April 19, 2010

Animals Unleashed - Animals Gone Wild Week

Apparently next week, there will be a new item class in Mafia Wars - animals. No kidding! You can read about it here. This is going in game next week. Players will now be able to use one weapon, armor, vehicle, and animal in battle. Additionally, all animals in game will be converted to this new item type.

You battled "The Don" with 501 Zoloto Sports Cars and 501 Lions. Wait, what?

To be honest, when I first saw the post, I had to re-check the date to make sure it wasn't April 1st. I mean, the odd items were always okay with me (like Balloon Boy), but I only tolerated them because it was never really a major focus of the game. These types of items were always just for fun items from free gifts or holiday events.

However, animals are a different story. I can see why adding a new class of items is appealing. It gives them more loot to sell, it gives players more things to do, and it changes the game up quite a bit. Also, old accounts that aren't being played much will lose out a lot of power, which helps clean up the game. There are also already a lot of animals in game, so I can see how the conversion might appear natural.

It would be natural, except the problem is that the game is called Mafia Wars. Battling with animals is just... weird. Imagine explaining animals to someone who has never played the game before.

John: Hey man, are you playing Mafia Wars? How does that work?
Me: Well, basically, you battle other players, using weapons, cars, armor, and animals for cash, sweet weapons and armor, and pets.
John: Animals?
Me: Yeah, you know, cobras and lions and laser squirrels and stuff.
John: To fight other players?
Me: Yes. You see, there was a bunch of animals already in the game...
John: Seriously?

Oh well, it honestly won't be that big of a disaster. Soon people will begin to think of this as normal. Besides, most people are just concerned about growing their mafia and one guy even kind of likes the idea:

I must admit, I laughed pretty hard at the Michael Vick comment.


At any rate, animals are supposed to be in the game next week. The end result is that you will need to collect a lot of new animals in a hurry if you want to be competitive! My quick scan tells me that the two best animals in game that are massively collectible are the:

Komodo Dragon (34 attack, 22 defense) - Episode 3, Chapter 2. Triad only, suckers!


Forest Scorpion (25 attack, 37 defense) - Episode 4, Chapter 2. Yakuza only!

If you picked other factions, I wouldn't worry about it too much. These items won't be worth too much once Las Vegas comes out - they'll be sure to put plenty of stage animals that you will steal when you're out on the town just like in The Hangover.


Animals Gone Wild Week has started (though you won't animals for the first time until next week). Animals randomly drop from jobs in different cities, here seems to be the common drops:


Pair of Pet Tigers - 28 attack, 12 defense

New York

Liger - 45 attack, 12 defense (seems rare)
Timber Wolf - 41 attack, 20 defense
Wild Mustang - 16 attack, 34 defense


Jaguar - 45 attack, 24 defense
Howler Monkey - 20 attack, 37 defense
Anaconda - 42 attack, 23 defense


Siberian Tiger - 36 attack, 14 defense
Russian Bear - 22 attack, 45 defense
Snow Leopard - 37 attack, 25 defense


Chinese Tiger - 26 attack, 48 defense
Forest Scorpion - 25 attack, 37 defense
Komodo Dragon - 34 attack, 27 defense
Attack Cobra - 24 attack, 20 defense

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  1. This is the strangest update ever...

  2. also, did anyone notice there's Paris now in the Travel dropdown?

  3. Animals no longer giftable. Sux for farming

  4. Paris... COMING SOON...

    Las Vegas might really be just around the corner XD

  5. did the robbing cleared the full table (btw there were only casinos 7 were hard level and the other 2 were medium, i'm at robbing level 6) and the reward was pretty nice - African Lion :D

  6. Lions and tigers and witches, oh my!

    Seriously.. wtf are they thinking?

  7. what's the least energy intensive job that is dropping animals? has the 1 point street thug tier strategy been screwed up?

  8. On a robbing board clear (5-4), I received a bonus Pair of Pet Tigers.

    Also, Attack Cobra has been dropping consistently as a bonus if you do 'Hijacking a Boat Load of Electronics' in Bangkok Episode 3 Chapter 2. I picked up quite a number of those... Komodo Dragons and Chinese Tigers are dropping also, but obviously less frequent than Attack Cobra.

  9. Hey everyone post animal stats you got, so that we can have an idea what's out there. I got Siberian Tiger 36 Attack 14 Defense and it's listed with other attack loot, so I suppose it's an attack item, not a separate class yet. -knuckles k.

  10. Animals! In PARIS! Whooooooooohoooo-*ack* sorry, all the shiny newnews was exhilarating for a moment. It's a little weird - this is a little "fantasy-ish" for a crime wars game IMO.

  11. Robbing boards are now consisting of flophouses, restraunts and dockyards.

  12. Mustang dropped from NY job. Komodo Dragons n Forest Scorpion from Bangkok Job. That's so far that I got.

  13. This is at least better than them turning my chop shop into a magical kingdom or whatever the hell that was

  14. Wow. This is really fucking lame.

  15. From NY Job :
    Wild Mustang (A16/D34)
    Timber Wolf (A41/D20)

    From Moscow :
    Siberian Tiger (A36/D14)
    Russian Bear (A22/D45)

    From Bangkok :
    Komodo Dragon (A34/D22)

    From Cuba :
    Howler Monkey (A20/D37)

    That's so far that I got ;)

  16. So am I the only person who appreciated the juxtaposition of the unicorn castle in Mafia Wars? Sure seems like it.

    Oh, uh, I'm mean... Animals?! WTF?

  17. I winned like Denny but without Russianbear. In cuba founded jaguar

  18. Mafia is mixing farmville, and soon Zynga will incorporate and cross-brand all of its games! Enjoy!! By the way, the only decent animal I have is the timber wolf, dropping on NY boss tier.

  19. Not sure if this has been pointed out but both of my accounts have had the Backdoors cut down to just 1. Easy come, easy go.

  20. As much as I like the idea of having a fourth loot class, I do take one issue to it. Why just Animals?

    A more sensible approach (at least in my eyes) would have been a Henchman/Assistant class including the handful of human loot (Agents, Gang Members, Squads, 'Viks) as well as the animals. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather take protection behind a guy with a gun in comparison to a howler monkey.

  21. this is the most hilarious, funniest, whackiest,crazy update ever by mw i spent tears laughing...

  22. loved the unicorns, hilariously ironic.
    wouldve loved to keep one each just for the heck of it.
    but animals? isnt the game already ridiculous enough? chain guns weaker than water pistols? i mean, you can take other 'people' as 'armours' (sturmovik, bodyguard etc)!? the kinds of weapons you can take with you!? and now this?
    what the fuck!

    on a sidenote: i have collected timber wolves (att41/def20) so far and the former buyable-only kodiak (att44/def28) and a pair of tigers (att28/def12)

  23. i bought the 3 vicious crate. this is what i got

    1. vicious parrot (18 attack 31 defense)
    2. vicious scorpion (34 attack 12 defense)
    3. vicious wolf (39 attack 30 defense)

    howler monkey from cuba
    pair of pet tiger from robbing
    cobra from bangkok

  24. i bought 3 darn crates and received vicious parrot (mod from rabid parrot), vicious cobra (mod from spitting cobra) and vicious tiger (mod from chinese tiger).

    i received so far from jobs:

    new york: timber wolf, wild mustang

    cuba: jaguar, anaconda, howler monkey

    moscow: snow leopard, russian bear, siberian tiger

    bangkok: komodo dragon, forest scorpion, attack cobra, chinese tiger

    robbing: pet tigers..

    and only to know i wasted all my RP buying all those from black friday events or off the shelves like snow leopard, anaconda, jaguar, chinese tiger, russian bear, timber wolf, howler monkey, pet tigers (lame)

  25. -Updating-
    From NY Job :
    Liger (A45/D12)

    From Robbing :
    Pair of Pet Tiger (A28/D12)

    So far the best Attack Animal is : Liger (A45)
    and the best Defense Animal is : Russian Bear (D45)

  26. yes ok with all this but when u post what r the best animals u can tell us also where they drop exactly, although i will still search for tantos cause i also want more yakuza assasins :P

  27. i got a timber wolf and a liger from new york

  28. i got a ton of ligers (and mustangs) from grinding through one level in NY. they don't seem that rare to me. i hope i'm not jinxing myself, but i'm just going to keep leveling and hope i keep getting this high animal drop rate.

  29. I don't know about you guys..but Under animals are they going to include the laser squirrel. I have 1 Liger..So is that going to be removed from weapons and now my animals will be strong and my weapons will go down. Not that it matters much but will that zombie cow count toward animals (LOL)

  30. Thanks for all the updates, I think I'm going to concentrate on NY and CUba for attack stats drops.

    I just had a thought by the way, we have the weapons depot and the chop shop. I presume an armoury will be to follow.

    But what next? Prepare to get upgrading your zoo everybody!!

  31. And another thing. Is it just me or do all (most?) of these animals appear to be non-giftable at the moment?

    Wonder if that will change when it goes live?

  32. Has anyone noticed a drop in defense points? I have lost about 2000 defense points in 24 hours? Is this because of the animals? I still have the same amount of loot and all the stats are the same, not sure what happened.

  33. I think you'll find the best animal is the Armoured War Elephant (96A 69D) from mastering Ep4 in Bangkok.....

  34. I liked Unicorns better... Seriously, what mafia rides in on Ligers and has a stand-off with another mafia with parrots, snakes, kodiaks, etc?! What's next--horoscope signs??! Oooh my Capricorn is totally a better weapon than your Aries! While this is all being added, I've lost money from the BANK in Bangkok, the RP promised to me for signing up for texts alerts in JANUARY still aren't here, all sorts of other problems keep happening to me and other people and they add... a zoo?? What specific mushrooms are MW developers are exactly on? Cuz if they can visualize a zoo mafia, I sure want to try some of that stuff! -knuckles k

  35. P.S. Info on Vicious Crates can be found here: http://mafiawars.wikia.com/wiki/Animals_Gone_Wild

    Dunno how reliable this is going to be or if you open a crate and suddenly find a rabid fly with 3 a/4d or something... -knuckles k

  36. My wife and I actually love the idea of this update, although I do agree that a general henchman class would be good. I think MW will get even more female players with this update, the kind of ladies who like the idea of owning pets in games, as well as guys who think owning a tiger or whatever is pretty cool. I just had a LIGER drop from a NY job, and it's awesome. And now Paris is coming? Great work, bring it on!

  37. Oh Brother! I was looking for a good excuse to say, "this is really stupid, I quit". I think it just happened! Animals? Bah!

  38. Your post just gave me a big smile! Hahaha! Love that dialog explaining how the game works! Personally I think I would prefer the unicorns...at least we could say that we were sneaking into the Bangkok drug shipments.

  39. I don't really see the big deal, the game is already way past "realistic" enough so that this isn't that big of a stretch to me. They could have picked a more mafia themed 4th fight item but w/e. My only complaint is I don't have access to either of the jobs in Bangkok pointed out to drop the 2 best animal items you can get from jobs since I'm the other faction and have completed the episodes.

    On a side note, I can now ask for help on individual items every 12 hours (instead of 24) from weapons depot, I'd guess it's the same for chop shop (mine's fully upgraded). Hooray.

  40. Just to add to the items dropping, I have just received a Kodiac (44/28) from clearing a board in robbing. I would say this is very rare though, as in comparision I have received 57 of the pair of tigers for robbing.

  41. so is it true that items are dropping from fighting as well?

  42. I've only been getting animal drops by completing jobs that I haven't already mastered, is this the case for anyone else?

  43. am i the only one who hasnt got any animal dropped while playing fighting blah blah ...

    geez zynga must b hating me badly .....
    glad atleast i have tht russian bear purchased in black friday event .... sumthign is better then nuthing it seems

  44. no, i got the Timber wolf from a job in the Associate Tier. the animals are probably just like items from the chop shop, they drop everywhere

  45. A large portion of the animals are cats if nobody else noticed.

  46. Really people are complaining about the realism of a largely text based computer game? I could understand if this was graphical and suddenly you had some lions helping you, but come on.

  47. Ultimately we have to blame the paying customers and collectors for this one. I have heard that animals in the marketplace sell three to four times more than other similarly statted equipment. No wonder they are actually turning this into a major aspect of the game.

    I smell desperation. Have the DAU numbers fallen off that much?

  48. Next NY Property: the Pet Shop :S

  49. i have got 1 bear named kodiak
    where it came from?

  50. Yea.... I am riding in Royal Thai Army Tank together with my pet Lion and Parrot, wearing Ronin Armor together with a Bow and arrow.


  51. Kodiaks happen to be obtainable from the chop shop... Build enough 'random rare' vehicles, and you'll get one eventually.

  52. Quick note: On one of my accounts, you can now add mafia members with skill points.

    Longer note: I have three accounts and they are rapidly beginning to look very different... the one with the old style street thug tier is dropping big animals like crazy on "Chase Away Thugs" while my other accounts won't even allow animals to drop at all on that job.

    I have the feeling this is a big reason why the game is so buggy, there are too many different versions... I know Zynga prizes itself on its customer metrics, but if the game doesn't work, we have problems.

  53. I received Kodiak doing a job in Moscow- that's where it drops. Rare.

  54. got my Kodiak from fighting!

  55. just opened 100 new mystery bags, no more +5 stats,godfather point & free XP lol...replaced by rare chance of wishlist item, golden key, daily chance ticket, stamina refill and baht..i like this update!!

  56. I only manage to get the pair of tigers, and they only drop rarely from fights. My brother seems to get only cobras that drop from Bangkok jobs. Doing NY Jobs gets nothing. It's all screwed up. It doesn't matter--I used to love this game and now I hate it because it never works because they're always trying to change it to do something flashy and it just gets dumber by the day. I think I'm done with Mafia Wars.

  57. does anyone know how much your atk and def must be at the lvls of 400-450 my atk is 700 at lvl 420 and have 501 mafia members with 50000 mafia atk and still lose most fights against ppl with 400-501.and lose 50percent of midium properties

  58. I've just received a extra mafia member from a mystery bag

  59. "does anyone know how much your atk and def must be at the lvls of 400-450 my atk is 700 at lvl 420 and have 501 mafia members with 50000 mafia atk and still lose most fights against ppl with 400-501.and lose 50percent of midium properties"

    The quick rule of thumb is that your attack should be at least twice your level. Your equipment atk is also kind of low for your level. See if you have any mafia members willing to trade or gift high end loot to you. And start collecting as many animals as possible if you can get 501 animals by launch day, you will have a huge advantage against most accounts. By raising the amount of equipment by a third, it will also lessen the importance of the attack skill in fights (unless they augment atk and def in the fight formula as well.)

  60. this game has jumped the shark...and no, i won't buy a shark with my godfather points.

  61. lmao@ "Yea.... I am riding in Royal Thai Army Tank together with my pet Lion and Parrot, wearing Ronin Armor together with a Bow and arrow." And HEY! I'm a WOMAN and I don't NEED a ZOO! :P

  62. New York and Russia: okay
    Bangkok: maybe
    Las Vegas and Cuba: fine with me
    Paris: WHAT THE HELL???

    this game is called mafia wars, "mafia" comes originally from sicily, italia. (check it out on wikipedia zynga) why don't we have at least one city there???

  63. Even before the animal update I was saying: 'Give this game a year and it will not be called Mafia Wars anymore'. I have no good idea for another name though. Any ideas?

    And any idea what the chop shop/Weapons depot version for Armour will be? Same fasion as for the others?

    For Animals it might be building bigger balls, I mean cages, that'll have place for bigger, more powerful pokem... uhm... animals!

    In any case I hope that the Kraken will be considered animal. "The tentacles that rule the alley". I mean, they can live in the sewers can't they?

    Kraken FTW.

  64. Now I want some chupakabras and werewolves. Wouldn't mind a vampire bodyguard either! lol

  65. Just to confirm, the Kodiacs (as I mentioned above) are a definate loot drop for completing the board in robbing. To give a better idea of ratios, I now have a 100 of the pair of lions and 9 kodiacs.

  66. henchmen class would be a lot nicer than animals...

  67. Problem with the henchmen class is that they would've had to put both Yakuza Assassin and Shaolin Bodyguard there and that would make things totally unbalanced. Especially since players seem to have cheated with Bhats (I've encountered players with 512 Shaolin Bodyguards).

  68. the liger is def rare, i got 750 mustangs, 320 timber wolves and 111 ligers from ny, seems like a 7:3:1 ratio. probably the similar with the other cities.

  69. and heck yes i want fucking pokemon that can evolve, the realms of sanity have been unmistakably left behind with this animal-update, now all they can do is stick with it and ramp it up!

  70. I am wondering if the animal-named items that aren't actually animals will fall into the animal category or stay where they are. Like the stuffed turkey and tigerskin armored vest.

  71. I got a Jaguar from Cuba,3 Pair of Pet Tigers from Bangkok(2 Fights and 1 Job) and a Howler Monkey in Cuba.

  72. animals will definitely be a huge advantage for people with farming/en accounts. this will definitely make up for spending all my skilllpoints on energy. and with the chop shop and weapons shop, i can slowly increase my stats, without having to spend skill points.
    by now i have already gathered over 500 timber wolves and almost 200 ligers, which will make a decent set of offensive animals, and with way over 1k of mustangs i am at least covered on the defense front.
    i dunno what to think of it. i have another account that i quit playing at lvl 700, because i wasnt abled to finish one lvl per day, with all the stat points 'wasted' on att/def, i could fight well and beat people, but didnt get on with the content. with the introduction of bangkok the game got barely playable for non-specialized accounts!

  73. Animals aren't dropping anymore. Is this over? I wasn't able to collect 501 :(

  74. I got 19 Ligers from the new york boss job "make arrangements for a visiting don" with 1000 energy. The other jobs didn't give me near as much from 0 to 2. Don't know if that was actual or just coincidence.

  75. What is going on with animals? Anybody know?

  76. seems animals are currently in action .. last few fights i've had 4 yess FOUR stats take part :)