May 18, 2010

Bangkok Episode 6 (Saboteur) and Episode 7 (Assassin) Now Live

Bangkok Episode 6 (Saboteur) and 7 (Assassin) are now live in Mafia Wars for you to play.

Right out the gate, these episodes are a big step up from the previous Bangkok ones. More $B required, more consumables required, more energy required, and higher powered loot.

Take a look at some of the weapons you will need to complete jobs:

If we need 90 Nguhea Sniper Rifles (not sure if we do) like we did in previous chapters, maybe I should have replaced my "save up at least 2 million $B" comment to 100 million!

At any rate, the loot is looking better too. I picked up this from the Chapter 3, Episode 6 Triad Only job:

Finally, an upgrade over the Ubijca Assault Rifle!

There are also some animals available now in the faction store:

The Banded Krait is Yakuza and the Xiamen Tiger is Triad.

And yes, you will need at least Pirates and Satellite Phones to make it through the new content.

And yes, the cost of these jobs is quite high. However, I don't see this as a problem. Bangkok was a bit more casual in nature than Moscow was; Episodes 6 and 7 were to appease the more serious audience that was whining about a lack of content. I think they ratcheted up the $B cost on purpose.

At any rate, I will post up the differences between Yakuza and Triads in Episode 6 in a few minutes. Episode 7 be up sometime tonight.
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  1. New faction loot animals too - currently being used in the armour slot, but will probably swap out when animals are introduced.

    Banded Krait 51A 28D B$540,000
    Xiamen Tiger 26A 52D B$550,000

  2. the new episodes are simply too painful in terms of baht and consumables. i think it wont take me long to expend all my nearly 1000 stock of pirates. and i already expended all my phones. quite stupid to keep going back to previous eps just to get the consumables imo

  3. Just updated about that.. i think they made it hard on purpose since hardcore players whined for days about bangkok being too easy. casual players still having fun robbing and messing around, this will give the more serious players something to do till vegas comes out

  4. I got Hyro Gloves (Armor 32/53) instead of the Nak Kha Shotgun. It's the best armor to get in the new Episodes but i was very disappointed about that much armor loot:
    Titanium Mesh Jacket (31/46)
    Ninja (47/35)
    Hyro Glove (32/53)
    Royal Thai Marine (33/49)

  5. Episode 7 has no choice points! Some jobs require satellite phones, but it doesn't look like too many.

  6. hmmm not sure bros lol. Given the history, wouldn't be surprised if this was released and not fully functional!

  7. I think they will give us some way to do the jobs in an easier way soon... not consuming so many resiurces =/

  8. I think I am just going to sit back and let them work the kinks out of this one before progressing too far. If the Zynga boards are any indication, there have been a lot of issues so far. It is an ambitious attempt to improve Bangkok, but maybe a tad too ambitious.

    Plus I don't want to get locked into a choice point of Triad or Yakuza without knowing what my actual choice is. Why change the item 12 hours in when some people have already mastered one side or the other based on the loot that was being offered? It wouldn't be so bad if there were an in game way to change are affiliation. But to offer one thing and be permanently locked in and then you can only loot something else seems like bait and switch.

  9. did they loosen up the job mastery on 5a & b?

  10. This is one of things i hate the most...why doesn't mafia wars just come out and tell us what the loot drops are and jobs will cost? Which side has what??
    whine whine bitch

  11. I am getting hit by people that have close to 500 xiamen tigers....if you can't gift them, then how are they getting them? Sorry for such a dumb question (I am assuming no one would BUY that many).