April 1, 2010

Unicorn Castle - Mafia Wars April Fool's Day

For April Fool's Day, the Chop Shop is now temporarily been renamed to the Unicorn Castle:

Car Parts are now "Magic Potions", and the vehicles are now different types of unicorns. Upgrading your Unicorn Castle will allow you to produce more glorious unicorns:

On a more serious note, this is a joke, so please stop sending me e-mails asking about the "new" Unicorn Castle feature!

I'm guessing this will only last one day, and that anything you end up doing to your shop should be saved during the transition.


Oh, and rackets players now have properties (thanks addycaissa!). Influence points have been refunded for stat points, however, some players have reported not getting their stat points fully refunded.
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  1. Hi there,

    You might also want to note in this article that rackets players now have properties! I've only got one account, a former rackets one, and it applies to me anyway.

    Can't complain about the timing to be honest, allowing me to enjoy the exclusive items. Oh, and you do indeed get all skill points employed in influence back. What's more, for every 10 influence points you had, you seem to get one level in all properties by default (I had 50, so received 50 skill points and a level 5 everything for free).

  2. No Addy, that must be wrong. I received all the influence points I had spent back, but I started with level 20 everything. Must be something to do with levels (I'm 1400)

  3. This unicorn thing is the lamest "April Fool's Joke" ever.....

  4. Hmm, Zach it's possible it is a level thing - I'm about 700. Since it worked out nicely I assumed that was what it was, but perhaps more people reading this could post what, if any, level bonus they gained to newly acquired properties from rackets?

  5. Just a quick heads up, my other account (with rackets) did not get extra stat points but did get a fully built Chop Shop.

    The account is only level 40 (did not have the time to level it up) and only had 40 influence.

  6. Scratch my earlier comment, I did get my 40 stat points back! I also get to keep the fully built Chop Shop, so I'm not complaining.

  7. hey addy, it is not related to influence as i had only 60 influence but ended up with everything in lvl 21
    and zach, i think its random coz i'm at lvl 235 and still got better level properties that you (who're at lvl 1400)

  8. I had a rackets account with over 120 influence points but got only 40 skill points back fro them! although I got all properties with level 35. account was at level 200 or so

  9. On my gf's account she got 55/155 influence in skill pts back (she lost 100 skill pts) and got level 30 everything with a chop shop level 1. My account got my full 155 influence back with the same buildings as my gf.

  10. I lost ALL of my 109 INfluence when I went from Rackets to Properties - bloody Zynga.

  11. If anyone want to do the stats:
    I had 188 influence points quote (all refunded) but I had 2662 on stock (!) and started the Unicorn castle with level 41.
    I believe the exchange could be influenced by the level of each racket (I have mastered all) and the
    But I am just guessing.
    Anyway I was very disappointed due to the lack of notification as this April-1-fun costed me 4 billion $ (I was about to collect the money on that morning) thank you, Zinga...

  12. Anyone also has some serious lag these days? I think it started during the double mastery.

    Or is it just something with my connection?

  13. hey guys my dockyard got robbed and when i collected my money i cant upgrade it anymore why is that also i am lvl 422 and my mega casino is at level 845 the higher my casino is does it make it harder to be robbed or it doesnt matter??

  14. where do u get shooting stars from.

    i have done 100's of jobs and no shooting star

  15. Anon 3:21, r u sure your castle/chop shop is lvl 41? Because it cannot go beyond lvl 10 for everyone else... It'd be sweet if you could upgrade it indefinitely and get car parts new vehicles though. Since they have a vehicle that upgrades energy and one stamina by 5, why not have one that would upgrade health as well? While I'm healing my good targets usually get stripped off their money by someone else (I do have good defense).

    Also, Mafia guy I just got this msg in Zynga:

    "Mafia Wars Easter Egg Hunt
    Thugs Bunny has amassed a collection of stolen eggs and now it's up to you to find them.

    By purchasing 7 secret Marketplace items, you can steal the eggs back.

    If you gather all 7 eggs, you can win an assortment of prizes, including a chance to win 100 RP!

    Look for the Easter egg to find the items."

    Seems as lame as that pot of gold hunt they had during St. Pat's--spend your points to get unknown rewards and maybe 100 points more, maybe. --knuckles k.

  16. Maybe the type of rackets has some effect on what you get?

    I'm level 743, had the non-influence rackets (with the 5 minute 3 card monte job), had all rackets full developed. I got 15 skill points back (even though I had never had any influence) and lvl 100!! properties.

  17. On my earlier post, looks like if you buy discounted (hourly sale) skill points or other things, it still qualifies as buying for the Easter Egg Hunt:

    "CONGRATULATIONS! You have found 1 of the 7 items needed to collect all of the eggs.

    Your discounted price was 11 RP!
    (an additional 8% off sale price)"

    Now I plan to watch for those hourly sales and hopefully get skill points that way--glad I've been saving up my RPs. Unfortunately, so far I haven't seen an egg icon next to treasure chest keys (which go on sale for 5 RP), buying that crap would've gotten the achievement faster :D-knuckles k

  18. soooo any WWE fans in the house!!?anyone catch wrestle mania on sunday gotta say it was amazing [[RKO]][[pedigree]]

  19. heads up people, thugs bunny and his collection is in the house. check it out by yourself, i'm too tired to post everything about that easter crime basket thing...

  20. Where's the easter update?

  21. I posted it 16 minutes before your comment!