April 23, 2010

Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: Paris

Mafia Wars Paris, also known as "Challenge Mission: Paris", now has a preview available in game. This is actually not like any other city we have done before.

Here is what we can tell so far:

1. Paris, unlike other cities, is basically an extended limited time job.

Yep, that's right. Paris is not actually like any of the other cities. Really, its more like a big limited time job. And it's limited in time - note that on the Travel tab the "limited time only" text underneath the Paris option.

Essentially, once the Paris event goes live (which it seems like it will just before midnight on Sunday night, players will have 3 weeks to finish it. After that, it's gone!

2. You need to some mafia members to get started.

This is pretty easy - just browse around on the Mafia Wars fan page on Facebook and you will see plenty of "add me" comments spammed in reply to all the posts on the wall. Just in case you need to add more new people with the release of additional Paris chapters, I would keep a few people stocked on "add mafia" list and accept them after Chapter 1 comes out (just to be safe).

3. The rate at which you can do jobs depends on how many of these Parisian Maps you own.

As you can see from the text above, you will apparently need a bunch of "Parisian Maps" to finish Paris. You can collect some each day from the Paris screen (just like I have the option to collect 5). They also seem drop randomly from jobs, fighting, and robbing in other cities and can be bought in the marketplace. Start stocking up now; I am guessing we will need a lot of these.

4. There are 3 main rewards for finishing this challenge.

For finishing chapter 1, you will get a Parisian Fixer (armor; 30 attack, 61 defense). For chapter 2, a French Kiss (weapon; 75 attack, 45 defense), and a DaVinci Q415 (vehicle; 63 attack, 103 defense). Since you have to finish the previous chapters to move on to the next chapter, I am assuming this DaVinci Q415 is the final reward for stealing the Mona Lisa (in addition to the achievement):

5. Chapters will roll out weekly.

There are three total chapters, and it seems like we will get access to one more chapter as each week passes. Sunday night we will get Chapter 1, the next Sunday we will get Chapter 2, and the following Sunday we will get Chapter 3. We will have 1 week to finish Chapter 3 before Paris disappears for good.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, Paris is basically a bigger limited-time job. You will need to log in each day to collect your maps and perhaps find a few from jobs if you want to get everything done in time.

I am assuming other than collecting the maps, none of the new jobs will be too energy intensive. It's just a matter of consistently logging on. This is definitely interesting and I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

We'll see in a few days when Chapter 1 opens!


As a side note, even though it was kind of a big stealth change, businesses have now all been converted over to a property style set-up:

Now all the old businesses produce a static amount of whatever item they used to (no more output / capacity / quality) and have 8 to 72 hour timers for when they are ready for collection. The most expensive businesses take 72 hours to mature, while the ones with goods (like politico corrupto) mature in 8 hours. Everything else is in between.

While this may not seem like a big deal at first, I am thinking this is the developers moving to open up robbing in all cities. Now that all cities will have properties, the same robbing system can be implemented in all cities. I really hope this is the case when Las Vegas comes out - it will be fun when currency is tight to have robbing available. Things will be pretty dicey at the start and there will be lots of robbing and competition!

Oh, and on the topic of robbing, you can now "call for backup" if you lose a robbery with the use of "burners":

Basically, there is now a cell phone icon at the top right of the robbing page, and you start off with a few burners (based on your level).

If you lose a robbery attempt, you can use one of your burners with the "ask mafia for help" button that has now appeared on the grid beneath the property where you failed.

You can ask your mafia for burners each day in order to get more. You can also help people who ask to get 1 more burner per helping attempt.

These burners are pretty useful for energy accounts trying to nab some of the new robbing achievements:

However, note that you can't use a burner on the last property you rob to get the bonus, so save an "easy" property for last. Currently, when you go to rob the last property, you are awarded your grid clear bonus before you can ask for help; you can still ask for help on the last property if you lose, but it won't change the outcome of your bonus either way.
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  1. My guess is when they say that you have three jobs in each tier that it will be exactly like the last couple of limited time events.

    Using St Patty's Day as a template:

    Job 1
    %1 advancement
    5 minute renewal
    30 Energy
    1 map
    +45 XP Payout
    +15 XP Bonus
    %20 chance of Paris loot or collectible drop

    Job 2
    %12 advancement
    8 hour renewal
    60 Energy
    1 map
    +120 XP Payout
    +30 XP Bonus
    %70 chance of Paris loot or collectible drop

    Job 3
    %20 advancement
    24 hour renewal
    100 Energy
    1 map
    +250 XP Payout
    +50 XP Bonus
    %100 chance of Paris loot or collectible drop

    Lower level accounts would have lower energy/xp payouts.

    We only have a couple of days to find out, but in the meantime I will start looking for maps.

  2. The new properties look pretty dang spiffy, but it seems that they have had some implementation issues and will be adjusting payouts and some of the glitches on Monday.

    Once robbing is introduced in Bangkok may make that feature a lot more attractive depending on what the Bhat payouts are. I have been rarely hitting targest who have much Bhat when fighting since people are either banking or buying faction loot.

    After a few questionable decision in the game's development over the past couple of weeks, this looks like a good move.

  3. I have about 20 of each of the Tools of the Trade robbing collection at the moment and none in my family need to vault them any more. It would be nice to revault these items and get a burner in exchange. I know that this would basically allow people to trade and farm burners in collectible form, but I don't think it would unbalance the game too much given their relative rarity.

    Any thoughts?

  4. It seems that it doesn't matter what level you are, or how big your mafia is... To take on Paris, you need to increase your mafia size by 1.

  5. Hey MWG...Can i add you on facebook???

  6. I think its just like Vampire Wars New York portal~

    And you can use burner on last rob on the board~ click on x when u clear board and u will not get new board~

  7. Yes you can use it, but do you get 9-0 board bonus that way? Or just 8-1?

  8. @ the previous 2 posts...
    "Currently, when you go to rob the last property, you are awarded your grid clear bonus before you can ask for help; you can still ask for help on the last property if you lose, but it won't change the outcome of your bonus either way."

    Taken from the article you're commenting on.

  9. @Mafia Wars Guide ... Just wanted to mention that it seems you need to add only one extra member no matter what your Mafia Strength is ... I had only 164 people in my Mafia, and still I had to add only one more to gain access to Paris

  10. What are the new achievements?

  11. No, you do not get the 9-0 achievement if the last one is a fail. I tried it just moments ago. And I've also noticed it's getting to where even on the Easy ones you still have times where you fail.

  12. This sounds strangely like a Vampire Wars type mission to me. IF it is anything like one of the limited time jobs over there, there will be a pretty heavy need for the Paris Maps. While I am not 100% sure here, I would at least think that they might have them on the free gifts page for a very short amount of time. Or have them drop in mystery bags. Just my two cents.


  14. When you use your burner, you use another set of stamina points, make sure you have enough to clear the board..

  15. I think you must need all lot of paris maps
    because on the marketplace there you can buy 14maps for 10Godfather points...
    And that solves alot

  16. robbing is now much harder. i lost 6 out of 6 easy robbings. before i was winning every single one. just pointing things out

  17. Re: robbing harder now. As soon as the 2 achievement's for clearing the board (9-0) once and for clearing 100 boards, the random number has a much higher range. At 65,000 attack, I'm going 7-2 at BEST most of the time now vs. going 8-1 and 9-0 a lot for the last couple weeks robbing was available. Reading the details, I'm beating the people on all 3 fields, yet the random # added/subtracted has gotten much higher. Clearing 100 boards just got way harder. Gotta keep adding attack points.

  18. Good read thanks a lot. I got 10 maps now so I am working hard to get more.

  19. verry said ..... :-(
    I have 16 maps :-) and it looks like that i´ll get some more befor i can go to Paris !!!

  20. This is some info I found when I was doing Paris

    Job Heat Meter
    You'll need to be careful doing jobs during this Challenge Mission, as the French authorities are on your trail. Each time you do a Paris job, you'll increase the heat meter. The higher the heat meter, the tougher the job is to complete. If you lay low for a few hours, the job meter will cool down, and you can more safely complete the mission. The heat meter resets every 8 hours, so if you take your time and plan well, you'll pull off the heist of a lifetime!

    The Gator

  21. How Many maps to start Paris....for me timer now showing 23 hours to go......

  22. From the Mafia Wars Update page...

    "Also, robbing people from their profile page is a lot more interactive and has improved rewards"

    Do tell.

    Does anyone know how this is different from what it was?

  23. Yeah, they put timers on each property in the profile. It won't let you rob them like it used to. I clicked on a weapon depot 5 times before it let me rob it. Each time I clicked, it charged me stamina. Personally, this kind of takes the fun out of it. I love to rob ppl from their profile if they hitlist me for icing or whacking them and then use their money to hitlist them. What can I say? I don't do it until ya hitlist me at least 4 times. Then its on.....

  24. Can anyone tell me why I can't vault the St. Patrick's Day collection? I have several of each item but it will not let me vault even one time.

  25. hey MWG any suggestions for the Bangkok properties. Now that they have changed would you suggest upgrading any ones in particular or is it more profitable to leave them where they are and collect? Any info would be appreciated

  26. Some people also have it with the diamond collection. Take a printscreen, give your facebook-id and mafia wars profile link to zynga support team. Hope they can fix it for you.

  27. As for the properties, I did not like the switchover. I had been upgrading and investing in businesses while following a pattern of maximizing Return on Investment. Instead of belaboring the point, it screwed up my system. Oh well, I'll deal.

    As for the burners and robbing changes; I also don't like the burners. This is also a cost-to-payout analysis, but the math doesn't make sense. I do understand the achievement scenario as well as the increased rewards, but at what expense?

    Paris, however -- this will be fun.

  28. You actually don't need to really add anyone to get into Paris--all I did was went to "my mafia" and invited a random person. Before they even had a chance to accept, I was allowed to see what's available so far. My fight list is messed up--everyone is twice or thrice the level I am! And having the same problems with robbing--things labeled "easy" aren't at all. Just a couple of days ago I used to get 9-0 all the time, now I'm lucky if I win 4 or 5... I don't know if these things are glitches or permanent. -knuckles k.

  29. Paris is live ....it sucks.....looks like the first level in NY.....and the energy to exp ratio are horrid.....

  30. PARIS IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stupid heat meeter.... 49 Energy to get 38 Exp.

    U will need Parisian map for each of the job, it is a consumable for ALL the jobs in Paris (i supposed, at least for the 1st chapter)

  31. finished stage 1. Takes about 4000 energy, and about 200 maps (assuming you want to fly through it like me)....

  32. I click 3 times on the job and the heat meter is gone up(tell me to coll down for 8 hours).

    Enter Paris
    Job Mastery:36% 66 Exp 60 Energy Parisian Map x2

  33. Heat meter is suck. Make it difficult because the energy pay out ratio is extremely low.

  34. paris has a heat meter. the more jobs you do, the more heat you get from the parisian police. basically that means you have to wait 8h for you meter to clear, so the en/xp ratio gets better again and you need less maps. it cost me the same as anon above.

  35. finished chapter 1 paris and it cost about 200 maps and couple thousand energy. although every time the heat meeter went up and energy to exp ratio went down it wasnt such a difficult task given you have enough maps to get through it.

  36. yeah, seems fairly straight forward, and yeah, heat meter can make it pretty expensive. chapter 1 is supposed to be easier though, the later c hapters are said to require more maps.

  37. how many jobs are there i can only see two

  38. Robbing is now live for all cities

  39. A quick comment on robbing so far. Havent done a full test on Cuba or Moscow as they dont look as good.

    But I have just a full levels worth of stamina (1700 stamina) to get an idea of the ratio of stamina to experience in Bangkok. Only done it once but it work out at 4.15xp/stamina, which is far better than just about anything else! Certainly better than any job energy ratio and even better than the 3.2 to 3.3 I am getting from NY robbing.

    If you are using your robbing to continue self levelling then I can thoroughly recommend getting down and dirty in Bangkok (remember to clear the board each time). Not only that but there is a nice bit if Bhat each time which can be spent in the faction store to make you even better at robbing.

    With my character it also means I can self level in Bangkok instead of always doing the high ratio NY jobs, which again helps for buying faction store items.

    New robbing, I was a fan. New robbing in Bangkok? Brilliant on all levels.

    As I said, I have not bothered to go through the same experiment in Cuba or Moscow, jsut becuase a quick few robberies shows up the poorer ratios there.

  40. Back to properties, I was gonna say, for anyone new to MW, I think achievements like Big Business and Tycoon have gone the way of Cashing Out...my friend just got to Cuba and said it don't seem like there's a way to "fully upgrade" anymore.

    I wondering if this is an attempt by Zynga to deliberately discourage new player!

  41. Anyone else find the fixer looks like Dr. Phil?

  42. The Phixer looks like Dr. Phil alright. Doing Paris is gonna be a changing day in your life...

  43. is there any way to gift parisian maps?

  44. I'd also like to know if there is a way to gift parisian maps?!? I finished it yet an have lots of maps left. On the other side family members are in need of :(

  45. Paris sucks ass. I've spent 50 points on extra maps and am still 50% of the last job away from finishing and it ends today. Fooken stupid as hell.

  46. Paris Sucks, not enough time for me to finish !!!! Worst extra they ever added...

  47. same with me. and i cannot find the da*n gift_id of those maps...

  48. I truly hope that Zynga doesn't make anymore mediocre missions like that Paris mess anymore. What a fresh, lava-hot pile o’ BULLS%@#T!!!!!

  49. Is there any information on the challenge mission to London? I have been granted access, and given a crew member. A new member of my Mafia. how should I proceed?