June 30, 2010

Challenge Mission South Africa

It looks like South Africa will be the next mission for us, and it looks like it is coming soon.

It looks like it will be much like Challenge Mission London and Paris; 3 chapters, collect a consumable item (in this case Counterfeit Tickets) to finish jobs.

There will be one new chapter each week, and 3 chapters total. The first chapter comes out in two days (Saturday night late).

Oh, and make sure you add someone to your Mafia right away - you will be able to collect 10 counterfeit tickets right away and get a little bit of a head start on the collection!
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Must Play Weekend and Other Game Changes

Upon logging in today, I received this message:

So, it looks like we will be getting some sort of 4th of July event. Not too sure what it's about, we will have to see on Friday!


At any rate, as some of you have mentioned, job XP in Bangkok was buffed. Jobs now pay out a good bit of more XP:energy point - at level 4 in Chapter 7, most jobs pay over 2.0 XP per energy point. As pointed out by poster MariahJ:

Battle Your Way Through The Temple, 407 EXP at 192 energy cost, standing at 2.120 it is better than Settle a Beef Permanently.

Another great job is Silence A Shadow Kingdom Patrol, which pays 2.079 XP:Energy and drops the Chain Viper (46 attack animal).

These changes will definitely make completing the last level of Bangkok a lot easier, especially for energy accounts, and there will be some nice $B to get too this way.


Additionally, there are now some new New York items available on the purchase page: Serrated Knife, Sniper Rifle, Automatic Rifle, Tactical Rifle, Sports Car, Luxury Car, Armored Limo, Combat Truck.

All of these items are purchasable with normal NY dollars and are pretty cheap. Not quite sure what we will be using these for yet. I picked up 500 of each type just in case they come in handy.
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June 26, 2010

Mystery Animals

Now, when you log into Mafia Wars, you will be prompted with a new feature: Send Mystery Animals.

Basically, this works just like mystery box; if you receive a mystery animal, you have to accept the request on your Facebook request page, and then "open it" on your homepage:

You have to accept the animal requests on the Facebook request page, just like any other free gift.

Here are a list of the animals:

King Cheetah (best one so far) - 21 attack, 42 defense

Electric Eel - 36 attack, 20 defense

Arabian Leopard -20 attack 16 defense

Kangaroo - 30 attack, 18 defense

Piranha - 23 attack, 35 defense

Badger - 17 attack, 19 defense

Cassowary- 18 attack, 18 defense

Dingo - 13 attack, 24 defense

Buffalo - 25 attack, 12 defense


As you can see, the only decent animal is the King Cheetah; the rest aren't worth writing home about. The majority of the animals seem to be worse than ones you can buy from the store with Cuba and Moscow money. If you are into collecting items for your profile page, you now have plenty of things to collect!


Free Godfather points:

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June 25, 2010

Deposit Box, Magnetic Locks, Casino Vault - Las Vegas Loot

It looks like we are now able to get some pieces that will be of use in Las Vegas. By clicking on the Las Vegas Loot Event posts on your Facebook wall, you can get a bonus item.

If you do not know what I am talking about, you are looking for a post that looks like this:

Which you can find on your news feed (click "most recent" to see the newest posts). When you click on "Claim your Vegas Reward" you can get an item, like a Magnetic Lock:

The items I have seen so far I have only been able to get Magnetic Locks, but others have reported finding a Deposit Box, Magnetic Lock, Reinforced Steel, Security Camera and Motion Detector.

In the end, once Vegas comes out, it looks like we will be able to build a "Casino Vault". I suspect the Casino Vault is the solution to the whole cash conundrum - that is, how they are going to introduce a new currency in Vegas that will be somehow different from New York money.

Also, we can be certain that this will ultimately be part of the new "upgradeable casino" that players will be able to own, build, and customize in Las Vegas.

I'm guessing we will get something like Poker Chips as our Las Vegas "money", which will be lootable during fights unless it is kept in this Casino Vault. Just a theory though, will have to see. I figure we will want them, so be sure to stock up on these items!
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Las Vegas Loot Event

The Las Vegas Loot event is now live! Players can find 7 items by doing jobs and fighting. Drops are completely random, so it is the luck of the draw. I must say that Power Attack is pretty convenient early in the morning when less people are playing for finding some of these items.

Thanks to Fruiko for putting up the pic list already, here it is:

Stage Show Tiger (animal; 28 attack, 50 defense)

Casino Guard (armor; 48 attack, 28 defense)

Suit of Suits (armor; 46 attack, 24 defense)

High Roller (vehicle; 46 attack, 23 defense)

Royal Flush (weapon; 48 attack, 25 defense)

Big Blind (weapon; 52 attack, 25 defense)

Viva Las Vegas (weapon; 27 attack, 50 defense)

and the reward for collecting the 7 items:

Jackpot (weapon; 30 attack, 54 defense)

Note that the Jackpot is the reward for collecting the other 7 items. Once you collect the other 7 items (by fighting and doing jobs), you will be awarded the Jackpot.

Between these items and the other new fighting loot items (Rhinoceros, etc), fighting is now a really good way to pick up some loot. I am starting to see a lot of players with 50+ of the special fighting items.
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June 24, 2010

Power Attack - New Feature

If you have done any fighting recently, I am sure you may have noticed a new feature - "Power Attack".

As stated in the picture above, Power Attack literally attacks again 5 times. It expends 5 stamina, and gives you the rewards as if you had attacked 5 times individually:

There is no special function to Power Attack, it just seems like a shortcut to prevent spam clicking and make spending 100s of Stamina points more appealing then spamming attack over and over again.

The downside is that you can not Power Attack iced opponents. Opponents must be alive in order to use Power Attack. If your enemy dies during your Power Attack, all 5 attacks do not go off.

As a result, I'm finding that most of the time my Fight List is dead, so I do not end up Power Attacking anyway! Power Attack is an available option on someone's profile page, but clicking it just ends up issuing a single attack if the opponent is iced.
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June 23, 2010

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Loot Event

Starting Friday, there will be a loot event that will give players a shot at 7 new pieces of loot to celebrate the upcoming release of Mafia Wars Las Vegas.

We will find out shortly what those items are, and I will post them up here. The real question is though.. how long will it be before Las Vegas comes out?

I know for sure that most daily active players are not done Bangkok yet. However, it is possible that if Las Vegas is fighting-based, we might see it sooner rather than later.

With that said, similar loot events were held for Moscow and Bangkok and proceeded the release of these cities by weeks (months in the case of Moscow), so really, it is too early to tell.

Despite that fact though, I think we might see Las Vegas soon as the developers have been in the habit of a rapid-fire release of content lately - quickly blasting out London shortly after the release of Episodes 6 and 7 and releasing the Global Cup while London was still going on. If this pace keeps up (seeing new content every week), we might just see Las Vegas quite soon!

Time will tell. Speaking of time, only a few hours left to finish London AND the Global Cup.
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June 18, 2010

Global Cup - Mafia Wars Limited Time Job

In celebration of the World Cup, there is a new limited time job in Mafia Wars: the Global Cup. This event is live now and runs through Tuesday night (as 12:00 AM on 6/23 is the first minute of a new day - we will see if they keep that or switch it to ending Wednesday night).

As you can see, there are three primary objectives of the Global Cup event: Master the Global Cup Job, Complete the Global Cup Collection, and complete the Winners are Grinners achievement. Here is how each one breaks down:

Master the Global Cup Job to 100%

This one is fairly straight forward. Players can choose between three jobs:

The Counterfeit the Tickets job costs 30 energy and takes 5 minutes to complete. It provides 1% mastery. In theory, by repeating this job over and over again every 5 minutes, you could master the job entirely in under 9 hours.

Jobs can drop either a collection piece or a loot piece. Here are the drops for each job:

Counterfeit the Tickets - Red Card (vehicle; 35 attack, 30 defense):

Alter the Vegas Odds: The Wall (Armor; 23 attack, 39 defense) - thanks Joe for the pic!

Fix the Global Cup: Striker (animal; 47 attack, 35 defense)

Note that we do not have much time to finish this event - today (Friday), Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. This is just under 5 full days. As a result, you will be hard pressed to finish the job on time by performing the 24 hour job. Most likely, you will need to perform the 5 minute or 8 hour job some in order to finish without spending Reward Points.

For taking the job to 100% mastery, you get the Global Cup (armor; 47 attack, 29 defense).

Complete the Global Cup Collection

There are 7 items in the Global Cup, and it works much like it has in previous limited time jobs.

English Ball - Drops from Jobs
French Ball - Drops from Jobs
Brazilian Ball - Global Cup Job (drops randomly from any of the limited time jobs)
German Ball - Global Cup Job (drops randomly from any of the limited time jobs)
Italian Ball - Drops from winning fights
Argentinean Ball - Drops from winning fights
Spanish Ball - Free gift from Mafia members

The reward for vaulting the collection is Injury Time (weapon; 38 attack, 52 defense).

Note that now you will need to get two different items collection pieces from the limited time job. Prepare to do the 5 minute job often in order to get all the necessary items in time!

Complete the Winners are Grinners Achievement

This is easy - simply vault the collection and master the job and this completes by default.

Thanks everyone for the info; the loot list is now complete.
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June 17, 2010

Challenge Mission London Chapter 3: Family Jewels

Chapter 3 of Challenge Mission London is now live in game. Entitled "Family Jewels" this is the final episode with the best reward for completing it (Nightowl Helicopter - 107 attack, 55 defense).

Job Mastery & Passport Cost:

Break Into The Tower Of London: 3 (for green Heat Meter), 4 (yellow), 5 (red) passports and 9% mastery per attempt

Knock Out A Beefeater: 4/5/6 passports and 8% mastery per attempt

Swap In A Replica Of The Diamond: 5/6/7 passports and 5% mastery per attempt

Smuggle The Real Diamond To Mumbai: 6/7/8 passports and 4% mastery per attempt

The jobs in this episode are exactly like previous episodes in the way the Job heat meter works and the mastery %s for completing each job.

The only difference with Chapter 3 of Challenge Mission London is that each job requires more passports. You will need 95 more British Passports than you did in Chapter 2 to complete this new chapter.

You will start out with 100 passports for adding 2 people to your mafia and you can collect 50 passports now every 24 hours. It still should not be too hard if you are collecting the passports regularly.
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June 16, 2010

Mafia Changes with Update

As some of you have mentioned in the comments section of a variety of posts, along with the double loot event came a lot of changes to the game. I am going to try to keep a running list of everything all in one place; feel free to contribute if you noticed something is different.

Fighting now drops some high-end unique loot

As mentioned in an earlier post, there are now a bunch of unique items from fighting that you can get. The drop rate is fairly low, but these items are currently slightly better than the best items you can get from jobs.

Also of note is that these items can't be traded. You can find a full list of the items in this post.

Robbing properties now hurts the played who was robbed even if the property is not ready to collect

Sort of like the old system, players can now hit your properties pretty hard via Robbing. You can be robbed before you are ready to collect and lose items / money off your take. Some people have reported that their weapons depot was "out" of Weapon Parts before they could even collect!

I haven't been robbed much personally though. I am not sure how players will take this change. At least initially, I think there will be a negative reaction to it. Players definitely were desiring a player vs player system with tangible rewards (and penalties for losing).

The problem is the random dice roll of robbing means that practically anyone can rob you and make you lose out on Weapon Parts and Car Parts.. which will assuredly anger a lot of players.

I always figured robbing was a new friendly "anyone can win, no penalties" system that was designed for casual players, and that this new "Fight Club" feature would be more competitive.

I think that penalties for being robbed are a bad thing given the random dice roll - players just don't have a chance to defend themselves. Defense is practically worthless - let's make something happen there, please?

The Daily Checklist now gives a reward point

This used to give a skill point. This is a slight nerf as 4 skill points cost 12-14 reward points.

The Daily Chance now gives a reward point at 4 tickets

This also used to give a skill point. It looks like they are cracking down on all the free skill points floating around.


Any other changes? Let me know and I will update.
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New Fighting Achievements - Ice to Meet You

Along with the new loot, there are now 4 added achievements for fighting in Mafia Wars.

Ice to Meet You - Ice 20 enemies

Everybody Chill - Ice 100 enemies

Ice, Ice, Baby - Ice 500 enemies

Kick Some Ice - Ice 1000 enemies

So, all that you have to do is fight really. To ice an opponent, you just knock their HP under 20. If someone is already below 20 HP they cannot be iced until they recover some health.
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June 15, 2010

New Fighting Loot - 2 Year Mafia Wars Anniversary

So, it is time for part 2 of the Mafia Wars 2-year anniversary.

According to a sneak peak from the Mafia Wars official Facebook page, here is what we are getting:

"It’s time to man up and fight. For two days only, get TWICE THE LOOT in all cities. Fight for new loot. Fight for revenge. Fight now. We’re celebrating 2 years of crime, and giving you 5 Throwing Knives to get started. Double Fight Loot starts tonight at 12:00 AM PT and ends June 17 11:59 PM PT."

So, for two days, you will get twice as much loot as normal from fighting. It's a nice perk, but the real catch is apparently you will be able to fight for new loot as well.

Here are some of the items you can get. They are not tradeable.


Zeus (54 attack, 18 defense)

Devastator (52 attack, 36 defense)

12 Gauge (35 attack, 51 defense)


Skull Cap (28 attack, 51 defense)

Segmented Body Plate (50 attack, 31 defense)


Turbo Road Warrior (51 attack, 35 defense)

Cobra G7 (53 attack, 25 defense)

Ruby Red (38 attack, 52 defense)


Condor (37 attack, 50 defense)

Cougar (51 attack, 32 defense)

Rhinoceros (20 attack, 54 defense)

According to the moderators on the official forums, the new loot items are here to stay, but the bonus drop rate is just for 48 hours.

Looks like its time to go back to fighting!
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June 11, 2010

Mafia Wars 2 Year Anniversary - Double Job Mastery

In all cities (except for London), players will now earn double job mastery now through Sunday, June 13th at 12:01 AM (i.e. Saturday night).

So, really, you only have about a day from now to get your double mastery. As you can see from the picture above, there will be some sort of "fight rewards" offered as part of the 2 year anniversary; we will have to wait until June 16th to see what that is all about.

Personally, if you are like me, job mastery is not stopping you in Bangkok but rather $B itself. I think most players who are almost done all the content would say the same. The cost of Bangkok chapter 7 is intense to say the least!


As some of you have mentioned in the comments, the Coming Soon section of Mafia Wars has been updated to include Mafia Wars Las Vegas:

Note the key words: "Fighting and battle take the center stage in Sin City."

After reading that I hope this is not referring to the new "Fight Club" but rather actual content that players can progress through using Stamina (bosses, fighting other players, robbing targets, etc).

If that is the case, it would make sense that Episodes 6 and 7 are so lengthy. If players use primarily stamina to progress through Las Vegas, then they will have plenty of energy to slowly chip away at Episodes 6 and 7. Players might be able to concurrently work through Las Vegas and Bangkok at the same time, spending stamina in Las Vegas and energy in Bangkok.

Of course, this is all just conjecture, we will have to wait and see!
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June 10, 2010

Chapter 2 of Challenge Mission London is now Live

Players can now log into Mafia Wars and play in Chapter 2 of Challenge Mission: London.

It is pretty much exactly like Chapter 1. For adding 2 people to your Mafia, you will pick up a quick, easy 80 British Passports. Your 24 hour collect timer is now also worth 40 passports.

There are 4 jobs available:

Stage a Distraction At A Nightclub: 9% per job attempt, 2/3/4 passport cost (for green, yellow, and red heat meters)

Kidnap A Partying Royal Family Member: 8% per job attempt, 3/4/5 passport cost

Hand Off The Royal To Russian Agents: 5% per job attempt, 4/5/6 passport cost

Steal A Military Police Helicopter: 4% per job attempt, 4/5/6 passport cost


Chapter 2 of Challenge Mission: London is actually very easy. Since you pick up 80 passports right away from adding two Mafia members, and you can collect 40 passports from your 24 hour timer, you walk right into Chapter 2 with 120 British Passports ready to go. I was able to walk right in with just a few maps sitting around, collect my 120, and get nearly halfway through the third job before running out of maps.

You will be able to complete Chapter 2 without finding any maps of your own as long as you collect your 40 free maps each day. You will even bank some for Chapter 3!
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Animals are now live!

Players can now use animals in Mafia Wars! They are now finally active and in game for players to use in combat. You will find that animals have boosted many player attack scores over 80,000 with ease and over 90,000 with top gear.

One great thing about this is that all old accounts that are no longer played will be "cleaned up". New players won't have to worry about someone who played for a year but is no longer active in the game as you will have to get animals to remain competitive.

Additionally, to get a jump start, you can actually buy animals now in all 4 cities. Here is what is for sale:

New York

Red Tailed Hawk - 25 attack, 22 defense: $300,000


Killer Bee Swarm - 29 attack, 20 defense: C$50,000


Musk Ox - 23 attack, 28 defense: R$24,000,000


Inland Taipan - 21 attack, 30 defense - B$250,000

I was able to walk right in and purchase 500 Killer Bee Swarms and 500 Musk Ox. This put my offensive score right around 84,000 points and my defensive score also over 80,000.

Quite an easy way to pick up a ton of offensive strength! Even if you don't have much money in other cities, you should have plenty of New York money which will let you buy the Red Tailed Hawk.

Don't bother with the Inland Taipan - way too much money for a 2 defense upgrade over the Musk Ox. It'd be a much better use of money to pick up the animals (or other items) in the Faction Store in Bangkok.

Thanks to Carl for tipping me off on this.


Now that animals are in game, here are the best animals you can get:

The Chain Viper (46 attack, 33 defense) is the best animal that drops from jobs (drops in Bangkok Chapter 7). It has a pretty high offensive power and better defense than any animal you can buy in New York, Cuba, or Moscow.

The Forest Scorpion (25 attack, 37 defense; drops in an earlier chapter in Bangkok) is the best defensive animal that drops from jobs. With that said I do not consider this item very valuable. It is only a 4 defense upgrade over the Chain Viper, so make sure you max out on Chain Vipers (and every other piece of High End Loot) before farming these. The Faction Store items are much, much better than this piece.

The Banded Krait (51 attack, 28 defense) can be bought in the faction store for B$540,000. Quite expensive, though it is a 5 attack upgrade over the Chain Viper.

The Xiamen Tiger (26 attack, 52 defense) is the best defensive animal that can be collected with [relative] ease. It can be bought in the faction store for B$550,000. It is a big upgrade over the Forest Scorpion.

With that said, I'm not really too into defense these days. I don't bother riding the hitlist as I am way too high of a level for it to be even remotely time effective. The only thing I use stamina for is robbing, so who cares about it? I'd prefer to buy the Banded Krait with my $B and keep on stacking up my attack.
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June 3, 2010

MWG 7-Eleven Gift Card Winners

So, here are the 10 winners of the Mafia Wars 7-Eleven Gift card contest. I will be sending you an e-mail (don't send me one!) to get your mailing address to send the cards out.

Without further ado:

Kurt K
Wen L
Greg Z
Adam G (your email doesn't work - better fix this quick! it was listed as amg123@hushmail.com)
Daniel B
Mutya B
Unnamed Veteran (left email address but no name!)
Dan H
Peter V
Phil C

Check your e-mail within the next 48 hours and get back to me. I will be picking up stamps Saturday and mailing them on Sunday, so be quick! If you don't reply by 9:00 PM EDT, I will start e-mailing other people that entered.

Oh, and the email will be from mafiawarsguide at gmail.com, so don't give our your personal info to a different email address!
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Challenge Mission: London Chapter 1: Robbing Good

Chapter 1 of Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: London is now online and ready to play. It operates in quite the same way Mafia War Paris did.

There are still 3 Chapters that will be released one week at a time. Each chapter has jobs that require a consumable item (British Passports in the case of London).

However, there are some differences. First off, there are four jobs this time around:

As a result, there is a higher Passport cost associated with Mafia Wars London as compared to Paris.

With that said, players can get extra maps by adding people to their Mafias:

For Chapter 1, you can add 2 people to your Mafia to pick up an extra 30 British Passports for each person. You will be able to get 80 British Passports for Chapter 2 and 100 for Chapter 3.

The heat meter is still here, but it has changed slightly:

If you missed out on Mafia Wars: Paris, the heat meter is a bar that increases every time you do a job. Once it reaches a critical point, the energy cost and British Passport cost of jobs increases.

The Heat Meter is a bit more lenient now. You can do 6 jobs before it moves from Green to Yellow (first increase in British Passport cost) and 5 more before it moves from Yellow to Red (second increase in cost).

You can still do jobs when it is completely red and it will not go up in cost from the third level.

Mafia Wars Challenge Mission London jobs:

Here is the map cost of each job and the mastery earned each time you do the job:

Bribe a Longshoreman: 1/2/3 passport cost (1 for green, 2 for yellow, 3 for red); 9% mastery

Replace Armored Truck Drivers: 2/3/4 passport cost; 8% mastery

Re-Route the Hijacked Trucks: 2/3/4 passport cost; 5% mastery

Deliver Banknotes to A Local Syndicate: 3/4/5 passport cost; 4% mastery


When compared to Mafia Wars Paris, London requires more British Passports from the start, even with the bonus +60 passports from adding Mafia Members.

We know it will only go up in cost from here, so don't use all your passports on the first week. Spend cautiously in the first week and slowly rank up to the appropriate level.
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June 2, 2010

Red Mystery Bag - New Rewards

Mystery bags have changed up rewards a bit and there is now a "Red Mystery Bag" available for gifting.

Here are some of the rewards I have gotten:

+100 Energy Points
+1 free reward point
+5 Free Reward Points
+5 Skill Points (best!)
Valentine's Day Heart Tattoo (previously was quite rare)
Snow Leopard
Misc. assorted boosts


For some reason I am unable to receive any more mystery bags and every time I try to accept one it says "you have already accepted the Red Mystery Bag from that person" even though I was only able to open a few bags before getting this message.

At any rate, feel free to post what you find and I will update this list. Thanks!
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