June 24, 2010

Power Attack - New Feature

If you have done any fighting recently, I am sure you may have noticed a new feature - "Power Attack".

As stated in the picture above, Power Attack literally attacks again 5 times. It expends 5 stamina, and gives you the rewards as if you had attacked 5 times individually:

There is no special function to Power Attack, it just seems like a shortcut to prevent spam clicking and make spending 100s of Stamina points more appealing then spamming attack over and over again.

The downside is that you can not Power Attack iced opponents. Opponents must be alive in order to use Power Attack. If your enemy dies during your Power Attack, all 5 attacks do not go off.

As a result, I'm finding that most of the time my Fight List is dead, so I do not end up Power Attacking anyway! Power Attack is an available option on someone's profile page, but clicking it just ends up issuing a single attack if the opponent is iced.
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  1. Nice feature, except that I only have 157 health :(, so I can only fight for a little bit then need to wait till I can heal myself. Anyone know of a way around this - besides from pumping up health?

  2. whats a spamming attack?

  3. I think Spamming Attack = someone clicking you over and over again...like when someone attacks you almost 20 times in a row. I guess instead of 1 hit at a time, being 5 at a time cuts down on that?

  4. For the healing issue, I have something similar... But I heal myself with the 'Hospital' feature, but I do it in a city I've already finished, so the currency used to heal me doesn't reduce my Bangkok money !

  5. So that's why I lost all of my just earned job money in less than a minute.

  6. VEGAS IS ON! Got a jeep from doing a normal job, get all 7 for a 'special reward'.

  7. How it work with reward? When I used power attack, i don't found any new fighting loot...

  8. seems like the Las Vegas loot event already started although it's not midnight yet PST.

    Animal: Stage Show Tiger [A:28 D:50]
    Armour: Casino Guard [A:48 D:28]

  9. Fruiko: Power attack is literally up to 5 normal attacks, loot drops the same as 5 individual attacks (I had 3 SOMEONE FOUND LOOT on my last one).

    BIG BLIND 52/25 weapon
    HIGH ROLLER 46/23 vehicle
    COBRA G7 53/25 vehicle
    CASINO GUARD 48/28 armor
    STAGE SHOW TIGER 28/50 animal

    Still missing the last two...

  10. I wouldn't buy the Country Ball -- I got USA ball and it's only 35/16 for 5rp :(

    Btw power attack is really nice, doesn't lag my comp to "spam attack" and it racks up 'iced' kills fast.

  11. Complet LAS VEGAS event.


    I think that was easy (14k energy, but on high energy bangkok jobs).

  12. i don't see this feature, do you have to have a certain amount of stamina to have it?

  13. I don't see the feature yet either but for one day mafia wars had a whole new look to it. The entire top portion of the screen where you choose cities, hospital, job, fight, and such was all completely different.

    I'm guessing to expect a new revamped look soon - I liked it!