May 31, 2010

BuyEarnPlay - All the info on the 7-Eleven Promotion and a Chance to Win a Giftcard!

As of today, all participating 7-Eleven stores in the United States and Canada should have BuyEarnPlay items in stock that give you the opportunity to earn some solid Mafia Wars rewards.

Here is how it works:

1. Go to 7-11, look for specially marked products. Each product has a sticker with a code on it.

2. With your code in hand, visit

3. Sign in with your Facebook account and enter your code, and you get the item. It's actually pretty easy.

When you click Play Now, you will be taken to the in game display of whatever item you earned:

Different in-store items yield different in-game items. Here is how it breaks down:

In-store Item: In-game Item

7-Select Chips: Palermo Prowler (vehicle; 44 attack, 19 defense)

Big-Gulp (make sure to get the Mafia Wars cup): Trio Diva (vehicle; 25 attack, 45 defense)

Mafia Wars Game Card: Combat Helmet (armor; 22 attack, 46 defense)

Slurpee (make sure to get the Mafia Wars cup): Showman (weapon; 46 attack, 27 defense)

Large Coffee: Lone Wolf (weapon; 44 attack, 30 defense)

Chicken Tenders, Pizza Slice, Big Bite, Chicken Wings, Large Pizza, or Breakfast Quesadilla: Sleek Bulletproof Vest (armor; 45 attack, 23 defense)

Go-Go Taquitos, Roller Burritos, Hashbrowns, Potato Wedges: (31 attack, 45 defense)


After turning in your first item, you get access to the Mafia Wars Corner Store Collection:

The items are very easy to get; as the picture states, the Brain Freeze, Behind Bars, Cup of Coffee, Plastic Lighter, and Scratcher all come from jobs, while the Hotdog and Mafi-O's Snack Pack come from fights. They drop very quickly and are very easy to get.

For vaulting the collection, you will receive a 22LR (weapon; 46 attack, 28 defense):


As you can see from the picture above, the real prize is the +50 skill points. To get this reward, you must earn 8 points on the BuyEarnPlay site and complete the collection.

You can buy any of the items listed above and then enter the codes on the BuyEarnPlay website to get your +50 skill points reward.

The "five to eight" codes refers to the fact that all the food items mentioned above will earn you one point (need to buy 8 food items), while buying a Mafia Wars game card will earn you 2 points.


Win a 7-11 Gift Card!

To celebrate this promotion, an advertising agency working with 7-Eleven has given me ten $10 gift cards to give away to readers of the site. You will be able to easily net the 50 skill point reward with $10.

Here are the rules:

- Write in 75 words or less why you deserve a gift card in the comments section of this post. Be creative. There are 10 cards to go around!

- Make sure you include your first name, last initial, and an e-mail address so I can let you know if you won. You should probably break down your e-mail address so that it looks like mafiawarsguide at to keep yourself safe from spam-bots.

- All 10 winners will be selected in 72 hours.

- USA entries only. Sorry to my international readers, but the contest isn't open to people outside of the USA and Canada due to legality issues and I'd prefer to stay out of trouble!

Good luck!
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Nice job Zynga and 7-11. But what about the international players? Since I consider myself a "collector" I want that stuff, too!!!

  3. I went to my local 7-11 (as usual) and bought 8 slurpee's thinking I'd get the Uber Prize. The man at the register knows me because I frequent this 7-11. He gave me a funny look because I was holding 8 slurpee's and had my baby wrapped to my chest. I explained the situation and he gave me no bother...... except when I wanted to buy 8 specially marked hot food items...... DOH! I eventually got it right and got the prize. So for the severe brain freeze I endured to get those codes, pick me.

    Dave P
    daveprince13 at gmail dot com

  4. I want complete that Mobile achievement .. when it will allow to sign in for outsiders of US?

  5. Hmmm that's not gonna be good for Zynga, promoting unhealthy food and SMOKING for god sakes????

  6. lol Gamera, the gift cards are for 7-11.

  7. I want a card because i want it? lolz

  8. This sucks. I have nothing whatsoever against Americans, but I am a Brit and it absolutely sucks that people in some countries can get extra boosts by signing up for something that those in other countries can't. Zynga are plumbing new depths here.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I need a card. Why? Because I need a Slurpee. Why? Because I love Slurpees. Why can't you buy your own? I don't have a job. Why? Because I have no marketable skills. Why? Because I spent all my college money on Slurpees.

    email: eyestiedshut at

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Yeah - this Zynga/7-11 promotion is really NOT cool because I haven't been able to shop at a 7-11 since I moved to the Midwest. Pfffft.

  13. The problem with the other countries is that because each country has its own laws regarding contests. I'm sure Zynga's lawyers had to apply for something or another to get the promotion going.. it's not something they'd feasibly be able to do because they don't employ a lawyer who is familiar with law in different countries around the world.

  14. Hi I am visiting atlantic city (very mafia wars i hear) for 10 days from 1st June from the UK would I be eligible

    e-mail pete.hewitt at

  15. I want the gift cards because i dont want to buy unhealthy food. My parents are too asian, so they wont spend money for junk food as well, only rice =P

    aleccheung75024 at

  16. I, Yury K (at khideky ats yahoo dots com), could really use that card - not that I'm cheap or nothin', but $10 is $10. And I have these, um.., friends who are engaged in completely legal activities, of course. And they all have needs; Rogue Agents to fund, and Ancient War Chariots to maintain. And you'd be surprised how much a tiny squirrel with laser eyes can put away in just one meal!

  17. My wife and I are both disabled. I tried to buy her a card for birthday, as that is all I was able to afford, but couldn't find one. We live on $1045 a month.
    MW is our only diversion from our illnesses. If I were able to get a card, I'd give it to my wife as a present, and she'd be happy beyond happy.
    I just want to THANK YOU for offering this promo. You are very generous.
    Kurt K. usarev at gmail dot com

  18. Do you like apples?

    77,672 77,187

    How 'bout those apples?!

  19. Does being an American at Heart count....I know I don't qualify but if I do win could you give my card to a friend of mine.....It would surprise her.

    So my story why I deserve the card is the fact that I don't want it for myself I believe Mafia wars teaches us how to make friends and family (you don't have to be blood related to be family) It has given me so many good friends and made my life so interesting by giving me an online support of people with whom I share my good times and they take my bad moments away by being family. If only politicians spent time playing Mafia wars there would be no wars, and if only they could borrow some of the Billions I have there would be no recession. The game is not important its the people who play it and thanks to them all for being my

    PS If I win I want the card to go to my Mafia Mate Peg Muller.....

  20. Dammit, I'm an American living in the Middle East so no 7-11's around. Just thinking about this makes me realize that I actually want a taquito and a slurpee more than 50 skill points at the moment.

  21. Entry:
    I praise your guide. If I had come across your guide earlier, I might not have messed up my skill stats so badly. But alas I still have problems winning fights and leveling being neither an energy or fighting account. Your guide has really helped me begin to understand MW. Though I love 7-11's slurpee, winning this contest would save my brain from a lot of brain freezes downing 8 of them at once.

    Wen L.
    Gmail: starnightangel

  22. Save me from having to eat the Chicken Tenders, Pizza, Chicken Wings, Quesadillas, Taquitos, Burritos, Hashbrowns, Potato Wedges, and Slurpees...all of that stuff won't be good for my hypertension and cholesterol. Thank you for your consideration.

    Shaun C.

  23. i believe Zinga had a deal with Apu Nahasapemapetilon

    Brabus boyd

  24. It would save me getting brain freeze an temporarily disable my addiction. . Getting this as a gift for a friends bday. ! An I visit your site 3 times a day. . Keep up the gud work man^_^ sh4d0w_hk at

  25. I put over 1700 skill points into Health in order to get the Bulletproof achievement. I accomplished that goal, but now my account is in really bad shape. I could use a 7-11 gift card to get that 50-skill-point promotion and get back on my feet a little faster.

    Greg Z
    farmymcfarmfarm at

  26. Why should I win? Well, for starters, there are no 7-11 stores here, so I have no other way of getting this. Second, I love MW and play everyday and I cannot pass this chance :-)

    Francisco Moraes

    fmoraes at nc dot rr dot com

  27. Okay, So #1, it's my birthday today (seriously). and 2nd, there are no 7-11's here in my area. I visit the site regularly and I send all my buddies here as well.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

    Kurosh N.
    shoruk at gmail dot com.

  28. I will write a theme song for your guide if I win (I actually am a decent song-writer, and I play multiple instruments). I check your guide atleast once a day, often more, and its my birth month.

    Daniel Batts
    Chainsaw20x6 at yahoo dot com

  29. I have been playing MW for about 2 years now and have been drinking...inhaling brain freeze slurpees for 30 years! I like Apu but 7-11 will do cuz they have great items to. I collect items in MW so this will help out my getting more items to. I think I win because 7-11 is my friend. I wrote this poem cuz my MW crew and Oh Thank Heaven For 7-11!!!
    Adam G(amg123 at hushmail dot com.)

  30. I am in medical school. We have finals this week. Yet I am here. Enough said. It's going to be a long night and 7-11 might be calling.

    Matt S (Email is S---(mylastname)------.Matt at

  31. I should get one of the cards for two reasons

    1. I come to every day to look for updates about the game and how to play the various options.

    2. after reading this I'm now going to have to trek across town to the nearest 7-11 to get this loot.

  32. i should get that card because i play this game too much. But I'm not quitting (despite minor carpal tunnel and tennis elbow), since Mafia wars is doable game, unlike the cute flash games that require you to play 3hrs/day. Just not as hardcore, maybe once or twice a day. Which means my behind will get whopped by the big guys. Which means I need some skill points.

    Appreciate it if you choose me! :D

    Mutya B - kitiwiti at yahoo dot com

  33. I deserve to win a gift card because I love Mafia Wars and slurpees. And porno and football and books about war.

    Kristin L.
    hexxus 311 at gmail dot com

  34. Memorial Day was yesterday and I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corp. More important than that is that I play Mafia Wars every day, and follow this site religiously. I normally have to visit atleast once a day. I also have a 7-11 about 3 minutes away from my place, and shop their often.

    Thanks for this chance.

    Rmarotz at

  35. Gah, no 7-11 promotion in Quebec. I 8 you Zinga!

    Not really. But I do find it rather annoying.

  36. Why should I be considered? Well, I'm married with two babies at home and a wife who's a stay-at-home mom. I'm also working full time and going to college, so funds are tight. And if that wasn't enough, I spent all of my disposable income on GF points last month to finish Paris! I guess that makes me a sucker for Mafia Wars!

    And I loved the 7-11 piece on "Undercover Boss"!

    Dan H.

  37. I should get a Mafia Wars $10 game card because I play Mafia Wars Daily and I'm a low level and I really need to get up levels so I can get to unlock more jobs, more people to fight with. I only get about up 1 rank a day and my Mafia grows levels up super fast and I want to do that too.

    E-mail: ianiromatthew at hotmail . com


  38. OOps i forgot to put my name:

    Matthew I.

  39. I deserve a card because well... I'm awesome, I'm a heart breaker, dream maker, love taker, so don't you mess around with me. <3

    master_sniper98 >>at>>

  40. Oh and my name, duh. Trevor M. Kthxbai.

  41. The $10 dollar gift card would be a good start – but they owe me more than that.

    7-11 employees raided my house with flamethrowers crudely fashioned out of big gulp cups and long rancid cooking grease. Their company branded ponchos flapped in the wind as they burned down my house, killed my wife and left me for dead.

    Wait, no, that might have been those jerks from the Circle K. Either way.

    Travis M.
    pastor_travis at hotmail dot com

  42. I need it because my gf broke up with me yesterday and I need a reason to go to 7-11.

    stamenlowery at the

  43. this is dumb. the last reason i need to stop playing this waste of time game. With that said, I really appreciate the efforts you put into this blog and the massive amount of help it provides.


  44. It works outside US and Candada. Tested it in europe and got all the items ;-)

  45. I would like to win a giftcard because I could take my little brother (he's 8 years old) to 7-11 and get him a large Slurpee everytime he comes to visit me, and in turn I could use the code from his cup. It would be beneficial to us both! I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you,
    Ben Kimzey -- chiaroscuroseraph at gmail dot com

    PS - I will even send you a picture of me and him (with the Slurpee) to prove things!

  46. I think that I deserve the card because I am trying to catch up to my husband that is 6 months ahead of me in playing the game. And after going to 7-11 three times with my 3 daughters today I am all junked out. I am going to look like a sumo if I keep eating 7-11. More cushion for the pushing I guess.

  47. I should win because (1) I'm cheap. I haven't spent a dime on this game and have no plans to change that; (2) I'm healthy. I don't need or want any of that junk food; and (3) I'm honest. I won't go into 7-11, write down the codes w/o buying the items and enter them later.

    Jonathan M. jonmcgowen at gmail dot com

  48. I consistently play mafia wars nightly when I should be doing my homework. This gift card could open a cascade of opportunity to now be cooled off by a delicious beverage while I procrastinate with my favorite game. Epicness would surely ensue with the aid of such a 7-11 gift card.

    Peter V. dieupen at

  49. first of all, I DONT WANT 2 WIN ANY 7/11 GIFT CARD BUT.., cause i cannot redeem it anyway... i always check this site for updates... my friend on facebook gifted me a code from the chips, so i got the palermo prowler and the collection (about a week ago) for i cant go to 7/11 as we dont got that in holland... i was asking my mafia on facebook for other codes (for the other items) no luck so far, so if (i dont know how you select one) but if i should be selected as winner of the game card, please sent me some codes to get more items for MW instead... contact me at danger_stefano at hotmail dot com

  50. I eat, breathe, & sleep mafia wars. My pregnant wife can vouch for me. Please select me as one of the winners as I frequent this site everyday to check up on what's new. In addition, I also visit the nearest 7-11 quite often. Thanks in advance.

    Email is 1323ford at
    Gil D.

  51. This really sucks and very unfair to international players. I'm sure if they make a geographical study of MW players, the international community will make up for a huge chunk.

  52. I would really appreciate winning a gift card! I've experienced every malady there is between getting pinked by FB, Zynga mastery resets, and scammed in a lotto trade. This site helps me with strategy and now it can help with my sanity, please give me a nice perk for a change. itunes2go at

  53. I would really appreciate winning a gift card! I've experienced every malady there is between getting pinked by FB, Zynga mastery resets, and scammed in a lotto trade. This site helps me with strategy and now it can help with my sanity, please give me a nice perk for a change.

    added name and fixed e-mail, doh.
    Brigitte N. itunes2go at

  54. I went out for lunch and there it is, right in from of my office building, in downtown chicago, a huge poster advertising this event. I got a Slurpee and a hot dog. 7-11 did not have stickers on hot dogs. I ate 7-11 hot dog for nothing.

    On the positive note, you don't have to purchase Mafia Wars items only, you can get MW rewards for Yoville and FarmVille items.

  55. Slurpee code: DJCB-LPFP-TZGG

  56. I spend most of my time gifting and helping people. A game card would help ME gain the defense protection needed so I can continue concentrating on helping others!(and maybe PLAY the game more) Hoping the nearest 7-11 will eventually stock all the items to get the Uber gift. I'd like to try a freebie card before going to buy more but I understand if that doesn't win me the card. THANK YOU anyway!
    Kara M.[ sillychick151 at aim dot com ]

  57. I think that I would be the ideal recipient of the 7-11 gift card. The main reason is that I will spend it and spend it fast. This gift card will not sit unused in some dresser drawer like it would if it were given to someone else. No, it would be spent. In fact, the value would be depleted the day after I received it because of one reason and one reason only: I cannot walk past a 7-11 without buying a Slurpee. To me, they are the cherry-Coke-cherry-Dr. Pepper mana of the gods. With the gift card, I would pass a bunch of 7-11s and go on a Slurpee binge aka a perfect summer day. Recently, I told my girlfriend that I had a Slurpee five times in the past four days. The scariest part: she wasn't at all surprised.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Billy H.
    unpredictabilly at gmail dot com

  58. Yous guys tanks for da opportunity ta win dees 50 skills points. I need ta win one of 'em cause I only needs dis card for da coke flavor faction of da slurpee mafia. I's already got da max benefit for da cherry flavor slurpee faction sos I needs ta even 'em out. You knows, like we did in Moscows and Bangkoks. Tanks an I won't let yous down.

    (Editorial note: We do not have 7-11's in South Texas so winning this would be AWESOME!)

    Keith W.
    tyedye9 at gmail dot com.

  59. Here's my attempt to win a game card. I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks for all the informative tips offered on your site.

    Mafia Wars Haiku

    Love playing the game
    Awesome to win a gift card
    For amazing loot

    Jennifer L.
    jlabant at gmail dot com

  60. It's not just non-US/Canada players. There are no 7-Elevens in North Carolina. I'm not driving a couple hours each way just for this bit of silliness.

  61. buy.. buy.., we are player or we are consumer may be some day we must buy real dirty bra for weapon or armor... lol

  62. I should win the gift card because I have 7 horses to support, and they do not like Slurpees or junk food. Since 7-11 doesn't offer MW hay, I'd have to eat all that stuff myself, and I'd end up looking like the Sumotori Fighter. LOL.
    Cat B
    jjs_1964 at yahoo dot com

  63. why i should get the $10 gift card to 7-11 (in haiku form)...

    mafia wars is great
    i play from morning to night
    and always in spring

    by rob s.
    rinclais at yahoo dot com

  64. A couple comments on the 7-11 items.
    1. to get the 50 Reward Points, you have to purchase 8 DIFFERENT items. That means, you have to buy not only the MW slurpee, big gulp, regular soda, chips, and all the potato wedges, nachos, hot food crap, you also have to get a YoVille organge soda, sour gummy worms, donuts, etc. I just bought 2 more bags of chips and was dissapointed they didn't count towards the +50 RP.

    2. For all the international folks complaining about access to the game, you're not missing anything advantageous items wise. Sure, you can't get +50 by spending over $20 US for those items (roughly the cost of buying them in MW), but the weapons aren't better than any in game items from loot drops or chop shop/weapons shopp or faction store. Even the vault collection item is only a 46 attack, 5 pts. less than a rail gun. So there's nothing items wise that is giving those damn Yankees an advantage in MW.

  65. @ Anon 6/3 5:35 ---- Except for a free +50 skill point boost. 5 finger discounts are my favorite and 7-11 doesn't pay their employees enough to give a rats ass if you take 20 Mafia wars cups with you on your way.

  66. if you buy 2 slurpees, would you get 2 showmans? are they stackable or can you only get a limited item once?

  67. Yes they are stackable and yes you get two showmen for two slurpee codes.