June 11, 2010

Mafia Wars 2 Year Anniversary - Double Job Mastery

In all cities (except for London), players will now earn double job mastery now through Sunday, June 13th at 12:01 AM (i.e. Saturday night).

So, really, you only have about a day from now to get your double mastery. As you can see from the picture above, there will be some sort of "fight rewards" offered as part of the 2 year anniversary; we will have to wait until June 16th to see what that is all about.

Personally, if you are like me, job mastery is not stopping you in Bangkok but rather $B itself. I think most players who are almost done all the content would say the same. The cost of Bangkok chapter 7 is intense to say the least!


As some of you have mentioned in the comments, the Coming Soon section of Mafia Wars has been updated to include Mafia Wars Las Vegas:

Note the key words: "Fighting and battle take the center stage in Sin City."

After reading that I hope this is not referring to the new "Fight Club" but rather actual content that players can progress through using Stamina (bosses, fighting other players, robbing targets, etc).

If that is the case, it would make sense that Episodes 6 and 7 are so lengthy. If players use primarily stamina to progress through Las Vegas, then they will have plenty of energy to slowly chip away at Episodes 6 and 7. Players might be able to concurrently work through Las Vegas and Bangkok at the same time, spending stamina in Las Vegas and energy in Bangkok.

Of course, this is all just conjecture, we will have to wait and see!
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  1. Yea...the Double Mastery actually works against you. Since the number of times you have to do a job is almost cut in half, that's half the Baht you can earn, making even harder to get through Bangkok.

    I finished Level 2 of Episode 7 and had less than 1 million Baht left. I already sold back everything from past episodes (including 6), and even sold back everything in the faction store...and after all of that I STILL don't have enough Baht to even START level 3. So at this point, I've basically just quit Bangkok. It's almost impossible to get that amount of money just through jobs and not worth the trouble IMO.

  2. I agree, I find myself wishing that they would either lower the prices or make payouts more. You only get so much when the job only pays 6000 and you need 220,000 to buy 1 item and you need 5 of them

  3. agreed, or unlock a business for Episodes 6+7 that actually do generate a little bit more money.

  4. Double mastery does help for Bangkok jobs that do cost money, though.

  5. Zynga should change the mastery reward of Episode 7 to "2 Golden Thrones" giving the guy a 6x energy per regen timer. Only then is it worth going forward to level 4 mastery in this tier. The centipede is just not an incentive enough to climb this Mount Everest.

  6. I think the high $B is there on purpose to slow down energy relevelers. They can change it at a later point, to make it bearable for the general player.

    I found a post on this forum very useful from a guy who pointed out that for Bankok 6/7 it is worth it to switch to Mogul. I did so, and was able to generate enough bhat to be self-sustaining and wrap up those episodes a few days week ago or so (I am not a pure energy player, more like 2/3 energy, 1/3 stamina, so energy may be more of a limit to me).

    It is worth to go to level 4 mastery on episode 7, because of the higher xp ratio, which allows you to nearly powerlevel on loot jobs like the one that is dropping chain viper (it has a ratio of 1.98 xp/e or so). That way, you gather a buckload of loot, and extra B$ to buy assassins, kraits, bodyguards or tigers.


  7. Agree with Groody,for energy player, once u reach 4th mastery on episode 6 & 7, the xp ratio is enough to infinite leveling, so the only things that stop u to earning baht + high end loot is the cramp on ur hand :p


  8. Today I got reward point instead exp. point from checklist.

  9. well this double mastery is only good for Bangkok jobs that require -X000 Bahts and that require Satellite Phones

  10. the worst double mastery ever

  11. The Coming soon page now shows what will happen in Vegas

  12. What happens in Vegas,
    Stays in Vegas ;-)

  13. What works best for me (energy account) is combining the "settle a beef" job in NY with the jobs in bangkok. This way I'm levelling up AND making progress in bangkok at the same time.
    How I do it?
    As a "fearless" character I get enough extra/free energy to level up with the "settle a beef job" 95% of the time. (For the other 5% I use energy rewards, energy packs,...)
    Doing so, I'm having an energy excess in 95% of the times I level up. The moment I see I will have energy left doing the "settle a beef job", I travel to bangkok and make money there / do jobs.
    This way I keep levelling up,I never have to wait for energy, and I'm getting job bonusses like car parts,...
    The further you get in Bangkok, the more energy you get for doing jobs, and the easier it is to combine it with "settle a beef" to level up.
    This means 80% of my energy is spent in NY, and only 20% in Bangkok, but I really think it's a fast way to level up as you never have to wait.
    Of course this will only work for energy-players.

  14. what are the different inventory needed to complete Bangkok chapter 7 on the 4th time ? (so I don't sell anything I needed after finishing chapter 6...)

  15. @ Guillaume, The Suex Machine Guns and Lorry's, both from episode 6, are the only items that carry over into episode 7 from a previous chapter.

    The total item counts needed for episode 7 are:
    Seux Machine Gun 120
    Poisoned Crossbow 60
    Nguhea Sniper Rifle 60

    Jungle Fatigue 90

    Lorry 75
    Khway SUV 60

    Also if you start with the 90 Suex Machine Guns, which are needed for episode 6, then be sure to get up to at least 105, preferably 120, before starting level 4 or you'll end up stuck in chapter 1.

  16. Sorry for being off-topic, but I do not know where else to best put this: I would like to pool information (or have someone point out a page where this is already done) on the loot drop rates of various jobs. I would like to do that on basis of one having all the NY perks, plus the lotto collection vaulted (or at least indicating wether it was vaulted or not), and maxxed mastery in the job that generates the loot.

    For example, I have data from myself of a 21% drop rate for looting vipers under those conditions based on 200 jobs done.

    I have seen from another person a rate of 20.89% for looting 500 vipers (so he must have done the job about 2500 times...). I am not a statistician, but I think it that case, the sample is large enough that there is little chance of the drop rate being wrong by more than one percentage point of deviation.

    He also mentioned that without lotto he collected 500 vipers collected at 12.67%, which would indicate that the lotto collection gives about an -absolute- boost of 10% added to the drop rate. I have seen people state that it adds 10% on the previous rate, so 12% would turn into 13.2%. Based on this data, that does not seem to be the case. If anyone here can confirm that, would also be good.


  17. Thaks a lot Anonymus !

    The 2x bonus mastery is still on, even on sunday 9h15 Eastern...

  18. Can state with 100% confidence that the lotto collection adds a flat 10% bonus.. it's not multiplicative (i.e. 10% * 110% = 11% is not the way it works)

  19. it is sunday morning and I seem to still be getting double mastery in Bangkok

  20. Here's my idea, they need to incorporate money exchanges. I do not need rubles or pesos at this point so all of that money and all that I collect from my properties, it really a waste.

  21. I would like no say to all those people complaining about the double mastery being useless, that not every single bonus or gift is directed at advance players, people still working on the other cities, specially new players in new york, can still appreciate this. That being said that chapter 7 is really something but I believe it is intentional, remember all the complaining about the last chapter in Moscow? And at least the mastery reward is better this time. While I understand that they can't allow you to use money from other cities (long time players could really fly though content that way, and yes, expect Vegas to use casino chips or something like that) I do believe they should introduce Special Loot in every city, maybe not the best loot, but something useful while you get your HEL, like the animals right now.

  22. I have not received a skill point for completing the daily check list now for 4 days in a row.

  23. The double mastery bonus is very helpful in Bangkok on the jobs that require you to spend Baht each time you click on the mouse to complete the job.

  24. You now receive a REWARD POINT instead of a skill point for the daily checklist.

  25. Is it me or do the mini energy buffs give less energy/stamina?

  26. does any1 know what comes after getting to level 10 mastery in robbing(getting +25% experience) - is there a point in doing the last(i'm guessing) 15-25k robberies done? i'm on my last 3k in order to get the bonus and don't know what to do next(ie. buing the +attack wehicles instead of rebel2's) ??? thanks

  27. what is the total item count for ep 6?

  28. for the total item count for ep 6, go to mafiawars.wikia.com/wiki/

  29. Confirmation on the robbing formula:


    (Your Attack Skill) + (25% of your Mafia Attack Strength) + (A Random Roll based on 75% of your Mafia Attack Strength)


    (Defenders Defense Skill) + (25% of their Mafia Defense Strength) + (A Random Roll based on 75% of their Mafia Defense Strength) + (Robbing Defense Boosts, if applicable)

  30. @energy account players - roughly around how many energy do you need for getting around 80% off to next level by doing settle a beef job? thinking of using stamina the remaining 20% to level up if i had enough ofc

  31. regarding energy accounts. Stamina is not worth it since the robbing full board xp reduction. you can barely get 2.5xp/stamina. But only if you invest in attack as well.

    Not worth it. You wanna level continuously hundreds of levels/day. Not stop each level to do some robbing.

  32. Well, apparently, he/she does want to stop each level to do some robbing.

    That said, I've been getting around 2.5 exp/sta for robbing and I've never placed a point into attack (but I build railguns every other day).

    Also, I don't know if truly continuous leveling is possible with just settle a beef (probably possible with wheelmn bonus + solar flare and other ways of getting more energy), but I've been leveling continuously with a 5:2 ratio (en/sta) doing jobs in Bangkok, which earns useful baht instead of dollars...