May 15, 2010

Super Saturday - Double Mastery In All Cities Except Paris

As stated, for the next 24 hours, all cities except Paris are paying out double mastery, so if you aren't done with Bangkok yet, now is the time to do it.

Note that these "double mastery" days usually proceed some type of new content. With Paris coming to an end on Monday and a double mastery day today, I think we can expect Episodes 6 and 7 of Bangkok within the next three weeks.

As far as "prepping" for Episodes 6 and 7 go, there are a few things you can do:

Most important:

Save up 2 million or so $B. New content = new items to buy in Bangkok. Don't spend all your money on Yakuza Assassins! The more the better, you can always spend extra $B later on faction store items. You don't want a lack of cash to hold you up.

Stock up on Pirates, Drug Shipments. and Satellite Phones. Multiple episodes in Bangkok used Drug Shipments and Pirates. There is always a chance that we will need these again, so it can't hurt to stock up on them.

Moderate importance:

Episode 6 and 7 jobs are likely to cost even more energy then the Episode 5a and 5b jobs. As a result, weapons parts will be of short supply. After you save up a few million $B, get a lot of weapons parts. Odds are that you may run out of these while doing the high-cost Episodes 6 and 7 jobs.

Extra credit:

Stock up on -energy cost boosts, particularly the Moscow Episode 6 Golden Chicken. This can help you speed through content but is definitely secondary to extra $B and extra pirates/drug shipments.

Another Saturday Bonus - Free Reward Points!

From the Mafia Wars Facebook Fan Page:

Click this link: for free reward points!
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  1. and satellite phones?

  2. mastered boss, getting through half of cuba (el jefe - el cacique) mastered bangkok & moscow early tiers, leveling up from level 180 to 250, getting 50 RP, upgraded energy by 600 in last three hours in my first farming account :).

    btw, i have 10 million baht in my main account and i'm too lazy to open it in the past few days because nothing to do since i've finished all the contents

  3. I have been avoiding going past level 1 mastery in episodes 5A and 5B so I can cheaply farm Tantos, Spectres and Cleavers. Do you think this is still a good strategy or should I just move on? I still need a lot of items to strengthen my attack/defense.

  4. I'd move on in 5A for sure.. tanto job is good for farming $B for the assassins. 5B i would probably get the spectres first then master it.

  5. @ pharen
    as u keep on mastering, the xp to energy ratio improves very u level up faster and chances are betterfor getting items...i lvled up 300 lvls in last months or so and have 501 tantos, 501 cleavers and 324 lloyd spectres

  6. hey guys...i have a couple of questions
    1. if i change my class from fearless to maniac, will i still recieve bonus for being a wheelman
    2. does the number of ppl who make me their wheelman increase the no of wheelman bonuses i get???

  7. I sold all my Bangkok items you told us to sell
    Now, I have to buy them again :S

  8. i never said to sell items for satellite phone or for episodes 5a/5b?

  9. i spent all my pirates on lloyd spectres. too bad, hope this wont set me back too much.

    ona sidenote, today i was abled to vault the first robbing collection, so anybody who had problems on that, you might wanna try again.

  10. I mean the inventory items you told us to sell to earn Baht

  11. @ pharen

    I agree with the other anonymous. Diamond tier tanto pays ~1.9 exp/energy + mastermind bonus. I powerleveled off that from high 700 - low 800, and got several million baht in a few hrs.

    I should probably powerlevel off cleavers next.

  12. Why would you need to re-buy the inventory items? There will be all new items for Episodes 6 and 7 I am sure.

  13. Is there a post where I can know the inventory requirement to finish 4th mastery on bangkok chapters ? (from 1 to 5a-b of course).
    I'm on chapter 2 (4th mastery) through 4 (1st mastery) and I'm wondering if I can sell me stuff from chapter 1 (and soon chapter 2).

    By the way, thank you very much MWG ! I was struggling to finish New York a couple of weeks ago and now i'm left with only Bangkok, thanks to you ! ;o)

  14. As several people have said - Don't stay in level one in Bangkok thinking you are getting "cheap" high end loot. You get a far better money and XP ratio after mastering level 4!

    Also - you may consider changing class to MOGUL if you are a high level player as you get 40% more Baht and Bagman bonuses and you get to keep wheelman bonuses if you switched from Fearless!

    Weapon parts? Shouldn't have to worry if you ROB those weapon shops in NY!

  15. Double mastery .... but half the money earnt. So you'll have difficulty buying the equipment need to progress. You will have to redo jobs to raise the cash which cancels out the double mastery.

  16. I stopped caring for double mastery when I saw "Paris excluded." Yeah, it's a challenge, but I'm not gaining any mastery anywhere else, so I'm forced to care less.

    That, and resist the urge to spend RP on more maps so I can finish by Monday at 11:59pm PST.

  17. I'm a newbie MW player (Level 77) :) Just came to say nice job with the blog. :D

  18. its something like 90/75/75 of each item to finish chapter 4. each episode has unique items (the first weapon available is episode 1, the 2nd is episode 2, etc). you can sell episode 1 stuff when our done with it and move onto episode 2, so on and so forth. The only thing you'll want to save is enough items to do the satellite phone job in episode 3, and I would keep episodes 5a/5b items to farm loot pieces

  19. If we really have 3 weeks to go and you've upgraded all money making businesses, there should be no problem collecting 2million.

  20. Hi, I have a question. You say:

    "Episode 6 and 7 jobs are likely to cost even more energy then the Episode 5a and 5b jobs. As a result, weapons parts will be of short supply."

    I don't understand this. What do weapons parts have to do with energy?

  21. If you're sure there will be all new items for Episodes 6 and 7, then there is no problem and thank you for your great guide
    Sorry for pushing it too much

  22. I was smack in the middle of doing Bangkok ep 5B gold lvl and it said I needed more Chinese Army Assault Rifles and then ep 5B was locked and it won't unlock...

    Any suggestions???

  23. I also do not understand what weapon parts have to do with energy, as the above poster quoted. Explanation please?

  24. @anon 1:58PM

    make sure you already "Trusted" status with Yakuza to unlock ep.5B

  25. Most people get weapon parts from jobs. The more jobs you do, the more parts you get. If the new jobs take a lot of energy, you do less of them and get less weapon parts as a result. That's what I think he was trying to say.

  26. Still hoping to advance Bangkok as far as possible before 6&7 arrive, how many satellite phone should I own to finish eps 1 through 5b ?
    (of course, i'm using the path of less resistance)
    I know ep 1&2 dosen't need it and I'm on mastery 2 of ep 3. I'm trying to get as many as I need to advance further, reducing the cost of those phones.

    Thanks !

  27. I guess a 400 sattelite phones.

  28. Zynga (Mafia Wars, farmville and the others games)
    Are maybe gonna leave facebook because about the money fact ,
    Facebook want like 30 % what they earn ....

  29. I'm wondering when those of us who actually finish stuff off are going to get a "bonus" or "help". There hasn't been a single "double mastery" event that I have been able to take advantage of. Maybe I should just hold off playing for a few months so I can finish Bangkok 6 & 7 on a "double mastery" weekend.

    As far as the advice, yeah, I'm up to around 700 sat phones and over $10mill baht. I've lost track of pirates and drug shipments - over 3000 of each last time I looked.

    Then again, why bother? Wouldn't I be better served fighting or harvesting stuff already available to me - investing in Yakuza Assassins and Shaolin Bodyguards - and finishing Bangkok in a couple of months when they do another "double mastery" event?

    Actually, if they kill off Top Mafia and don't replace it with something that allows for equivalent energy/XP bonuses for established accounts, I'll probably NEED a double mastery event.


  30. extra 12 hours for paris

  31. "down for planned maintenance"
    I hope it is something exciting!
    10:30 EST back up for animals and Bangkok continued...???


  32. central access code is back!!

  33. there is some problem with robbing. its not functioning properly

  34. Bangkok episode 6 open

  35. The robbing problem is caused by the fact that not all the servers are back online. When you rob someone who is on a server that is down, it creates an error and you can no longer progress on that board. Once everyone is back up, this problem should go away.

    And yes, Bangkok 6 and 7 are here. I am going to hold off until I see what the loot is for each choice point and the best progression. My feeling is that they will force us to actually make interesting choices this time: a better than previous HEL weapons, armor or vehicle vs a HEL animal. It should be interesting.

    I hope the "just pick Yakuza" problem of 5A and 5B is no longer with us.

    As reluctant as I am to endorse the concept of animals in the game, the two new faction store animals look pretty sweet.

  36. Okay, first item:

    Chapter 6 Episode 1, by choosing Yakuza you get to loot a Titanium Mesh Jacket, stats are 31/46, so one better that the Executive Overcoat. You do need a satellite phone each time though. Next time around I'll go for Triad and see what it brings up.

  37. Episode 6

    Chapter 2
    [Yakuza] Titanium Mesh Jacket (Armor) 31 Attack 46 Defense
    [Triad] Raed Armored Sedan (Vehicle) 30 Attack 47 Defense

    Chapter 3
    [Yakuza] Ninja (Armor) 47 Attack 35 Defense
    [Triad] Hyro Glove (Armor) 23 Attack 53 Defense

  38. BTW the Hyro Glove isn't giftable.

  39. Episode 7

    Chapter 2 (No choice point)

    Titanium Katar 35 att 50 def (weapon)
    Lamang Motorcycle 49 att 34 def (vehicle)

  40. EDIT: comment above should read Episode 6, Chapter 2, oops!

    Also now have done Episode 6, chapter 3 taking the Triad route. The loot item (no phones or piratess needed) is a Hyro Glove 23/53, far better than the cleaver as a defensive item. Again, will choose the opposite route next tiem around to see what turns up.

    Oh, and the new faction store items for animals are rather tasty!

  41. I haven't gotten there yet (because of energy pack times) but the hyro glove looks like armor, and thus you can't really compare it to the cleaver. It does stack a lot on the executive overcoat though,I'll give you that. Other than that, these look like really, really tough choices so far.

  42. Las Vegas properties now listed under coming soon page

  43. To anon above..

    Just to confirm, the Hyro glove is a weapon, not armour.

  44. EDIT: Nope, just checked again, it is under armour! I'm seeing things today, why did I think the Hyro Glove was a weapon, must be zooming throught my lists too quickly.

    THe Hyro Glove IS Armour, not a weapon!

  45. 6 + 7 are on-line. That was pretty fast. You need for one job in the tier 2 pirates so start to safe those pirates.

  46. Damn, thought I was the first, but you have to scroll down for the latest posts. :P

  47. Den Corleone,

    Believe it or not, there are people nerdier than you in the universe. ;)

    Any thoughts on strategy here? I am holding out to I see what the loot drops are in Chapter 3 of Episode 7.

    BTW the two new faction items are currently branded as Armor but will be converted when animals are launched.


  48. Episode 7, Assassin

    There are no choice points.

    Chapter 1
    Royal Thai Marine-33/49

    Chapter 2
    Lamang Motorcycle-49/34
    Titanium Katar-35/50

    Chapter 3
    Chain Viper-46/33

  49. Weird... for Episode 6, Chapter 3, I used to get the Hyro Glove for the Triads.

    Now, I get this...
    Nak Kha Shotgun [Weapon] 47/31

    Anyone seeing the same?