March 18, 2010

Free Godfather Points Link

Another free godfather points link:

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  1. I've finished all episodes of Bangkok awhile ago. Yesterday, I clicked on the Win A Shoot-Out With The Kowloon Police job to use up the rest of an energy refill before leveling up. After clicking, I got a notification saying Continue on the Level 5 mastery (which is weird, because there are only 4 levels in Bangkok). So after clicking - my level 5b bangkok cleared and it looks as if I'm only on level 2 of 5b.

    Has this ever happened to anyone?

    I'll post my profile so you can see I already have the typhoon cleavers

  2. Same exact thing happened to me.

  3. same happend here. I just look at it as extra free skill points

  4. same here. my only concern is if I redo masteries 2-4 will they go back later and 'fix' things and take away whatever I earned this last time through.

  5. Same here. I am not touching it, and simply waiting for zynga to fix the problem.

  6. Same here, I sent a bug report as soon as it happened yesterday morning, and no response yet...

  7. very off topic(i mean it)mafia wars guide have u ever considered making a guide for the game world at war on facebook same general idea as mafia wars mobwars godfather and all but its a heck of a fun game try it out (much faster paced than mafia wars)

  8. New mystery bag rewards. So far, I got:
    10% discount on marketplace items
    100 free xp
    Flash bang (boost)
    Uillean Pipes