June 10, 2010

Chapter 2 of Challenge Mission London is now Live

Players can now log into Mafia Wars and play in Chapter 2 of Challenge Mission: London.

It is pretty much exactly like Chapter 1. For adding 2 people to your Mafia, you will pick up a quick, easy 80 British Passports. Your 24 hour collect timer is now also worth 40 passports.

There are 4 jobs available:

Stage a Distraction At A Nightclub: 9% per job attempt, 2/3/4 passport cost (for green, yellow, and red heat meters)

Kidnap A Partying Royal Family Member: 8% per job attempt, 3/4/5 passport cost

Hand Off The Royal To Russian Agents: 5% per job attempt, 4/5/6 passport cost

Steal A Military Police Helicopter: 4% per job attempt, 4/5/6 passport cost


Chapter 2 of Challenge Mission: London is actually very easy. Since you pick up 80 passports right away from adding two Mafia members, and you can collect 40 passports from your 24 hour timer, you walk right into Chapter 2 with 120 British Passports ready to go. I was able to walk right in with just a few maps sitting around, collect my 120, and get nearly halfway through the third job before running out of maps.

You will be able to complete Chapter 2 without finding any maps of your own as long as you collect your 40 free maps each day. You will even bank some for Chapter 3!
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  1. I finished the first job in Chapter 2 and 80% of the second job. I could go further, but I didn't care to push the job heat meter into the read. I still have 310 passports.

  2. Passports! Not Maps!


  3. 70 jobs to be done. 6 jobs everytime to keep passport costs down. --> 12 times you have to log in to go to London which also for chapter two means that it's enough to log in twice daily to finish in time.

  4. Completely off topic and sorry to keep going on about this but robbing is just C**p! I have 501 mafia, I have 1702 attack points and my strength of my attack loot is 83,682. Yet, I lost to someone who has only 53 mafia, defensive loot of 10,092 (Defensive points unknown but my attack points are more).

    Whats the point in putting any skill points into attack or defensive if the result is just random?

    Why don't we just invest everything into energy?

    Is fight club going to be more of the same?

  5. lost in a robbery or a fight? if it was a robbery, what property?

  6. everyone loses in robberies cuz of the random multiplier, i wouldn't get too upset over it. I seem to be losing more lately for some reason despite the fact that I'm in the 90Ks for both attack and defense.

    Having lots of energy is always good of course. My character was all energy at first but in the last few months, i've upped all the other stats to make it more balanced.

  7. Mafia Wars just posted another update on Las Vegas saying that Fighting will become much more important.

    If Zynga really wants to encourage balanced stats, they should make another "Golden Throne" so that at some point we can have 4x energy for each click. Then, make the attack and defense stats for a profile worth even more than it is now when calculating a fight.

  8. i have 90,000 railguns so i'm set for attack here's a link : http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/GCpBSQBYfD-lisf20YJkbP0g6K0ATC-rhhrJ0pHIwNI?feat=directlink

  9. Wow anonymous, that's a really nice (doctored) image there.

  10. DOUBLE MASTERY WEEKEND (not London)!!

  11. At the end you start talking about maps, passports would be more correct ;)