June 3, 2010

Challenge Mission: London Chapter 1: Robbing Good

Chapter 1 of Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: London is now online and ready to play. It operates in quite the same way Mafia War Paris did.

There are still 3 Chapters that will be released one week at a time. Each chapter has jobs that require a consumable item (British Passports in the case of London).

However, there are some differences. First off, there are four jobs this time around:

As a result, there is a higher Passport cost associated with Mafia Wars London as compared to Paris.

With that said, players can get extra maps by adding people to their Mafias:

For Chapter 1, you can add 2 people to your Mafia to pick up an extra 30 British Passports for each person. You will be able to get 80 British Passports for Chapter 2 and 100 for Chapter 3.

The heat meter is still here, but it has changed slightly:

If you missed out on Mafia Wars: Paris, the heat meter is a bar that increases every time you do a job. Once it reaches a critical point, the energy cost and British Passport cost of jobs increases.

The Heat Meter is a bit more lenient now. You can do 6 jobs before it moves from Green to Yellow (first increase in British Passport cost) and 5 more before it moves from Yellow to Red (second increase in cost).

You can still do jobs when it is completely red and it will not go up in cost from the third level.

Mafia Wars Challenge Mission London jobs:

Here is the map cost of each job and the mastery earned each time you do the job:

Bribe a Longshoreman: 1/2/3 passport cost (1 for green, 2 for yellow, 3 for red); 9% mastery

Replace Armored Truck Drivers: 2/3/4 passport cost; 8% mastery

Re-Route the Hijacked Trucks: 2/3/4 passport cost; 5% mastery

Deliver Banknotes to A Local Syndicate: 3/4/5 passport cost; 4% mastery


When compared to Mafia Wars Paris, London requires more British Passports from the start, even with the bonus +60 passports from adding Mafia Members.

We know it will only go up in cost from here, so don't use all your passports on the first week. Spend cautiously in the first week and slowly rank up to the appropriate level.
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  1. I found that there are only 5 steps for the heat meter to go from yellow to red, not 6.

    Assuming you stay at green, the first episode will need 70 jobs and use 153 passports.

  2. Since it's tough to hit this job every 8 hours for 21 days straight, it's more economical to fly thru the first 1 or two jobs, that only cost 1/2/3 or 2/3/4 passports than the later jobs.

    That will give you enough time if you have a job/kids. I can't wake up at 2am just to do the London job, so I end up getting behind. I just breezed through the first job and may do the next job over the next 12 hours, which will give me about 5 days for the last two.

    I also caught that the meter went from green to yellow in 5 jobs, not 6.

  3. I know for Paris you could do the "chase away thugs" 1-energy job and get more than enough passports, but as of now I don't see very many dropping. Any tips on how to get more British passports other than adding mafia?

  4. I have been receiving a good amount following the normal course of doing jobs (I'm on Moscow right now) and robbing (average dropped from 67% clearing board drops to about 33% now).

  5. is it just me, or are british passports harder to get than pairsian maps? i have still 2.3k maps left from that event, even though i never bothered with the heat meter.
    i only play paris and london with the energy pack available, but i have barely any passports, with paris i just plowed through the first day it came out and had plenty left, this time i am actually saving thme for i fear that will not have enough?

    i can see how they dont want me to plough through it so fast, but how are regular accounts (lvl<1000) ever gonna finish that? i do tons of jobs and still barely ever get passports dropped!

  6. do you recommend stopping as soon as the heat meter turns red? im afraid to get caught AND i dont want to not have enough passports. currently have 137 passports, with the first chapter-second job at 80% job mastery.


  7. Just a rough calculation but it seems like it'll take 5 days of doing jobs, every 8 hours when the meter is green (ie 5 jobs every 8 hours). I hope the extra maps cover because it's annoying logging on every 8 hours.

  8. I'm just going to stop when it turns red for the first 2 jobs. Hopefully they don't nerf it and force you to do a ton of jobs just to find maps.

  9. did they take away the collect x # of passports feature every 24 hours cause I'm not seeing it any more? If so that bites will have to collect more by yourself than.

  10. I don<t think they took away the Collect Passport thing. In the left corner of the London Screen you have your number of Passport accumulated and the mention : Get more in 9h (well, 9h for me right now...)
    It's still 12 passport/days.

  11. No, they increased it to 20-something (I forget exactly how much) each 24h.

  12. I spent a few hundred energy mugging and still didn't get any passports. It's a bit ridiculous, don't you think?

  13. Let's see. 4 jobs which need to be done 11/13/20/25 times. That will be 69 jobs to do. To keep the heat meter green You can do 6 jobs every 8 hours meaning You have to log in to do London Ch1 jobs 12 times to complete this one-week-chapter. If You log in twice a day that will be more than enough to have it all done once chapter 2 opens.

  14. passports are not dropping much from street thug, and i get attacked very often by playing every 8hrs, i am not getting low mafia players to attack in the list as much nowadays is all this happening to majority?

  15. I ploughed through the entire first chapter, ignoring the heat meter and still have about 700 passports left over.

    I do a lot of robbing, where they seem to drop quite regularly. So for those of you who have the stamina and have difficulties in getting passports, try robbing.

  16. I've gotten a lot of them robbing also, way more than received from doing jobs.

  17. After signing up 5 new mafia members to get some extra passports, I noticed that the passports I can pick up every 24hrs. went up to 30 as well - this in addition to the 60 passports I got once chapter 1 started was pretty nice!

  18. right now my facebook is banned, probally from sending too many friend request, which is what mafia wars encourages, they should contact mafia wars and tell them to not require having a huge mafia to be able to rob or fight well.

  19. If you are banned, you will not get it back...

    Do a google search about being banned from facebook, see what you come up with.

  20. I finished every chapter without thinking anything.. And I still have 278 passports left with me. I wonder why u guys dont get those passports!!