March 29, 2010

Mafia Wars Double Mastery Days

From the Mafia Wars Fan page:

In honor of reaching 10 million fans on Facebook, Mafia Wars will be giving away a few tokens of their appreciation starting March 30 (12:01 a.m. PST) to March 31 (11:59 PST).

For 48 hours, Mafia Wars Facebook fans will be able to the following:

* Double mastery in all cities (New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok)
* All fights will produce 25% more experience
* Everyone who plays during this even will receive a limited edition item called the 'Heavy Hand'


Double mastery in all cities is unprecedented! There has never been anything like that before. This is the perfect time to make a new account and blow through the entire content field. Last time there was a double mastery bonus for New York, I was able to take a brand new account through New York (entirely) within just a few hours, following the principles outlined in Mafia Wars Compendium.

With double mastery in ALL cities, the only thing stopping you from mastering all content in game is your ability to come up with politico corruptos, pirates, and drug shipments. The thing with double mastery is that you have so much spare energy since you have mastered more jobs than normal, you will have tons of extra stat points at a lower level, making leveling up off a single energy bar exceptionally easy.

If you do not have an energy account yet, it's certainly the perfect time to make one!


As part of the fan bonus, players who log in March 30th or March 31st will receive the "Heavy Hand" limited edition loot item, which is a has 43 attack and 23 defense. You get it just for logging in.

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  1. you are forgetting that you can blow through new york and cuba only. moscow and bangkok have been crippled by 24 hour per episode job help thingie and it will stop all those planning to make bots.

  2. plus its only for 2 days

  3. 2 new achievements, for getting to levels 3 and 6 respectively in Zynga Poker.

    This, plus the three for playing via SMS, really ends the appeal of finishing the achievements since they are now basically bribes to use unappealing features from Zygna. I can sense that once I get bored of robbing, this game is done for me.

  4. Double MaStery is a BAD idea. All it does is encourage people to make farm accounts! I wish the author wouldn't promote it here. I am glad I have almost finished all for the cities and made a decent character without a bogus energy account!
    I hoe Zynga keeps putting in features to help stop bots and farming! The 24 hour job assist is one good example

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anyone else having problems connecting to MW?

  7. With double mastery, you simply click "do job" on the 24 hr help jobs and plow through it :p.

    Yes, I find the new achievements that are basically trying to get you to do other things in other zynga apps as very menial, which is why I do not want to post about them, lol.

  8. Can this benefit an established account? I'm a little confused.

  9. I have send a mail about this to zyncha. And i like to know if there are people who also think like me. Here the mail.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I just want to let you know my disappointment on the way you show the appreciation of the 10.000.000 fans who playing you're game.

    First I play the game daily and with loads off fun! It's a good game and got everything it needs.

    And the problems I had with the game are solved pretty good! My appreciation for that!

    But now why I'm very disappointed. You gif three things to show you're appreciation.

    First "the helping hand" 43 attack and 23 defense.

    Nice to have if you're level 40 and play it for a few days! It's a huge upgrade then. But when you're level 1000 or something you easily can have 501 more better weapons than this. Like the tantoo with also 43 attack. So this is useless for the players you also want to thank.

    Second "The extra experience from fighting"

    I have about 285 stamina and when I spent it all to fight I get around 630 experience. Now with "the extra experience from fighting" I get even less than that or its tight. This is because I have done 4 levels spending all my stamina and not once get a 6 xp per fight. Also this one is useless for every player.

    Third "the double mastery reward"

    This thing is just the worst to get for the high level daily players who have spend loads off time to build a good account! I have mastered everything. And there is no advantage for me or the other high players. Only disadvantage because the players who not play it for a long time or just start can easily catch up the players who have loads off time in it!

    I don't like complaining about things. But I just want to let you know you're not showing any appreciation to people who are high level daily players who bringing tons of other players to the game!

    I hope you can find a way to show you're appreciation to thank the "real people" who have make your game to a success.

    Yours faithfully,


  10. I couldn't find a blog entry for my question so I apologize in advance for posting my comment here. I noticed some new achievements for playing Mafia Wars Mobile. Does anyone know how to play via mobile?

    Also, my account is a rackets account. Is there anyway to convert it to a properties account?

    Thanks all!

  11. Saw that this morning and was so excited. That is so cool!!!

  12. The 25% extra experience for fighting is a crock. The max exp for fighting has been 3 + 1 "fan bonus" point. Can they deceive people any more?

  13. Double mastery in all cities? Why don't Zynga make it Double Loot Drop Chance? So everyone can enjoying the event

  14. They should make ungiftable loot drops based on your level. That way people with higher legit accounts can get better items and make it worthwhile. All these crappy "reward" items aren't worth it.

  15. While this event does nothing for me (level 1100+), it's an exciting chance for many of my friends to finally finish off New York.

  16. Just to get my point across, I am not one of the idiots that can't comprehend the robbing stuff, so please bear that in mind when reading below. Just got back up to 21k attack after being at 22k and sent back to 19k, leveled up and it is back down to the 20k, drop of 400ish. Not sure why yet. I am getting my info from my inventory page. Please help if you know why...


  17. does robbing boosts help towards getting robbed

  18. Max - they use a random number generator to determine attack values.

    And yes, this double mastery types of events can "hurt" very well established players, simply by allowing others to catch up.

    Not sure about the robbing boosts.. doesn't seem like there's any penalty if someone robs you as it is..

  19. Like what Max said - any clue as to what they've done with attack/defense stats? Looks like there's some "randomizer" being applied.

    I've long had a spreadsheet with loot that perfectly calculated my attack/defense numbers. Since the big upgrade, the numbers I'm given on the fight/inventory pages seem to randomly vary from 5%-10% over what they should be. The numbers seem to change on a slow interval (possibly once per day).

    I haven't seen any real discussion on what the heck is going on with these stats.

  20. Last Anon, are you talking about robbing or fighting?

  21. Any rumors about a possible Easter event? Did they do one last year?

  22. Re: Stat inaccuracies
    From what I have seen, one of the problems is a bug when accumulating loot -- the whole stat value of loot from fights is being added to your listed A/D stats on Fight page. For example, when I loot a Private Jet, my Def stat is increased by +39 instead of by +2. (Apparently the outmoded equipment is not being removed from your fight inventory.)

    Then the fight stats are recalced every now and then, without explanation.

    This affects one of my two accounts, but not the other.

    There are also other bugs out there, because I have not experienced stats being subtracted from my total. (i.e. fight score that is less than what it should be, according to equipment)

  23. This is stupid. I never had a farm acc before but i just "had to" try it now. Level 200+ from scratch and just plowin' through all the cities. Where is the fun in that?

  24. The thing with attack/defence stats is really strange. It looks like every time i get attack boost form Bangkok business my total weapon attack stats are going down. Another thing is that I am not able to go over 35 000 attack. If I get near, my stats simply drop down to 34 000. What is going on?

  25. MAX here again

    I think Geoffrey is onto the problem. I just added 3 Shturmovik's, they were replacing an attack item of 27. So 45-27 = an increase of 18 in my attack stat. First 2 times i picked up a Shturmovik my stat went up by 18 each time, the next time it went up by 45, therefore adding a whole Shturmovik without taking the other item off. My guess is that every now and again, the system recalc's all your stats, maybe at a level up? And that is why I am dropping stats.

    Any comments?


  26. This ended sooner for me than advertised (11:59 PST). I assume they meant PM. I was playing at 11:45 PM to maximize my energy and I did not get any bonus. Anyone else experienced this?

  27. They definitely ended early. I was playing a 9:45 pm and the double mastery was gone. That is 10:45p pacific time. GRRR. I missed it twice. I burned through my energy, and then the event started, and when I was ready to have full energy, they stopped it. Oh well Just the way it goes. :(