June 25, 2010

Deposit Box, Magnetic Locks, Casino Vault - Las Vegas Loot

It looks like we are now able to get some pieces that will be of use in Las Vegas. By clicking on the Las Vegas Loot Event posts on your Facebook wall, you can get a bonus item.

If you do not know what I am talking about, you are looking for a post that looks like this:

Which you can find on your news feed (click "most recent" to see the newest posts). When you click on "Claim your Vegas Reward" you can get an item, like a Magnetic Lock:

The items I have seen so far I have only been able to get Magnetic Locks, but others have reported finding a Deposit Box, Magnetic Lock, Reinforced Steel, Security Camera and Motion Detector.

In the end, once Vegas comes out, it looks like we will be able to build a "Casino Vault". I suspect the Casino Vault is the solution to the whole cash conundrum - that is, how they are going to introduce a new currency in Vegas that will be somehow different from New York money.

Also, we can be certain that this will ultimately be part of the new "upgradeable casino" that players will be able to own, build, and customize in Las Vegas.

I'm guessing we will get something like Poker Chips as our Las Vegas "money", which will be lootable during fights unless it is kept in this Casino Vault. Just a theory though, will have to see. I figure we will want them, so be sure to stock up on these items!
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  1. Also available are reinforced steel & security cameras

  2. I am curious, since the author only found magnetics and I happen to be in the same boat... Is everyone only finding the same loot (all security or all reinforced, etc)?

  3. looks like everyone gets the same. i got 10 reinforced steels and now it says i collected all i can. but if this is only the max for today and maybe tomorrow i get only another item to the max of 10? i don´t know...

  4. I think it is limited to 10 items per player and you always get the same item, after all, it is just a sneak peak, who knows when we will be able to use them

  5. Out Of Topic, but does anyone knows what to do with Paris map and British passports now?

  6. Same here, could only get safe deposit boxes, once I got ten, says I can't have any more.

  7. I think it's gonna be just like the chop shop, this building of casino
    i mean these are five items we'll have to collect every time to upgrade the casino, it wont require money!

  8. Wow, dead on Omkar.

  9. since bangkok needed some UCP [consumable], any thoughts that Las Vegas will need LIQUOR, CARDS, TOKENS [consumables from NY ENFORCER job]???

  10. SpeedyTheCrusaderJune 26, 2010 at 6:19 AM

    fuckers! I got this message after clicking on the event reward button "you have already collected 10 items from your friends" the 24 hour rule is also working on this reward. the worst part now, I only got 10 motion sensors and nothing else.

    I got 5 out of 7 items already which i got from fights, NY is dropping the most loot items, cuba is worse, moscow is a bit better but NY is the main to stay and do your fights.

  11. Quick off question. Is anyone else noticing the money they collect is changing and less. Just yesterday my hourly income in Bangkok was 8 301
    Now its 6 107. My gambling game seems to be collecting a good 50 000 less than it was and I wasnt robbed. Whats up with this?

  12. yeah, i'm sure we will need tons of items to upgrade this casino repetitively. And this is just the "casino vault" - doesn't say anything about the other parts of the casino!

    i'm sure it will take a lot of items, lol

  13. Either all my friends stopped posting MW stuff or something's broken, so no way to collect even the 10 items :(

    And in Bangkok properties produce close to no money at all, my hourly income dropped to 3,475?!?

  14. Player updates is no longer informing me every time I am attacked and/or killed. My health drops to below zero, but there is no record of who attacked me or if I had been hitlisted. Sometimes it's posted, sometimes it's not.

  15. Yeah, I checked that too...My properties have completely been nerfed in Bangkok and Cuba.

    I have two accounts and both different values for properties while each property is at the max level of 30.

    In Bangkok, one account is getting $22,412 per 3 hours while the other is getting $1,250 per 3 hours.

    Does Zygna test anything or look at anything before they go nerfing it all up. I mean really...

  16. Today I found one new item in the Mystery Bag! It's saying "Mystery Animal", but I did not realize any change on my animal list?!?!

  17. You guys are being robbed! This new system that alows a player to be robbed 2hours after taking the money su**s big time!

  18. Is New York money useless once you finish the jobs?

  19. i alsow have collected 10 motion sensors (on friday) and since then it gives me the "have collected from 10 friend" message. worst thing is that i have found 4 of the 7 vegas items and since friday i haven't found a single one. how can i collect the jackpot gun if they don't pop-up??? :-(

  20. Zynga wrote this (but fail to mention anything about the vault):

    The maximum total number of Las Vegas loot items a player can possibly collect is 35. After you have collect 35 pieces of loot you will not be able to collect any more.

    The odds are risky, but if you get all 7 items your mafia will be pleased.

    For your information, here are the possible items:

    From fighting:

    * Big Blind (weapon, 52/25)
    * Casino Guard (armor, 48/28)
    * Stage Show Tiger (animal, 28/50)

    From jobs:

    * High Roller (vehicle, 46/23)
    * Viva Las Vegas (armor, 27/50)
    * Royal Flush (weapon, 48/25)
    * Suit of Suits (armor, 46/24)

    Note: Zynga will not be able to add any items to complete your 7 item collection if your limit has been reached.

    We hope Lady Luck is on your side!

  21. All about Las Vegas Consumables and loot with wishlist links too!
    Yesterday at 10:50am
    Someone has asked me to explain to them how this all works, so I thought I would share it with everyone. Feel free to share it if you think it will help.

    RE: Security Camera Deposit Box, Motion Sensor, Magnetic Lock and Reinforced Door, you will need 2 of each item to build your safe to store your Vegas money in. You get 10 of THE SAME ITEM by clicking the Las Vegas jobs on your News Feed - the whole idea is to swap with your mafia to get the other 4 items . These can also drop from the Mystery Bag;

    here are the Wishlist links

    Security Camera: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/track.php?next_controller=loot&next_action=wishlist_add&next_params=%7B%22gift_category%22%3A%221%22%2C%22gift_id%22%3A%22762%22%7D

    Reinforced Steel: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/track.php?next_controller=loot&next_action=wishlist_add&next_params=%7B%22gift_category%22%3A%221%22%2C%22gift_id%22%3A%22763%22%7D

    Deposit Box: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/track.php?next_controller=loot&next_action=wishlist_add&next_params=%7B%22gift_category%22%3A%221%22%2C%22gift_id%22%3A%22764%22%7D

    Motion Sensor: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/track.php?next_controller=loot&next_action=wishlist_add&next_params=%7B%22gift_category%22%3A%221%22%2C%22gift_id%22%3A%22765%22%7D

    Magnetic Lock: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/track.php?next_controller=loot&next_action=wishlist_add&next_params=%7B%22gift_category%22%3A%221%22%2C%22gift_id%22%3A%22766%22%7D

    The loot items are as follows:

    Big Blind - Found in Fights
    52 Attack 25 Defense

    Royal Flush - Found in Jobs
    48 Attack 25 Defense

    Suit of Suits Found in Jobs
    46 Attack 24 Defense

    Viva Las Vegas - Found in Jobs
    27 Attack 50 Defense

    Casino Guard - Found in Fights
    48 Attack 28 Defense

    High Roller - Found in Jobs
    46 Attack 23 Defense

    Stage Show Tiger - Found in Fights
    28 Attack 50 Defense

    Jackpot - received when you have all of the above
    30 Attack 54 Defense

    Hope this helps

  22. FWIW, this,
    "The maximum total number of Las Vegas loot items a player can possibly collect is 35. After you have collect 35 pieces of loot you will not be able to collect any more."
    has been changed. It now reads,
    "The maximum total number of Las Vegas loot items a player can possibly collect is 10. After you have collect 10 pieces of loot you will not be able to collect any more of that item."

    which isn't exactly written correctly. There seems to be a cap of 10 of any single item in the set. I have a total of 53 items with 10 of four different ones.

  23. hi, i got all 5 items needed to unlock the vault but it tells me to "build my slots to level one to get this!" can someone tell me what to do here pls. much thanks

  24. What to do when vault is full of cash? 50 million aint much and there nothing to buy in vegas that ppl need after finishing ruby on all districts. Do we have to share the money with all the attackers?:)

  25. My vault has been full since month one of the Vegas opening. I got tired of loosing (and gaining back) millions of chips in a day and ended up buying 600,000,000 worth of spiders from the Vegas store. The loss on the exchange is pretty extravagant but I would rather do that than give away 100K a pop every time I'm attacked and lose. Has anyone else figured out any thing better?