carjacking, Theft of a Drone, and Weapons Shipping Hijacking

A new type of collection has been introduced to the game - the Crew Collections.

Here is how it works:

Basically, you can get collection pieces either by 1) asking for help 2) helping out your friends. However, it is not quite that simple.

Helping a Friend

When you offer to help a friend, you get around 1 hour to "find" the piece assigned to you in the mission. The job that you must complete has an orange timer beside it. The drop i rate is unfortunately very rare. As a result, it can take quite a few job completions to get your item, which can be tough within the hour time span.

Once you find the piece your friend is looking for, you will both get a copy of the item. You can help out 5 friends in a 24 hour period.

Additionally, you have to earn at least 1 piece from each collection before you can call for help on it, so you will have to help out friends who have other collections unlocked in order to get access to all the items.

It would seem that the job that you find the item in appears in the city you were last in, so try to accept this job in the street thug tier.

Asking for Help

When you ask for help, in order to get the item needed, you have to get your friends to help you and then actually have them procure the item within the hour! This will not happen often, since only 5 friends total can help you out and the item drop that they are looking for is pretty rare. However, since you can only call for help once every 48 hours (total, not once for each collection), odds are your friends will at least try to help you out in an effort to earn a piece for themselves.

Sets and Rewards

As noted above, it can be quite tough to complete these collections. It's certainly doable if you spend a lot of time playing and chasing down these collections, however, it does not seem to be much worth the effort at the moment:

Reward for the Prototype Carjacking collection: Koenigsberg S10 (vehicle; 30 attack, 46 defense).

Reward for the Theft of a Drone collection: Military Spy Drone (vehicle; 33 attack, 47 defense).

Reward for the Weapons Shipping Hijacking collection: Fox Hunter (weapon; 48 attack, 27 defense).

As it stands, collecting these items does not seem to be worth the effort given that these are not much better than top-tier loot pieces. If you really want to finish the collections and are a high level player, I'm sure it will be quite easy to trade high-end loot pieces for the collection pieces rather than collecting the pieces yourself.


Personally, I'm not going to even bother with these collections right now - the items just aren't worth the time spent. I'm sure in a week or two these collection pieces will plummet in value rapidly, and it will be easy to pick up a full collection set for a mere 10-20 high end loot pieces.
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March 11, 2010

Ace in the Sleeve

Ace in the Sleeve (53 attack, 23 defense) is an item now available in Mafia Wars.

To get this item, simply install the Zynga Poker App and get to level 6 (in poker). About the best way to do this seems to be to just get into a 1 round tournament and play.


String of Firecrackers now has 46 defense. This is the reward from the Mystery Bag Collection.


There are two new free gifts: Zip Line (vehicle; 15 attack and 20 defense) and Hyena on Chain (weapon; 20 attack, 16 defense).


There's not much else going on in the game right now. St. Patrick's Day is coming up, so expect an in-game holiday event soon!
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March 7, 2010

Chop Shop - The Final Word

So, I've been messing around with the Chop Shop over the last few days, and here are the highlights:


The Chop Shop is upgradeable up to level 10. There are 5 items you will need for each upgrade: Shipping Containers, Cement Blocks, Power Tools, Car Lift, and Acetylene Torches. There are several ways to get these upgrade pieces:

- As free gifts. Every Mafia Wars player can send 2 types of these upgrade pieces as free gifts.

- From jobs and fighting. These upgrade pieces are a somewhat rare drop from doing jobs and fighting in any city.

- By asking for help. Every 24 hours, you can post a request for "help" collecting an item. Simply go into the Chop Shop page and click "Upgrade" and you will see an "Ask for Help" button below some of the item types. Pick the one you have the lowest one and offer up a request. Note: This 24 hour timer seems to reset if you upgrade your chop shop, so it is possible to call for help on items back to back.

- By spending godfather points. You can trade 1 godfather point for each item. It would require quite a few Godfather points to fully upgrade your chop shop, as you will a few hundred of these pieces to finish up.

The cost for upgrading = (current level + 4) car parts of each type. For example:

If you are level 5, you will need 9 (5 + 4) of each type of ingredient to upgrade your chop shop to level 6.

By upgrading your Chop Shop, your shop will produce more car parts per hour. You will also gain access to more vehicle types, which are listed in the Chop Shop Cars post.


Your chop shop will produce "Car Parts" on its own every 24 hours. This is a generic item and you will need quite a few of these items to make cars. You can also find these generic car parts as a common drop from fighting and doing jobs in any city. In addition to these items, some cars require other specialty car parts, such as Thai Car Parts, Bulletproof Glass, and Solar Panels.

Solar panels and Bulletproof Glass drop randomly from doing jobs and fighting in what seems like any city (though I found mine in New York). They have a very low drop rate, but if you play a lot, you will find a lot of these.

City Car Parts (Thai Car Parts, Cuban Car Parts, etc) drop from their prospective cities randomly while doing jobs and fighting. For example, you will only find Cuban Car Parts when fighting and doing jobs in Cuba.


Now, the Chop Shop no longer produces 1 vehicle randomly every 24 hours. You have to build vehicles using the car parts listed above. I listed all the vehicles in a previous post linked above that you can choose from. Unlock more vehicles by upgrading your chop shop.

Note that you can only produce 1 vehicle per 24 hours, even if you have the car parts. As a result, you want to pick the best possible cars to build.

Right now, it seems the best two cars are the Rebel 2 and the Solar Flare. The Rebel 2, with 40 attack and 45 defense, has pretty good stats and gives you +5 stamina for purchasing. That would be +5 max stamina - so you could go from 15/15 to 20/20 by purchasing this vehicle.

The Solar Flare stats aren't as high as the Rebel 2 but it gives out +5 energy for purchasing. Once again, that is max energy. Each time you buy another one of these cars you can increase your stats by +5. The only catch is that you can only do it once every 24 hours.

Since you can increase your stats through this function, you can make big improvements in your character as it is like getting an extra level up each day that you build one of these cars. By doing this for a month, you could end up with an extra max 150 stamina or energy points. This will in turn result in more jobs done and more fights participated in, which would precipitate further levels and even more stat points. This is definitely a worthwhile use of your Mafia Wars time, don't ignore it if you want to stay ahead of the curve!

Edit: The Chop Shop is now upgradeable to level 12:

Additionally, there are 2 new high-end cars that come along with levels 11 and 12:

The Mugati Sport (35 attack, 51 defense, and +3 to your total max defense skill) costs 135 car parts and 1 "High Tech Car Part", which is a brand new piece. The Hunter 'Spy' XS (52 attack, 29 defense, and +3 to your total max attack skill) costs 155 car parts and 2 high tech car parts.

It's a bit of a toss-up on which car to pick now! On one hand, the two new cars, at only providing +3 stats (compared to the +5 energy or stamina cars), may seem a bit weaker. However, with 51 defense and 52 attack on each of these cars respectively, these pieces are also very strong. Since robbing small properties weighs heavily on your most powerful items, if you end up robbing a lot, you may want to beef up your stats by picking some of these new cars up.
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March 5, 2010

Chop Shop Upgrade - Info, Cars, and Parts

The new Chop Shop is now live in game! Here's how it works.

The original 5 Chop Shop pieces can be used to upgrade your Chop Shop to different levels (power tools, cement blocks, etc).

There are 10 total levels, with each level unlocking a new car type and the ability of your Chop Shop to produce more parts.

At any rate, it starts off costing 5 of each type of car part for each level and this number increases by 1 per level (6 to get to level 3, 7 to get to level 4, etc).

There are a large variety of car types available at the Chop Shop. Here is a list:

Level 1: Random common car - 10 car parts required

Level 2: Random rare car - 25 car parts

Level 3: Tasmanian - 36 attack, 34 defense - 30 car parts

Level 4: CM Santiago R10 - 42 attack, 30 defense - 30 car parts and 2 Cuban Car Parts (guessing these drop from fights and jobs in Cuba)

Level 5: Rebel 2 - 40 attack, 45 defense, +5 stamina (not sure if you can collect +5 stamina each time you can collect a car - need confirmation) - 45 car parts and 2 bulletproof glass.

Level 6: Russian Dazatz 45 - 18 attack, 46 defense - 50 car parts and 2 Russian Car Parts

Level 7: Solar Flare - 34 attack, 34 defense, +5 energy - 65 car parts and 1 solar panel

Level 8: Thai XS Max - 45 attack, 35 defense - 75 car parts and 2x Thai Car Parts

Level 9: Trio Napoli - 47 attack, 23 defense - 95 car parts

Level 10: Red Angel - 16 attack, 49 defense - 115 car parts


Some more information:

Car parts drop randomly from all sorts of jobs and fights, as do the specialty items such as "solar panel" and "bulletproof glass". The specialty items seem to be rarer but still seem to be a random drop.

Additionally, each type of zone based cart part drops from its respective city (Cuban Car Part drops in Cuba, Thai Car Part drops in Bangkok, etc). These drop from random jobs and fights as well - you just have to be in the city.

You can also get car parts pieces simply by fighting and doing jobs. It would seem that the fastest way to upgrade your chop shop would be to repeat a low energy cost job in New York!
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March 4, 2010

Chop Shop Update and Upgrade

Mafia Wars just announced an upgrade to the currently weak Chop Shop property. Currently, the Chop Shop produces 1 random vehicle every 24 hours, of varying quality, making it a fairly useless item. However, here are the slotted changes noted on the fan page:

We're updating our Chop Shop! Now, not only will you get car parts dropped from jobs and fighting, your Chop Shop will also produce car parts for you. Collect and turn them into hot vehicles. Also be sure to upgrade your shop to produce more car parts and unlock new rides! Updated Chop Shop coming soon!

Note that the Chop Shop is coming soon - it's not in game yet. Apparently, the chop shop will now produce car parts that can be turned into vehicles. I'm guessing players will be able to choose which vehicle they want to construct, so if a player who already has it all wants to collect 100 car parts for a top tier vehicle, he can do so, while a low-end player will be able to make some decent vehicles for a much lower cost.

Additionally, note that these car parts will drop from fighting and jobs - giving players a chance to earn extra vehicles that way.

Finally, it looks like the Chop Shop will now be upgradeable to different levels, enabling it to produce more cars or car parts. We'll have to see. Not sure when the upgrade is due in.


Note: Collection pieces from the Valentine's Day Collection event (which are no longer collectible, but still able to be vaulted) are increasing rapidly in value. I expect a similar situation (but not quite to the same degree) with the mystery bag collection if they ever discontinue the mystery bags. Perhaps stock up on a few to be safe, and if you have a Heart Tattoo left over from Valentine's Day, know that it is now quite valuable!
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