May 8, 2010

Central Mainframe Update

If you have been entering your Central Mainframe Access Code in each day, here is what you would have gotten:

Day 1: +3 attack
Day 2: +3 defense
Day 3: +10 (!) Health
Day 4: +3 stamina

So far, so good! The +10 health from yesterday was really unexpected. Between the past 4 days, the Central Mainframe has given away the equivalent of 19 skill points, or almost 4 level ups (though 10 health is not quite as good as 10 attack or energy).

Not a bad deal at all. If you lost your code, readers have reported that by e-mailing Zynga you can get a code replacement in short order.

Edit for some frequently asked questions:

1. I am unable to get my code again.

You only get it once. Write it down. What I did was save it to my desktop in a .txt document so I can copy and paste it in.

2. I do not see the place to enter the code.

This pops up on the home page every now and again. You can only enter your code every 24 hours. Be patient.
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  1. Central Mainframe is not visible in my account today. I am yet to claim the +3 stamina. Is there any way to get that screen ?

  2. Where to write an email?

    (exact adress)

  3. I lost my code and sent them an e-mail. Here their response.

    Thanks for contacting Zynga.

    My name is Elijah and it will be a pleasure to assist you Jared. I'm sorry to hear that you were not able to retrieve the code. Since you are a valued customer I will investigate your account and provide you with the code, so you can continue playing Mafia Wars.

    You code number is: xxxxxxxxxx (I'm not sharing my code)

    I hope this information is helpful, remember if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, I am always happy to help. Thank you for being part of our Mafia Wars family.

    Kind regards,
    Elijah R
    Zynga Customer Support

    I got it in less than a day and only missed out on the free def.

  4. i just got the +3 attack the first day. never got the code again....

  5. you had to write down the code, it's always the same one :)

  6. do mystery bags drop all types of collection items if added to wishlist including the limited ones;vday,st. patty,eggs,crews,daily chance n laundry.... i am not getting the wishlist drop for quite a few times now.

  7. how much attack, defence, energy,health and stamina should a level 650 that robs and fight a lot.

    these r my current stats

    attack: 807
    defence: 795
    stamina: 606
    health: 277
    energy: 1940

    please tell me if they are good stats for a fighting account

  8. that is a little low for a fighting account; it takes about 8 weeks to get 1000 attack and defense following the fighting guide, so you are weaker than a 2 month old account.

    That's before the Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, and all these other free skill points though, so in reality I don't see why someone who has been playing for 3 months can't hit 1500/1500 attack and defense.

  9. As anonymous above said, could anyone tell us what is the exact email address to write to please?

  10. how can i email Zynga

  11. "Zynga Customer Support"

    I wrote to this e mail and they give me my pass.
    I hope it works for you too.

  12. there's a glitch for me. i had 243 stamina. i put my code in a and i got +3 stamina. i checked my stamina again and it was 246 i put the code a second time and i got another 3 stamina and a put my code in a third time and i got a bonus 3 stamina again!!! Pretty sweet +9 stamina from that and now i'm gonna go to my chop shop and weapons depot for an extra 6 stamina each. In total I got 21 stamina points today.

  13. are these good stats for a lvl 364 Maniac
    Attack 302
    Defense 300
    Health 201
    Energy 1753
    Stamina 269

  14. to anonymous with the comment on top of me those are pretty okay. i'm a lvl 10736 and these are my stats (huge fighting account)
    attack: 9999
    defense: 9999
    health: 9999
    energy: 9999
    stamina: 10000
    skill points left over: +3684
    fights won: 26,125,145
    fights lost:2,032
    fights won in cuba:21,258,167
    robbing wins: 2,012,128
    robbing loses:456,122
    robbing wins(9-0):177,753
    mafia size:456,122
    i have a level 458,963 mega casino and a level 1,456,147,527 restaurent.
    i am the ultimate fighter
    hit list kills: 125,483
    mobsters iced:19,785,519
    mobsters whacked: 16,753,124
    i have 14,458 diamond sets and 26,157 tools of the trade. i also have 12,439 sets of the looto collection

  15. Picture or it didn't happen...

  16. Agreed, It was borderline believable until you made the claim of 14,000 Diamonds and 16 million mobsters killed. Even if you post pictures I won't believe it, too easy to photo shop

  17. Day 5 is +3 energy. Just received it

  18. The level 10736 above is a LIE!

  19. He can send us a profile to verify via MW. How do you get mafia size:456,122? In addition, the character should have a much higher total point value than the above given you get 5 pts per level, 2 per day, 1 per job tier completion, other bonuses, etc.

  20. Nice Try!!
    9999x4+10000+3684=53680 ;)

    Thats nice, no job masterd, no collection vault but Level 10,736!!

  21. must be don king shit err i mean don king bullshit

  22. The next redeem is +3 Energy (obviously)

  23. The "looto" collection he has is also impressive. He would have had to spend all of his reward points on tickets to get close to the number of pieces stated. Nice try buddy!

  24. if you try to post this again, just make sure to decrese your whacks and kills bu a digit. basically every fight is either a kill or a whack.
    profile link or it didnt happen.

  25. What happened to the war feature? I'm frekin' tired of getting cue balls. I already have 479! Do you know anything about this or about future updates regarding wars?

  26. plz help mwg..
    somewhat offtopic but i want to have bonus from being promoted as each top mafia... I heard that if you changed from maniac to fearless your buttonman bonus you get by you being buttonman of friend is retained...
    Now my plan is by class i will first become fearless 2 be wheelman then mogul for bagman then back to maniac i have farm acc.s to promote myself and enough RPs..

    Will that work??
    plz guide me mwg...

  27. Is it just me or are maps not falling much anymore? Any tips on getting them? Mugging seems to have a really bad pay-off...

  28. 2 posts above, yes it gona work.
    It worked for me!

  29. There is an unconfirmed rumor floating around that you can use your mainframe code to transfer your entire MW account to a new FB account. I e-mailed Zynga with the question, haven't heard back yet. Does anyone have any info on this? -knuckles k.

  30. Yeah... why there are no new war rewards?? i also got already 1341 Cue balls... got bored so i stopped doing it every day... got enough crap xD


    Off topic but good read on new property updates and las vegas property

  32. There seems to be a new feature under marketplace called "Fight Club". Shows stuff with 70 att or def that you can buy with Victory Coins, if you have 18 top mafia. Fight Club is marked as coming soon.

  33. yeh that has been up for months now its a new feature aimed at fighting accounts. The token drop through fights and can purchase the high end loot it should be live soon

  34. To Mr./Ms. ultimate fighter:
    robbing wins: 2,012,128?

    If that's true, then you must have spent about 12 hours a day doing robberies since robbing was re-introduced into the game about 6 weeks ago. Assuming that it takes 1 second to rob someone, that is. Now that's something to brag about.

  35. The Last Tangle In Paris is LIVE!!!!!


  36. 23 maps a day!

  37. LOL.. If u missed the code. Click the "enter code" button. the click "get unique code"...

  38. finished level 3 paris. same as other 2. first mission is 12% per click, second is 6%, and third is 4%.
    To go through in one sitting, it will cost you 6496 energy, and 271 maps.
    what a challenge!!! lol ~.~

  39. Yowza. Hopefully it's decent on minimal alert levels.

    Are map requirements per job around 4/4/5-ish? I missed out on a couple of days in Paris and now I'm rather hopelessly behind. Unless I sink money into RP for maps (not going to happen), I'm probably going to miss out on the last reward unless Zynga extends it for a couple of days (not going to happen either). -sigh-

  40. How long is the chapter 3 of Paris going to stay open? Thanks!

  41. wow almost once month and 2500 robbing wins (3000 attempts) later i finally find my first diamond, is this going to take me 2500 to find everyone? jeez

  42. Hi… I am the one with that class change que. Above..
    I have changed my class from fearless to maniac then got buttonman bonus by promoting myself in my fake acc. Similar I did for mogul…
    {In meanwhile I enjoyed spectacular site of 3 bonuses i.e. mastermind + half xp , no energy & double payout at once PROUD OF MYSELF lol…}
    Now MWG, Should I remain mogul or be a maniac/fearless…
    Heres My Thinking..
    Currently I am 450 Level{only in last 17 days} Because Of Your Guide The best guide on mw anyone can find out there… I am on last tier of moscow and will head to bangkok in 2-3 days .. I heard money is the main problem there so I think I should complete bangkok with mogul class.. as I have both bonusess by promoting myself as wheelman & mastermind & have 11& of top mafia in my crew… so I can level up easily in it also I own 3 bussiness already there without doing single job…
    i am on mobile so due to limitationsrest will continue in part 2..
    part 1/2

  43. PART 2/2
    Now from my class change strategy here are my conclusion...(shocking but thats my thinking plz critisice &help me if I am wrong}

    Mogul is the best class out there if you chenge classes…
    You will have both mastermind & wheelman bonuses of top mafia..& extra amount of to help you in bangkok… also as the moderators hints in forums that money will be a huge problem when las vegas comes out.. so by my strategy you have everything… but the bad thing here is you will have wait more for ene/stam regen.. But as this guide says MW is not played by waiting…{also get your money achievem.s Single handedly}
    The Second Spot Goes To Maniac For Its NO WAIT FOR LEVELUP…lol
    & sadly last goes to our old favourite fearless with its speciality spoiled by other classes..
    So MWG …
    Plz guide me as I don’t want to waste my RPs for only class change..
    Plz tell me my thinking is right or not..
    Now with which class I should go forward for long run????????? {now I have ruined fearless} by this on fb to add me)
    11(%)wheelman, mastermind, buttonman
    15% bagman
    P.S. Thanx for reading this much...

  44. i cant access mafiawars from facebook.

    anybody having same problem?

  45. Robbing

    Don’t you think now the trend is changing…
    With robbing out you can get about 2.5 xp with minimal attack & stamina And that chop shop & weapon depot boosting our stamina…
    Currently I have 350 stamina & I am the one who posted above post about class change strategy…
    @ higher levels we get about 2.4 xp/stam. On each robbing leave aside the grid completion bonus…
    I was a strict follower of this great guide until robbing was introduced & I love to rob people so I put 350 into my stamina 150 into attack & 60 into defense…{I want to rob no matter if I am robbed by others…}
    It proved a boost for my leveling.. I currently get over 2.5 xp/stam per board {though I am only level 6 now dunno what happen if I were a level 10 grand master thief… }& is helping me much to power level while doing Moscow jobs…
    I think you should edit your guide to change the paths after say 350 towards robbing then you should come back to energy again with the help of chop shop, weapon depot , daily skill point ,etc…

    So I am now intending to be a grand master thief before my bangkok completion & hopefully before Vegas comes out...

  46. no i dont have any problems accesing my facebook mw account... Try submiting ticket in forum if problem continues...

    Plz comment on my above three posts guys...

  47. now thats intresting strategy
    but surely consumes precious 30 RPs...
    I wont mind trying this...
    I think by your strategy mogul seems to have bright future...

    I have sent you request bro... Plz add me...

    (mwg, can we follow him??)

  48. i want to follow him also but my heart says dont waste your HARD GOTTEN RPs(my heart is mogul... lol)

    so, i will wait untill mwg's reply on this

    but this is kool strategy...

    Is this time to be mogul??

  49. i am lvl 500 i think i should turn to robbing now to continue levelling fast
    i also heard robbing gives about 2.5 xp per stamina point used in forums...

  50. ou cleared the full board and earned: 100 Bonus Experience!
    You earned a bonus Computer Set-Up
    Your record on this board was 9-0.


  51. Just received this today from Zynga Support after not receiving/seeing my Access Code:

    Thanks for contacting Zynga.

    I’m sorry to hear you don’t have your secret code for Central Mainframe Access. This feature is being redesigned so that you’ll be able to retrieve your code within the game. This redesign will be introduced by the end of the week. When your code is available, you will need to write it down and store it somewhere secure, as you will need it for daily rewards. In the meantime, unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide your secret code to you.

    If by Monday the 17th, you have not been able to receive your code please file a ticket with “Mainframe Central Access code needed” as the first words in your e-mail.

    Thank you for being a devoted Mafia Wars player.

    Kind regards,
    Dale G
    Zynga Customer Support

  52. that class change strategy guy has some nice points in what he says...
    Will try it out when i will get enough RPs...

  53. Yes i had already implemented it
    its awsome strategy..
    Though being mogul is hard.. If you come to halt somewhere you will have to wait too much..
    Otherwise this strategy is cool.
    It exploits fearless & maniac!!

  54. Quite a few players have cottoned on to the fact that Mogul is the now the best class for an energy player once they have an assured Fearless occasional bonus in place. If you are not depending on energy or stamina regen to level up, the only bonus that is worthwhile is the extra Bhat from being Mogul.

    I am still not sure why this game continues with a class system that can never be balanced. There will always be an optimal choice. Or in this case, a pathway of class changes that provide an optimal choice.

  55. i am confused over mogul is best..

    But where is mwg's reply on this topic? I Wont change my class untill.. He says so..

    Missing your comment , mwg!!!

  56. hey bro i would have brought 8 skill points instead

    i love to be fearless and will be fearless in future...

  57. But If you want to be a horse of long run this is better than those 8 skill points.
    If you want to be a big mafia you will have to leave aside your favo.z

    by considering this strategy

    fearless only provides 2 min. Reduction your stamina regen timer..
    Whereas maniac also does the same but timer reduction on energy here is more important than stamina regen as each timer produces 2 ene.s (assuming you have completed NY.) (VaibhaV)

  58. We need your guidance in this strategy , mwg.!.

  59. here are my stats

    attack 4,589
    defence 4,523
    health 8,652
    energy 2,680
    stamina 9,352

  60. Has the mainframe disappeared entirely for everybody? Or is it just me? Thanks!

  61. I thought you get a new code everyday you play "Mafia Wars" so i wasn't paying attention clearly and missed out on some i entered my code in today and got +3 energy...

  62. My Mainframe went *poof* was well. Maybe it just gives out a bonus to each stat and then goes away?

  63. are these stats good

    atk 15,685
    def 15,681
    health 8,965
    energy 10,458
    stamina 9,684
    ??? mwg

  64. the mainframe box never appear again on my MW home...please anybody tell me to make it appear again