June 26, 2010

Mystery Animals

Now, when you log into Mafia Wars, you will be prompted with a new feature: Send Mystery Animals.

Basically, this works just like mystery box; if you receive a mystery animal, you have to accept the request on your Facebook request page, and then "open it" on your homepage:

You have to accept the animal requests on the Facebook request page, just like any other free gift.

Here are a list of the animals:

King Cheetah (best one so far) - 21 attack, 42 defense

Electric Eel - 36 attack, 20 defense

Arabian Leopard -20 attack 16 defense

Kangaroo - 30 attack, 18 defense

Piranha - 23 attack, 35 defense

Badger - 17 attack, 19 defense

Cassowary- 18 attack, 18 defense

Dingo - 13 attack, 24 defense

Buffalo - 25 attack, 12 defense


As you can see, the only decent animal is the King Cheetah; the rest aren't worth writing home about. The majority of the animals seem to be worse than ones you can buy from the store with Cuba and Moscow money. If you are into collecting items for your profile page, you now have plenty of things to collect!


Free Godfather points:

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  1. I for some reason can not accept any mystery gift or animal request...Are there anyone else having the same problem? The question now is-Can these animals be looted in jobs or fights?...can someone let me know.............Thanks

  2. how to get suit of suits ~ been doing tonnes of jobs and fights but none yo

  3. few notes about new vegas loot :
    big blind 52att will kill railgun 51att
    casino guard will kill ninja
    stage snow tiger will kill scorpion
    viva las vegas will kill marine

    so all we gathered as HEL will be worthless

  4. And new players will have a chance not to suck against old ones. Come on people, it's called power creep and, in reasonable levels, keeps the game interesting.

    Also, the new fight loot is already better than any of these...

  5. Maintenance 10-11pm PST... **be on the lookout for random glitches**. When INFLUENCE was being used for rackets it randomly glitched right after a maintenance it screwed up and let me spend dollars instead of influence for about 5 minutes (so for about $3000 I had max rackets all in effect).

    Also, I don't think I've gotten any SUIT OF SUITS (or VIVA LAS VEGAS either) like Anon above. Recommendations?

  6. I have not seen the "4 Skill Points" featured as "on sale" items for a few days now.

    I used to be able to pick them up for 12 GF Points instead of the usual cost of 14.

    Does anybody know if Zynga have stopped offering the skill points on sale, or have I just been unlucky?

  7. Is everyone still getting their top mafia and wheelman bonus. I just burned through about 12k energy and didn't get either bonus at ALL...

  8. haven't seen +4 skill points in awhile, gave up waiting for them to go on sale. i'm still getting top mafia bonuses.

  9. Not sure why you wouldn't spend 12 GF Points in the weapons depot or chop shop to get +6 skill points (stamina or energy). Unless you don't have the parts... if you need some I will trade... post your info :)

  10. Does anyone have issues with Mastermind bonus (50% XP from jobs). I hardly get it since yesterday

    And you get the suit of suits from Jobs

  11. I've received a King Cheetah and a Dingo from the two Gifts I've gotten.

    Nope, no Mastermind Bonus, or if so I haven't noticed.

    I have 4 Suit of Suits I've picked-up in Jobs. The Bangkok ones that produce the Lamangs and Ninjas I would have to guess.

    6 Royal Flushes, 4 Big Blinds, 1 Jackpot, 4 Suit of Suits, 7 Casino Guards, 4 High Rollers and 10 Stage Show Tigers so far...

  12. OH and 5 Viva Las Vegases!

    Sorry, I left them out!

  13. I don't know if that helps but i got my last item (Viva Las Vegas) after days of low loot drooping while i was doing Asian Museum Break-in job cause i was tired of gettin all these butterfly knifes :D and I just wanted a loot free job !

  14. It seems like I got a few from the NY Asian Museum Break-in as well and got sick of the butterfly knives.

    The others just showed-up here and there in fighting and jobs.

    I still haven't seen any of the Las Vegas Vault parts I was reading about...

  15. My MW has gone haywire. I can't access the upper level Bangkok jobs and the first level NY jobs look like this,

  16. same problem, cant access bangkok ep 5-7, moscow ep 6. doing jobs brings me back to ep 1 page

  17. Me too and the game energy regen clock is at 7+ minutes. I am stuck...All I have left is bangkok 7 and I can't get back there.

  18. Yes... More Episodes link doesn't work...
    Also, any attempts to 'Retrieve Mystery Animals' or 'Claim Mystery Bags' did not work

  19. Bangkok exp payment is new. Now ratio for the best job is 2.12 (was 2.02).

  20. There were a few changes in MW. Exp ratios went up, wishlist was eliminated, maximum 10 LA loot could be collected per kind.

  21. My energy regen is fluctuation between 7minuts and 4,5 minutes.

    But i also believe that since last night the energy has not regenerated. I read a post somewhere that said "they are doing update, now we are sure things will be broken".

  22. Job ratios increased in all Bangkok. Now we have a new best ratio job:

    Battle Your Way Through The Temple
    Level 4 Mastered

    Experience: +407 192 Energy

    standing at 2.120 it beats Settle a Beef.
    This could mean one thing: Finish up Bangkok ladies, Vegas is just round the corner.

  23. We have new item in Inventory of New York, may be new jobs coming our way