March 15, 2010

Robbing to return to Mafia Wars

From the fan page:

Coming soon – We’re bringing back robbing to Mafia Wars! Soon you’ll have to keep a close eye on your properties so they don’t become vulnerable. Get ready to pull some heists and bank all the new robbing collection items! Stay tuned!

Very cool. Unfortunately, it's not in the game just yet, and I honestly have no idea when it is coming. We heard back in December that it was "coming soon" and it is now still "coming soon", so there's no way of telling if it will be in the next few days or next few months.

It looks like they will be adding some sort of robbing collection. I'm guessing you will get a collection piece for robbing casinos, for robbing tenements, etc, until you have robbed every building type. I'm hoping you can raid other people's chop shop's for car parts though, that would be pretty nice!
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  1. Just wondering... has anyone got any of the St Patrick Day items which are supposed to drop from jobs yet? I did the Chase Away Thugs job over 500 times and didn't get an item once! I even have the lotto collection vaulted and that didn't help.

  2. It seems to be on a separate system than loot drops (so lotto collection doesn't contribute). I did notice that the more energy a job is, the more likely it is to drop. I was doing a run on "Settle A Beef" to burn off a level and get car parts and picked up the associated items in not time and had dupes.

    Still no luck on that Irish Flag from the featured jobs yet though.

  3. Could you briefly explain how the robbing worked before? I started playing after it went away, would be nice to know what to anticipate.

  4. anticipate a lot of people robbing you.