May 11, 2010

Mafia Wars Paris Chapter 3

The final episode of Mafia Wars Paris, Chapter 3, is now live!

Entitled "The Last Tangle in Paris", this episode is actually pretty easy. The requirements do not seem to be much higher map-wise than previous chapter, and as you can see from the picture above, you get more maps every day from the "collect" button.

Here are the map requirements for each job:

Find an Escape Route: 12% mastery per job attempt; 3/4/5 maps per job (depending on heat meter)

Evade the Authorities: 6% mastery per job attempt; 3/4/5 maps per job

Flee the Country: 4% mastery per job; 4/5/6 maps per job

If you are struggling with the map collection, the easiest way to collect maps is to repeat low energy jobs over and over.

The reward is the DaVinci Q415, which is a car with 63 attack and 103 defense.
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  1. Can anyone explain me the class change strategy posted here

    seems good

  2. DaVinci Q415 is a car not a weapon.

  3. MWG i have mastered underboss on an energy account and is confused between weather to do cuba or boss. i log once daily so I am thinking that ouble energy regenration is not worth wasting time. plz advise

  4. That strategy looks great but its expensive...
    Also its perfect recipee for fast progress through bangkok!!!

    Will try it out if money would be tight in las vegas once it comes out

    Heres one suggestion for this awsome guide..
    Why not you provide hitlist strategy, or also this class change strategy in this guide.

    This will guide every type of player & not only pure energy player...

  5. I had 941 energy on my account and did 1 energy job 941 times. got 30 maps for that or 1 map per 32 energy. the drop rate seems to be pretty good

  6. well I just finished the last chapter..Paris Chapter 3 but I was not able to publish it due to mafia wars disabling the same..The reward is the DaVinci Q415, which is a weapon with 63 attack and 103 defense..But I also saw that there was a comment on the pop up that "you received a Mona Lisa which is just one of the 16 Mona LIsa's left" in the pop up that comes along with the achievement...But I didn't receive any Mona Lisa in my it a glitch or did somebody indeed get a Mona Lisa???

  7. Ok maybe its the Mona Lisa achievement that they meant....hope its not just 16 left...than many of them are gonna get stranded with the Mona Lisa achievement....

  8. "You earned the Mona Lisa achievement which is one of 14 left and gained 1 skill point by completing the Paris Challenge Mission.
    Share the victory with your friends and let them get a free bonus!"

    By "one of the 14 left", they meant "one of the 14 achievements you're yet to clear".

    BTW, DaVinci Q415 is a vehicle, not a weapon.

  9. Is mafia moving over from fb or its whole zynga to quit fb???
    Mw & treasure isle news feeds on fb are blocked... is created urgently...
    Read more here.

  10. is now live
    facebook closing mw & probably zynga also
    new version pop up free(new icon system will be implemented soon)
    forum says it will open new realms for mw (hint to official clans)
    help limit , gift limit will be raised...

    p.s. My class change rtrategy works fine there also!!!

  11. Since there's a limit on this since it's a limited event, anyone know when it'll run out? I'm almost finished the second one, energy's been my problem, working on it.

  12. cuba next is fine for the person asking.

    changing classes around and doing a lot of robbing is all sound. The game is a bit unstable right now so it's hard to say whether to invest heavily in stamina or not because you never know if it'll get nerfed again.

  13. I have plenty of energy but cant find enough maps. anyone have a trick for getting maps? is there a job that drops them more than others?

  14. What low energy jobs are you guys using? I'm getting <10 maps for 1000 energy of mugging at the associate stage. I can't seem to get repeat job working on the street thug level.

  15. I am doing the mugging job as well. I was hoping someone had found another job that dropped maps more often.

  16. This may be the "lazy" way but I opted to purchase 14 maps with 10 GF points... I tried getting maps through low energy jobs and it just wasn't worth the energy spent vs the payout.

  17. is already out for more then a month, so is not created urgently. Just to make that clear.

    Eventually Zynga will leave facebook. Maybe tomorrow maybe in a couple of months.

  18. Is it just me or has the frequency of "occasional bonuses" of extra XP and free jobs from being a Wheelman and Mastermind declined enormously in the last 24 hours? I had been getting each about five percent of the time and now they appear to be in around the three percent range. Up to this point, I was able to settle the beef permanently until I had 3000 energy left and then go loot in Bangkok. Now, Settling a Beef permanently simply allows me to level (barely) with no energy left over for farming in Bangkok.

    I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

  19. Glitch report:

    When you add your skill points to defense from the popup that happens when you level, if you enter them in real quickly, you get six instead of five.

    Not that defense is all that useful. I have been doing this for about a week and it is really beginning to pay dividends (in as much as defense is useful in the game.) It doesn't seem to work for any of the other skills there.

    Also, the glitch of being able to "overspend" energy in Bangkok by clicking fast seems to be back. Since I am no longer mastering, it isn't that beneficial, but being able to a 299 energy job with three energy does come in handy every once in a while.

    Feel free to remove this if this would hurt your relationship with Zynga. I do know that they turn a blind eye and do allow certain glitches to remain in the game if it helps push people to certain builds. I have a hard time believing that they are not aware of this.

  20. Yes, I have noticed that my wheelman bonus has declined! Only managed two levels today, yesterday about 10. But my 2nd account (maniac) and no bonuses leveled 60 times! Did all of Cuba in 2 days!

    Has anyone noticed that the mainframe code entry has disappeared?

  21. I am no longer getting 3 exp from wars! I know 3 is a tiny number, but how long has this been going on? I am only after the war achievement, so 500 x 3 is still 1500 exp over time. I have noticed this on my other two accounts also.

  22. The Wheelman bonus seems to be back in full force. I noticed a number people commenting on this, but today I have had no problem whatsoever.

    The mainframe code is now a weekly feature and there will be an in-game way to retrieve your password. Which kind of defeats the purpose of writing your password, but evidently Zynga support was overwhelmed with requests despite an initial policy of not giving the code out but once.

    The 3XP from Wars has been gone for about a week. This was due not only to automated accounts taking advantage of the XP, but a well known glitch that allowed basically infinite XP. The entire feature is due to be scrapped as soon as the revised new Top Mafia and Street Wars are operational.

  23. I've got smth to show ya all. I was doing some robbering when ran on this guy...take a look!

  24. @ anon may 14 10:29...he is an administrator to the game

  25. how do u know?

  26. Super Saturday Bonus, double mastery all jobs(excludes paris.


  27. which job has the highest rate of dropping parisian maps?

  28. ive been disabled on facebook is there anyway i can play mafia wars another way ?