May 28, 2010

Challenge Mission: London

More information on Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: London is now available. First off, players can start collecting passports in game. These will be an allegory to the Parisian Maps of Challenge Mission: Paris.

In other words, you will need a lot of these maps to use for the job.

The end-goal of this mission is to steal one of the Crown Jewels. There will be 3 chapters with a few jobs in each chapter that you can master and you will have to spend a lot of British Passports to get all the jobs done.

However, this time, it looks like there is an alternative way to get maps:

Each time you unlock a new chapter, you will be able to get a bunch of free British Passports just by adding a new person to your mafia. When you unlock Chapter 1, add two people for 60 free passports, 80 for Chapter 2, and 100 for Chapter 3.

If the British Passport requirements for the Challenge Mission: London jobs are similar to the costs of Paris, these maps will provide you with 1/3 of the maps you will need to complete the entire thing.

This is a good thing, because if you are like me you want to spend your energy on the new Bangkok jobs, not on low-paying NY jobs to collect passports.

Note that the rewards are shown in the picture above. For finishing off Chapter 1, you will get the Blockade Auto Shotgun (58 attack, 45 defense; weapon). For Chapter 2, you will get the FSB Agent (42 attack, 76 defense; armor). For Chapter 3, you will get the Nightowl Helicopter (107 attack, 55 defense; vehicle), which is quite nice. A high-powered vehicle like that will go a long way in robbing.

After adding your mafia member, you get to the starting screen of Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: London.

You can start collecting 12 maps every 24 hours now - might as well get an early start! There are just under 6 days left before Challenge Mission: London is unlocked - might as well stock up on free maps in the meantime!
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  1. A London Item is now on the Daily Checklist. The countdown appear, and I guess it will eventually indicate the 'collect map' button when available...
    I also think the requirement for London will be higher. I did Moscow during Paris and finished 2 days in advance with 40 something maps left.
    I think the cost of London will be easily 1/3 higher than Paris...

  2. Hey,

    I'm level 348 with 685 attack but only 1228 energy, how much energy SHOULD I have to be able to continuously level? At the moment I can only level 2-3 times a day!

  3. "This is a good thing, because if you are like me you want to spend your energy on the new Bangkok jobs, not on low-paying NY jobs to collect passports."

    I just got a few passports while doing Bangkok jobs, so you should be able to collect them without having to do those NY jobs.

  4. Interestingly, I hit the mugging job this morning around 100 times and did not get any passports.

    But today I have just been progressing through Bangkok as normal and found 3 so far.

  5. NY versus Bangkok
    I think that MWG suggest that the cheapest jobs are in New York, the jobs you can do multiple time with the same amount of energy needed to do only a couple of Bangkok jobs.
    But indeed, as with Paris, you'll be able to collect Passport everywhere, with similar odds (but I'm not good with stats, not with my spending of energy lately, as I'm pogressing through the early levels of Bangkok)

  6. I cleared the board robbing NY properties 8 times today. 6 times I received maps.

    I've also been doing Moscow jobs and have received 4 maps out of about 16 jobs performed (I'm on the 147 energy job)

  7. Has anyone else been having problems getting railgun barrels? It has been 3 days now without a single one dropping from my two accounts or the accounts of a couple of friends? Is this like a general problem, or maybe just our server?

  8. I don't know, I never had any difficulty to get enough maps for Paris. In fact I still have about 600 of the darn things left, and I usually did go to middle job heat levels. And I was not that high level/energy at the time, maybe high 800s/2000s.

    According to the official forums, Paris provided enough maps through the "collect" button, that if you did use it at every opportunity, i.e. regularly every day, and did jobs in low heat, then you would not need any additional maps. That means, all the extra maps you collect were just a bonus to allow you to speed things up. I expect it will be the same with London.

    Just do your normal robbing and jobbing, and you should be fine.

  9. While robbing in Bangkok I have been getting passports for clearing boards about 1/3 of the time.

  10. Re: Daryl

    See the comment under, which explains it all.

    So you need about 12.5 * next level - 6.25 XP (give or take one XP for rounding). In your case, you will need ~ 4343 XP.

    Now, the best XP paying job, "Settle A Beef ... Permanently" will give 2.11 XP per E (74 XP for 35 E), with all the job perks and top mafia which you should have at your stage. Add the bonus for being a wheelman and mastermind yourself, and getting it free of E cost sometimes, or getting 50% more XP sometimes. I think the sometimes is about 10% of the jobs done, but would be happy to be educated about a more exact number. Assuming it is 10% of times, this means this job will on average pay 2.11 x 1.10 x 1.05 or roughly 2.44 times E.

    This means you would need 4343 / 2.44 or 1780 E at your level, to level permanently.

    Note that the XP need increases in average by 12.5 XP per level, so you would have to put 12.5 / 2.44 = 5.12 stat points into energy, to level forever. But you only get 5. Which means, you will have to close the gap by putting in some extra points, from Solar Flare cars, Lottery, Mastering Jobs, Regular Play or Godfather points every now and then, and much more so now, to close the gap.


  11. Off-topic: I want to introduce Groody's rule, namely that a single stat point is worth more than 15 points of advantage in equipment.

    This comes from the regarding the discussion about what is the best car/weapon to build: In my opinion, the best by far is the Rebel2/Solar Flare/Robbers Utility belt. I can not fathom why anyone would want to build a Railgun or Hunter XS, other than for showing off.

    My reasoning is: these give you six of the most valuable resource, stat points. The attack pieces only give you five. Who cares what if these are attack or stamina points. You can put your points from leveling into attack instead of into stamina/energy, getting the same result but gaining one stat point overall.

    Who cares what attack or defense values these items have?

    The Railgun has attack 51, a 4 point lead over the Nak Kha Shotgun, or a 8 point lead over the Ubi/Tanto. So you are trading 1 stat point in your own attack for 4-8 points in your mafia's, a ratio of 1:8 in the best case for the weapon stats.

    Now typically, mafia attack values based on collected equipment are in the 60.000s, maybe 70.000s for some really obsessive player without any real life, whereas your own attack value tends to be in the range from nearly nothing for a pure energy player to twice your level for a balanced character, or say three to four times your level for a dedicated fighter. So for a level 1000, we are looking at maybe 4000 points. So you are looking at a ratio of 4000:60.000, or 1:15, in the best case for the weapon stats.

    This means, the extra skill point will have at least about twice the impact in any fight that the best weapon would have. Most probably it will have an even higher advantage.

    In addition, the stat point advantage will always remain, whereas any new or better loot coming out from normal job drops, will tend to negate the equipment advantage over time.


  12. @Groody:

    there is a fallacy. If you have a level 2.000 fighter with 8.000 attack, then there is no advantage of the stat point any more. So, you are right for lower levels/less dedicated players, but at the highest levels, the limit of 500 mafia will make the small differences in top level loot count.

  13. groody I have covered the idea that stat points are better than loot points ad nausem, throughout what is now at least a dozen posts.

    however, note that the robbing and fighting formulas are not the same - equipment and attack are added together. When it comes to robbing, points from equipment are the same as points from stat points.

    I tend to pick the railgun over the robber's utility belt just because I don't feel like spending stamina. I always get the Solar Flare though and can't see why anyone wouldn't do the same.

  14. Hey, a reply from the master himself! Thanks, I learn something more, and bow to my sensei :-).

    What sucks about stamina is that you have to click your fingers bleedy to burn it off, unless you use some autoplayer. However, with the guys at Zynga changing around the game as much as they do, I feel it can not hurt to not put all your eggs in one basket of only energy, and for leveling even after the nerf it is still decent (I only use a single account, not a whole farm of them to gather loot for some central fighting account).


  15. currently, as a pure energy account, i am upgrading my attack stats via weapons-/chopshop, for an almost lvl 3000 account, 365 att-points doesnt quite cut it, but the again with every lvlk, the gap widens and lvling gets harder and harder. at some point i will def go back to upgrading my energy more, i am kinda betting on the other 2 shops that are on the horizon.
    thatll help upgrading both!

  16. I agree Groody about that with game changes it might be a good idea to diversify characters. I'm up to 400 attack on my main energy account and about 400 stamina.

    I don't want any more stamina than that until it proves it's worth. Until then, I'll keep on stocking up on energy and use my Weapons Depot to increase my attack stats.

  17. There is a bookmarklet which allows building a car by using the Weapons Shop cooldown. So you can build two Solar Flares daily. Get it here

  18. YES got deck of cards daily chance :D
    i always pick random numbers

  19. Off topic :

    As for Memorial Day's event, there's a good chance to buy +4Stat for only 11RP, and by doing this 10 times, u also can get LE Sherman Tank, vehicle with 80Att :D just wait till the hourly sales for buying +4Stat ;)

    I already did this twice (spent 220RP) and got 2 Tanks ;)

    Also u'll got Golden Treasure Key (@1st time buying) and 1 of Random Item from Artic Crates (@5th time buying)

    IMO this is the best deal so far to spent RP ;)


  20. i'm surprised these challenge mission dont yield animal loots. isnt that like the next big thing in MW?

    when is the change coming anyway. feels like forever.

  21. The best tip I can give you for higher level players is to change to MOGUL for Bangkok Episode 6 and 7.

    The 40% gain in Baht is VERY helpful (it means less liquating of Faction loot).

  22. Update: All British passports that can be received by "Fill up your crew" method now Unlocks in Chapter 3 only.

  23. allegory being used to mean the same as analogy?

    while i tend to think that between players getting wise to the whole challenge mission concept and so many players complaining about maps in Paris, Zynga would make map (err.. passport) requirements looser.

    however, they're making it easier to get passports this time in the sense that players have one additional sure-fire way to get passports and potentially get them early each week. That is, they're trying to encourage and incentify the addition of new mafia members.

    all said, i still think they'll try to make it easier this time.

  24. Getting passports seems too easy this time around. If you make it too easy, its not really a challenge.

  25. what do you think how many passports will i require to complete chapter 1 in one stroke if i have enough energy ?? i currently have 180 passports saved up will it be enough ??

  26. I think it takes about 300. Well, maybe not that many. I did most of it with the job heat meter in red. But I completed chapter one already!!

  27. Well I spent a few hundred energy on the 1 energy job and i didn't get any passports; I think they changed it in the last few days such that jobs don't drop passports, since the only ones i have are from clearing robbing boards.