May 4, 2010

Challenge Mission Paris Chapter 2 Now Open

Chapter 2 of the Challenge Mission Paris limited time city is now open.

There are once again three jobs:

Shut Down the Security System (2 maps when the job heat meter is green; 12% mastery per attempt)

Enter the Building (2 maps when green; 6% mastery per attempt)

Disable the Safeguards (3 maps when green; 4% mastery per attempt).

Maps needed to complete chapter 2:

Green:127, Yellow:178, Red:229

Energy needed: Green: 2831, Yellow: 4820, Red: 6608 (thanks FFfreak for the info!)


Pretty much everything works the same as Chapter 1. The job heat meter is still in play and moves up every time you do 3 jobs. Chapter 2 actually doesn't seem to require many more maps to complete then Chapter 1. One reader reported that Chapter 2 took around 225 maps to finish in one sitting (Chapter 1 was about 200 if you powered through it).

The reward for completing chapter 2 is the French Kiss weapon (75 attack, 45 defense).
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  1. Where is everyone stocking up on these maps?? I've hit the lower New York jobs repeatedly but they just do not seem to be dropping for me at all.

  2. I have had them drop pretty regularly for me in Settle a Beef Permanently. They have dropped for me more there than any other job,

  3. the mastery for the second parisian job is 6% and for the third is 4%.

  4. Maps needed to complete chapter 2:
    Green:127, Yellow:178, Red:229
    Energy needed: Green:2831, Yellow:4820, Red:6608

    Mastery is just the same as chapter 1.

  5. I've been doing the Mugging (2 energy) job in NY. I just now spent 3,460 energy on that job, completing the job 1,730 times and gained 33 maps total.

    That's about 1 map every 52.42 times I did that job. Not necessarily efficient but I can't seem to find a better way. I'm desperate since Paris is time-based though.

  6. I only do the Settle A Beef job and have 225 maps at my disposal at the moment. Completed Chapter 1 and 72% of Job 1 in Chapter 2.

  7. You cleared the full board and earned: 47 Bonus Experience!
    You earned a bonus Great Star of Africa Diamond
    Your record on this board was 4-5. You can get better at robbing by:
    YES 2th diamond lucky

  8. Like Ben above, I did mugging (2 energy)job in NY. I used 3623 energy which is 1811 jobs and gained 36 maps. That's about 50.31 jobs for one map which is almost identical to Ben's 52.42.

    50 jobs for 1 map is tough but it also helped my chop shop and weapons depot.
    I got the following,
    Car part: 21
    Solar Panel: 2
    High tech part: 1
    Bullet proof glass: 1
    Cement block: 4
    Power tool: 2
    Car lift: 3
    Shipping Container: 5

    Weapon part: 6
    Explosive arrow: 1
    Gun drill: 2
    Sonic emitter: 4
    Laserfinder: 1
    Buzzsaw: 4
    Gun powder: 5
    Forge: 3
    Arc welder: 3

  9. Just by spending a few hundred energy daily on the "chase away thugs(1 energy)" job I have managed to loot a sufficient amount of maps. You also get a lot of car parts etc. in the process.

  10. I did the mugging job as well all last week utilizing energy pack daily..ton of loot altogether...same as above..chop shop, etc..(anyone need 8000 butterfly knives?)
    Almost finished week 2 job, on 3rd line.. (using e. pack again)..still have over 300 maps. may just power through next week's too.
    Even though powering through, I may just keep collecting maps..I have a funny feeling that we'll need them again in the city?

  11. Is anyone else noticing how insanely powerful these new daily items are. I mean it's limited to 5 but still. The Rogue Cia Agent, and Turkey Vulture pretty much bumped all but 1 of my weapons down on the grid.

  12. I am only a Level 5 robber and I have the first robbing collection vaulted.

    This week the three times I cleared the board in New York I received the Twin Diamonds and 2 Parisian Maps for my efforts.

  13. I have had really good luck getting the maps to drop from the Bank Heist job on the second tier. The decent 15xp/8e also insures you don't have to set yourself too far behind in the process.

  14. The drop rate with the mugging job has decreased.

  15. The map drop rate has decreased on all jobs previously giving out a good amount of them (settle a beef, mugging, etc.). Probably because chapter 3 will need an insane number of them and it's a way for Zynga to coax us into buying maps in marketplace/spending money on points. Just a feeling... -knuckles k.

  16. Chapet 1 Chapter 2
    Job 1 1 map Job 1 2 map
    Job 2 1 map Job 2 2 map
    Job 3 2 map Job 3 3 map

    Just wondering if Chapter 3 would be as below
    Job 1 3 map
    Job 2 3 map
    Job 3 4 map

    That would mean, 178 maps, and obviously, Zynga wants us to spend our GF points on buying maps, coz say if we get 20 maps per day in chapter 3 and we have 7 days to finish that chapter so we will get maps for only 6 days which is 120 maps.
    And I've been playing 2e jobs so as to collect maps, but I manage to get only 2-3 maps a day.
    I guess i have to spend my GF points for buying maps.