June 16, 2010

New Fighting Achievements - Ice to Meet You

Along with the new loot, there are now 4 added achievements for fighting in Mafia Wars.

Ice to Meet You - Ice 20 enemies

Everybody Chill - Ice 100 enemies

Ice, Ice, Baby - Ice 500 enemies

Kick Some Ice - Ice 1000 enemies

So, all that you have to do is fight really. To ice an opponent, you just knock their HP under 20. If someone is already below 20 HP they cannot be iced until they recover some health.
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  1. just log on today and got all 4 achivement

  2. I got 3/4, but no skill points!!!!

  3. You can no longer hit list someone if you yourself are in the hospital.

  4. There have been a lot of major changes rolled out today to fighting and robbing.

    As mentioned already hospital hitlisting has been removed.

    You can rob a property before it has collected and it actually does damage to the property:

    The new high end fight loot are permanent additions to the game, not just promotional over these two days.

    And a lot of other things that we will discover over time. I am looking over the forums to see what else has been added, but there have been some considerable changes from what I have seen.

  5. Double fighting loot started today. Got some HE Bangkok loot and some loot that appear to be exclusive to fighting.

  6. argh!! wasted time playing zynga poker. it gave me stamina refill when i just leveled and got a refill already. why can't they stack??!!

  7. The Daily Chance now drops a reward point for claiming four tickets instead of a skill points.

    There are tons of changes going on. It is impossible to keep up. Do they still do release notes on updates?

  8. Mafia Wars is Zygna's mushroom farm -- they keep us in the dark and feed us lots of crap. Most of the changes in fighting and robbing seem aimed at "encouraging" us to put more points in defense.

  9. I am not going to complain about them giving an incentive to add to defense. It has been a pretty useless stat for most builds and all the extra xp I have been getting today from people doing the fighting event have been awesome. This is almost beginning to feel like Mafia Wars before the game became so energy focused.

  10. New fighting system sucks. May be the end of playing MF for me.

  11. The 'ice' achievements were retroactively awarded for me.

  12. how to easily ice my opponents? which one should i fight?