June 3, 2010

MWG 7-Eleven Gift Card Winners

So, here are the 10 winners of the Mafia Wars 7-Eleven Gift card contest. I will be sending you an e-mail (don't send me one!) to get your mailing address to send the cards out.

Without further ado:

Kurt K
Wen L
Greg Z
Adam G (your email doesn't work - better fix this quick! it was listed as amg123@hushmail.com)
Daniel B
Mutya B
Unnamed Veteran (left email address but no name!)
Dan H
Peter V
Phil C

Check your e-mail within the next 48 hours and get back to me. I will be picking up stamps Saturday and mailing them on Sunday, so be quick! If you don't reply by 9:00 PM EDT, I will start e-mailing other people that entered.

Oh, and the email will be from mafiawarsguide at gmail.com, so don't give our your personal info to a different email address!
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  1. i actually recieved 50 reward points from a golden treasure chest today! i have opened only a total of up to 10 or so!

  2. Send one to PR,tecracing56@hotmail.com

  3. I send a email to the mafiawars at gmail dot com account just now from my amg123 at hushmail dot com account with my information. It is addressed "my info for the 7-11 contest from Adam G" Hope I got back in time to receive the gift card still and thanks for picking me as on of the winners!!

  4. wtf the gifting-button doesnt work the old way, now you even have to wait at the gift-all button

  5. @ Anon 6/7/10 7:58

    It's because a Script was developed and used by many players to duplicate items between two accounts. Basically mafia wars economy is screwed and lotto has absolutely no value anymore. The idiots who make the game use shoddy coding and it's easily broken and hacked. (as we see here) and while some accounts are being banned or rolled back. Not all of them will be caught and in the end this is the straw that broke MW's back. Now there are ppl out there with 1000's of Lotto sets on each account. How do you stop that from ruining your economy?

  6. This slow down on the gifting really sucks. Is there any way around it? I need to pass some car parts to my junior account and at this rate it will take all night. I'm not a "trader" but I really hate the way Zygna keeps trying to punish behaviors it doesn't approve of when it is really just part of the game.

  7. it appears to me, if i only gift one item. if i give all three on the wishlist, then it works much faster. i just tell everyone, to put anything on their wishlist, from what i've many of... (like pirates, and so on)

  8. Hey here everybody i have a glitch of a lifetime. it worked for me..MW FAMILY go to mafia wars in the help box in the right corner click help CLICK ON TAGGED MAFIA AND ADD THIS INTO THE BOX,,.........9ce5eca83319c534e49cdf6b23e9dbcc IT WILL GIVE U 600 RP'S

  9. hey guys if this works for u please mail me the 7 11 codes guys with kindness... As i am not from US i wanted to collect these items and these code work outside. so plz do send. thanx.. my email id is fslsheikh3 at rediffmail.com

  10. I do not have tagged mafia button

  11. its tagged player button...

  12. The button is no there anymore :(

  13. buyearnplay site is not anymore available outside the United States or Canada :(

  14. Animals are live now!

  15. Indeed man, I was just curious and came here to see what happened to statpoints as mine from ~68K jumped straight above 80K :D now I know... animals... indeed :))))

  16. the animals are there. i was hoping zynga would change it to a henchmen class instead but they didn't :(

  17. Why hasn't this page gotten updated in a week? that is the longest I can ever remember. There is a lot going on - internal message box gone, animals here, London Week 2, gifting changes, etc!



  19. I would like to know, if someone did the London Week 2 in a single sitting, what are the mastery % gained on each mission.

    The 1st is 9%, like the 1st week.
    Are the other 3 the same ? (i.e. 8, 5, 4)

  20. they are the same as chapter 2
    9%-> 8% -> 5% -> 4%
    passport needed(with full job heat meter)
    total needed = 12*4+5*13+20*6+25*6 = 382
    energy needed(with full job heat meter)

  21. I am at work .. will update when I get home!

  22. Thanks a lot for the mastery %.
    Thanks to you to MWG, but don't sweat, I'm sure we can help each other in the mean time.