May 25, 2010

Robbing and Weapons Depot Changes

As many of you have pointed out in the comments section of my last post, there have been some significant changes to Robbing and the Weapons Depot.

Robbing XP took a significant hit; especially the bonus XP:

For 6 wins, I received 33 bonus XP instead of the usual 10 XP per win. There appears to be some kind of formula in play. On the next round, I went 4-5, but still received the "usual" 40 XP:

On this grid clear, I won in 4 high stamina robberies (20+) and lost the rest which were 4 stamina robberies. I think it is still paying 10 bonus XP for big targets and paying less for lower targets now.

The XP also took a hit. I'm getting 54-55 XP for 25 stamina robberies where I was getting 60. Low stamina robberies took the biggest hit: winning a 4 stamina robbery now gives me 5 XP.

With that said, robbing XP is still pretty good and I think that this change was long coming. A 25 stamina robbery that gives 55 xp for winning + 10 bonus XP is still worth 2.6 XP:Energy.

I think robbing feels "right" now where before there was definitely too much XP floating around. Now, there is still an incentive to rob over do jobs but it makes "robbing only" builds much less appealing.

Also, it gives the developers a chance to improve fighting more with this new Fight Club feature.


The Weapons Depot also took a hit. Now, weapons cost a lot more Weapons Parts than they did previously, bringing them more into line with the Chop Shop Costs:

The Railgun was 27 weapons parts and is now 81 weapons parts. I hope the drop rate of the parts has increased!
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  1. Bonus XP for robbing is 20% of total XP gained from the 9 jobs. For me at least lvl 1000+

  2. lvl 10 robbing + diamond collection. Was happy to finally hit the 3xp per point mark and a day after this, they change it and now the rate is down to 2.4xp per point (I am sensing it can go below that aswell during the unlucky time)
    I'm dissapointed.

  3. Someone write about possibilities to buy more than one weapon (car)in depot (shop) if you use reward points? I can not see any changes! Someone know what is going on with that option?
    By the way, I thing that this changes with XP in robbing is not so clever move if they want to take people to use profile points for stamina and not for energy. Standard fight option give you more XP that robbery and there is always possibility to loose. Until fight club appears, all my points are going to energy.

  4. the thing behind the wepon parts going up is that all of the wepons have increased in cost by x3 but to compensate the amount of wepons you get a day has been increased from 10 (at level 10) to 30 (x3 increase). so in other words its no big deal, and there is technically no difference. it just looks bigger sort of like fractions, e.g.
    1/4 = 2/8
    its the same principle i think. :D

  5. I find new button for building more weapons or cars. But 12 RP for one more?!?!?!?! It is too much.

  6. 12 RP for 5 atk AND a railgun... or 6 stamina AND a rebel 2, way better than 14 rp for 4 stat points (or 12 if on sale)...

    and the reward point cost is the number of hours remaining till you can do it again normally divided by 2. so its not ALWAYS 12 RP

  7. They are dropping a lot more weapons parts (I now have 2x the weapons parts dropping as compared to car parts). They also gave us weapons parts to compensate for the change. When I logged on this am I had a message saying that I had been given 3000+ weapons parts because of the change.

  8. I noticed it yesterday but also noticed that I had received 150 weapons parts extra due to the changes. Did forget to take a printscreen of the message itself though.

    On another note: a 3 week job tier in London is coming up it seems. Most likely in the likes of the Paris job. Seems you'll need a British passport which should start dropping from jobs soon, and you'll have a chance to steeal the crown jewel and head of to India....

  9. I think the increase in weapons depot was made so as to reduce the significance of random "weapon part" drops from jobs and / or fights.

    Otherwise, one could easily earn more weapon parts/ day by jobs and fighting rather than by collecting once every 24 hours from weapons depot. Thus causing surplus weapon parts for everyone.

    This will help in reducing the number of weapon parts people have to play around with

  10. if there is formula i dont get it

    i robbed a grid with almost all types of properties (high & low stamina)

    i cleared it 9-0 and got 29 bonus XP

  11. The person above who said it was a "wash" by giving 3x as many parts but having everything cost 3x more has it wrong. It is still a lot harder to build weapons because now you have to find 3x as many parts to make up the difference!
    For example if something used to cost 30 and you earned 10 parts a day you could make it with only 20 more. now you would get 30 parts free but the item would cost 90 and now you have to find 60 parts a day!

  12. While we talk about the nerfing of Robbing, I have a question about diamond. It's hard to find them, I get it...
    But what is the action that drop them ? Robbing ? Clearing the Board ? Clearing the Board with 9-0 ?
    I don't have 1 yet and I'm wondering if it's something I should just give up or continue with a low profile...

  13. Diamonds only drop on board clears. So you have to clear the board to get Diamonds.

    Robbing is now a waste of time. Before, you could at least get decent experience from it. Now you can't - sure, if you win every robbery the experience isn't bad, but you can get up to 2.4x experience GUARANTEED on jobs. On top of that, only jobs get you level mastery and loot. Loot from robberies sucks.

    So, when your choices are:

    Jobs: Experience+Money+Good Loot
    Robberies: Maybe if you're lucky the same experience as jobs and no money and random crap loot

    You'd be an idiot to choose robberies.

  14. I have level 7 robbery mastery and am averaging 2.34 exp per stamina point.

    The problem is in order to win robberies, I *ALSO* have a bunch of points in Attack. If I had put my stamina and attack points in energy, I would be much better off.

    Robbing sucks.

  15. I'm still getting 2.59 xp/stamina robbing in Bangkok, which is plenty to level with. I'm sure Zynga will eventually reduce it further since their stated goal is to prevent serial leveling. Enjoy your top mafia bonuses while you still have them.

  16. Thanks a lot guys !
    I'll continue to rob (because I have stamina points to spend, I won't let them go to waste) on Bangkok to get a little bit of cash (not easy, the toughest city for sure (yet ?))

    Also, the trick to get a lot of free (crappy) loot from the Crime Spree feature still works (will probably be fixed in a couple of days). But does anyone know how many level there is ? I started a couple of minutes ago and I'm already 12th. Was there a maximum of level when it was the old system ?

    Anyone knows when the Animals will be in action ? Before or after London ?

  17. Unrelated, but new items can be obtained from the Secret Stash you may get from doing jobs. I myself have found Forest Scorpions and Anacondas.

  18. Off-topic.

    How I can get hired guns in my mafia?

  19. @topic above:

    via paying to reward points to increase your mafia

  20. Begin your journey to merry ol' England with Challenge Mission: London! But this trip is no cup of tea – you've been tasked with stealing one of the most prized items on the Earth… a Crown Jewel! You should expect to experience some royal pains in obtaining this priceless heirloom, from dealing with the British Secret Service, to escaping back to India where you will receive your final reward.

    Challenge Mission: London runs over three weeks, but you can start getting prepared early. Soon you'll find vital "British Passport" loot drops from fights, robbing and jobs. You'll need these to complete the trials ahead. Don’t think there is just glory that awaits those who are up to the challenge – all new powerful Limited Edition items await those who defy the British Empire!

    Paris, London.. what's next? RIO DE JANEIROOO!! wohooo haha

  21. I was an energy player who finally started putting points into stamina, attack, and defense over the last 6 weeks or so. What a huge mistake!! I think it is totally bogus for Zygna to nerf so radically the points for robbing. How can you plan your allocation of skill points if they keep changing the rewards around? What was the point of working so hard to level up in robbing skill only to have them roll back the experience percentages you have already earned? If they really wanted energy players to take a more balanced approach to the game, they would not have done this. On a more positive note -- I do like the option to build early in the chop shop and weapons depot. I only wish that there was some rhyme or reason to the number of godfather points it costs. I have had to pay as little as 3 and as much as 12.

  22. IMO, spending 12RP for 4stat point (on hourly sale) is still the best. It's true that u can get 5ATT+Railgun or 6STA+Rebel2 for 3-12RP seems higher. But the fact is that u actually just buying TIME. So, I guess I still going to spend RP on buying 4StatPoints. ;)

  23. Anon May 25, 2010 12:13 PM: "but you can get up to 2.4x experience GUARANTEED on jobs."

    HOW? Settle a beef is 2.11...

  24. Spending RP in the Weapons Depot and Chop Shop is based on how long it is until you are allowed to build again. From my experience, it's how many hours left divided by 2, then rounded up of course.

    Also, it's still a better deal to spend the 12 RP to build again for the Railgun or Rebel2 than to purchase 4 skill pts for the same amount of RP. A comment above said you are buying time? I don't exactly understand this statement, however, logically thinking it out: build an item, then purchase the ability to build again, and build another item - the only time lost is the 4 or 5 seconds it takes to build again.

  25. I understand the "buying time" comment, but it is fallacious. The argument seems to be that you are buying "eficiency" when you buy skill pts and this is more important than time.

    The point is that even if you consider that you are "buying tomorrow's car today", you must then acknowledge that you will be buying "the car of the day after tomorrow tomorrow" and so on and so on. So, in practice, since the cars are all equal, you can consider that you are following your original plan of one car per day but you got one extra car (and thus 6 stam points) today. Now, with an even framework (one car per day at the chop shop) it's clear that efficiency-wise, you are getting a better deal.

    Is this clear?

  26. Fucking great, now my 7600 stamina points are useless. I'm fucking done with this game.

  27. Have to admit I feel totally nerfed (to use the politest expression I can think of) for putting all my points into robberies. This is twice they have reduced the amount of experience gained (remember when Bangkok, Moscow and Cuba came out and they reduced the amount straight after?).

    Hey ho, at the end of the day I will just go and play other games. I'm not going to give up on mafia wars, it is just that even with the toolbar and energy packs I only get about 15 minutes of game time a day. Being a lvl 1800 I am now about 4,000 xp short of levelling since they nerfed robbing. So even with the energy pack I can only level once, twice max a day. Do the developers honestly think I am going to start spending money to play what is essentially a game to waste time with at work? I think not!

    But there is no use getting too wound up about it, it is their game and it is up to them how they want to do it. If they think that they can get more money out of players by using this model then good luck to them. I am sure they have business analysts running through these changes, and if they want to get rid of serial levellers like me then so be it.

  28. I'm so glad I didn't go mad and invest loads into stamina. Stamina will always be second best to Energy in MW for 2 reasons: 1) there is no Stamina Pack 2) the loot from fighting/robbing is random: you cannot target the loot you want.

    Bangkok 6 & 7 confirms how important Energy is. You need loads to do the jobs and earn the baht needed for job items. You can never earn enough baht from robbing because half of the properties do not generate money. As for fighting, most people are careful with their baht.

    Now that exp has been cut back for robbing, Zynga have undone all their recent hard working in getting people to switch...

  29. Why do you think I never advocated a stamina build or put a guide together for one? This nerf was coming from a mile away. I would never make big investments in stat points based on a brand new system becauser you never know how they are going to tweak it.

    With that said, a 7k stamina acct is not worthless.. you can earn tons of parts for the Chop/Shop, weapons depot, armory, and breeding pen.. along with getting tons of $B and items from winning fights.

  30. I guess we need to be more cautious when fight club comes out!

  31. wow, a Hope diamond just dropped from an 8-1- board clear!

  32. when i was goin to my properties it had said because of the changes made in the weapons depot u received 749 weapon parts.why is that ? i don't mind receiving the weapon parts but i just wanna know why?