June 16, 2010

Mafia Changes with Update

As some of you have mentioned in the comments section of a variety of posts, along with the double loot event came a lot of changes to the game. I am going to try to keep a running list of everything all in one place; feel free to contribute if you noticed something is different.

Fighting now drops some high-end unique loot

As mentioned in an earlier post, there are now a bunch of unique items from fighting that you can get. The drop rate is fairly low, but these items are currently slightly better than the best items you can get from jobs.

Also of note is that these items can't be traded. You can find a full list of the items in this post.

Robbing properties now hurts the played who was robbed even if the property is not ready to collect

Sort of like the old system, players can now hit your properties pretty hard via Robbing. You can be robbed before you are ready to collect and lose items / money off your take. Some people have reported that their weapons depot was "out" of Weapon Parts before they could even collect!

I haven't been robbed much personally though. I am not sure how players will take this change. At least initially, I think there will be a negative reaction to it. Players definitely were desiring a player vs player system with tangible rewards (and penalties for losing).

The problem is the random dice roll of robbing means that practically anyone can rob you and make you lose out on Weapon Parts and Car Parts.. which will assuredly anger a lot of players.

I always figured robbing was a new friendly "anyone can win, no penalties" system that was designed for casual players, and that this new "Fight Club" feature would be more competitive.

I think that penalties for being robbed are a bad thing given the random dice roll - players just don't have a chance to defend themselves. Defense is practically worthless - let's make something happen there, please?

The Daily Checklist now gives a reward point

This used to give a skill point. This is a slight nerf as 4 skill points cost 12-14 reward points.

The Daily Chance now gives a reward point at 4 tickets

This also used to give a skill point. It looks like they are cracking down on all the free skill points floating around.


Any other changes? Let me know and I will update.
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  1. No more skill points for 4 lotto tickets? So does this mean that you get a single reward point for 4 tickets and 1-5 reward points for 5 tickets? That's really not worth it at all if that's the case.

    You might as well buy an extra lotto ticket for 2 reward points, and get 3 points on average for submitting 5 tickets, and an extra ticket in the lottery. I wouldn't be surprised if Zynga didn't spot this inbalance ahead of time.

  2. The full list of changes is here:


    Here's a quick summary of the major changes we made with yesterday's release:

    * Double Fight Loot Event – fights that normally would drop one random loot item will instead drop two of that loot item for the duration of the event

    * Attacks on hitlisted players now have a chance to drop loot items

    * Introduced 12 new high-end items exclusive to fighting

    * Added additional Bangkok items to the fight loot list

    * Removed iced hitlisting (hitlisting targets when your health is below 20)

    * Properties reaching the collectable state are now safe from robbing for 2 hours, down from 12 hours

    * Properties can be robbed of up to 90% of their payout, up from 70%

    * Changed the shareable boost for icing a target from Hot Coffee (+5 Att) to Liquid Courage (+44 Att)

    * Added 4 new achievements for icing opponents

    * Fight list will now refresh 33% faster

    * Replaced the reward for completing 4 lottery tickets in a row from 1 skill point to 1 reward point

    * Removed the “fight bundle” pop-up

    * Healing at the hospital will now automatically close the dialog box

  3. There does seem to be some confusion with the developers about the robbing being done on properties that aren't in the collectible phase yet. Evidently that was not the intention, but there was a mistake in the coding that made it happen 2 hours after it was last collected. Look for this bug to fixed in the next 24 hours.

    The 2 hour gap before it becomes robbable still adds teeth to robbing, but you won't be down 90 percent before you can collect.

  4. Any
    Info on the "Fix the Global Cup?"

  5. I was hoping the daily checklist would still be a skill point. And the cost of level 7 Bangkok is fricken awful.

  6. On an other subject, another week, another London mission.
    As usual, I'm wondering what the mastery % are for every missions. Seems that the 1st one is now 9% (instead of 12 if I remember right).
    So whta are the other ? 5-4-3 ?

  7. The "mona lisa" achievement is gone (received for finishing Paris in time)

  8. The "Mona Lisa"-achievement is gone :)
    (acquired by finishing Paris in time)

  9. "Mona Lisa" still shows up for me, but the one for the Easter Job disappeared. Maybe they modified achievements to not show ones you can no longer earn?

  10. They took out all of the impossible achievements like selling 50 Mega Casinoes and all of the old LE jobs that you didn't do

  11. my fight screen is showing who's iced [blacked out names] to who has health [highlighted names]

  12. i got 5000000000 maps

  13. 1) As mentioned, they are now showing who is iced and not on the Fight lists as well as a new Rivals tab for people who you have attacked or have been attacked by.

    2) The impossible achievements no longer show for accounts that do not have them, but do show for people who do have them. The number of achievements at the top of that page do include the number whether it is listed or not. (Ex. a former rackets player who got all the other achievements in the game would still have an achievement record of (78/79) even though every achievement would be lit up.

    3) Trophies and the New York tier mastery rewards no longer show up the Profile page.


  14. they nerfed trophies? how?

  15. Monk's Robe is now giftable item. I guess this was also changed during the recent MW game changes.