March 19, 2010

New Mystery Bag Items

The mystery bags got a makeover - same concept, just new items.

In addition to some new items, players can now get 100 Free XP from mystery bags.

Here is what I have found so far:

100 Experience Points
Wishlist Items
Many different kinds of boosts
+5 Free Skill Points
+1 Reward Point
Chop Shop Items
Cricket Cage
Uilleann Pipes (St. Patrick's Day Collection Item)
Luck of the Irish
Green Limo

..and I'm sure there are a lot more items (feel free to post what you find in the comments).

The unfortunate thing that is a lot of these items are either 1) free gifts 2) easily gotten (chop shop items, boosts, etc).

There are still a few useful items (+100 XP, +5 skill points, +1 reward point), however, it seems that once again the "good" rewards are limited. Nearly everyone's first mystery bag seems to yield 100 XP, and the +skill points and +reward points are fairly rare. However, they're certainly better than nothing! The +5 skill point reward can go very far along with the extra stamina and energy each day from the chop shop!
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  1. are they still doing loots from those you put on your wishlist like laundry or CNY ones?

  2. its still giving loot, I jist got a red angel from the new bags

  3. these things stink. yeah, the 100XP is nice, but how many times is that gonna pop up? now, getting the lame, useless freebie gifts, i suppose i could take back my complaints about always getting paisley ties like I was. at least that was a collection that could be moved around. now, with the junky loot that you can't get rid of, i'm not sure i want to waste my time with them.

  4. These are still the best gift around as where else can you get +5 skill points for free? I just wish as many people would send them back as I send to them.
    The only thing worse compared to the first bags are that the wishlist drops are now rare too.

  5. They also give Boosts. I have recieved the Bull Mastiff, Mr Hotsauce, a Fabrege Egg, a Truck Driver, Several of the new +106robbing boosts.

    So far I have counted 20 different items that can be recieved in addition to the normal skill pts, GF pts, discount, Wishlist item, etc etc

  6. The good ones are very rare.
    This is away from the topic: I've been using my mobile phone to play this game but the limitation is that I cannot travel. I've been able to shuttle between Cuba and NY using the "chop shop" link which automatically take me to NY properties but I'm almost through with Cuba and gotta concentrate on Moscow next. Is there any link that I can get that will take me directly to Moscow or Bangkok?

  7. mystery bags still arent worth quite the effort.
    i bet that you can get 5skill points only once per day, with the opening of many mystery bags, i have recieved the u-something-bagpipes like 3-4 times in a row.
    i will only open a few a day....

  8. they do still give out the collection items like the year of the tiger? Its the last one I need...

  9. Yes they do, I just got a money frog..

  10. it can take 20 bags now to get 1 red angel. skill points I'd say 40...

  11. not really, just this morning i opened 10 bags and got 3 trio napolis

  12. Bored now, what to do...

  13. 3 new achievements related to Mafia Wars Mobile just showed up. Have not figured out how to enable mafia wars mobile though.

  14. Why do the bags contain robbing boosts if the robbing is still not in the game? Or is it already and I just don't have it?

  15. Hi i ahve got 3 reward points and money frog from my mystery bag

  16. 3 new achivements...all basrd on playing MW on mobile...really sucks as ppl who dont live in USA cant get them currently....

  17. Is there a way to activate mafia wars mobile without using a phone. I play mafia wars on my iPod touch. technically its mobile.

  18. how come i can't unlock Discredit Police Commissioner Chatri (episode 2) even though i mastered Expose A Crooked Royal Thai Police Officer?

  19. I got a money frog, another Chinese new year collection piece, and an item on my wishlist.

  20. I shockingly got a 100XP, which honestly, was something I was not expecting with the odds they were given. But now it's not given to me.

    Where do I report it?

  21. got 3 gold treasure chest keys from bout 30 mystery bags in total