June 2, 2010

Red Mystery Bag - New Rewards

Mystery bags have changed up rewards a bit and there is now a "Red Mystery Bag" available for gifting.

Here are some of the rewards I have gotten:

+100 Energy Points
+1 free reward point
+5 Free Reward Points
+5 Skill Points (best!)
Valentine's Day Heart Tattoo (previously was quite rare)
Snow Leopard
Misc. assorted boosts


For some reason I am unable to receive any more mystery bags and every time I try to accept one it says "you have already accepted the Red Mystery Bag from that person" even though I was only able to open a few bags before getting this message.

At any rate, feel free to post what you find and I will update this list. Thanks!
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  1. It only drops from jobs...
    It says locked on free gifts page probably currently limited to job drops only..
    90% of players got +100 ene on first opening.. There was a bug giving not usable fraction energy( you got 56.45 ene use it in jobs)
    it drops valentine collection items including heart tattoos also... Yoohoo...
    Also dropped 5000B$s...


  2. I got a 34 energy on a lvl 93 char with a 51 energy job... So I dunno what the energy's based on.

  3. I got a politico corrupto a few times - not worth the click :(. I also got 5 reward points :)

  4. I got a gold key.

  5. Valentines collection "Stolen Heart" item

  6. I got 100 energy the first time, then later boosts and 5 skill points.

  7. 5 skill points, Escort, 1 RP and random boosts, what is really the difference between this and the regular ones? Other than the valentine tattoo, that is?

  8. I got a Human Organ Bag from the Valentines collection, so possibly every item is available. When I got mine to share with friends I got 1 reward point for myself as well

  9. i got 100 free reward points

  10. i got box of chocolates of the valentine's collection. looks that the items of this collections are being dropped now:) I also got a snow leopard, gold key, 1 RP, snow leopard and 5 skill points

  11. i got a few free reward points and +100 energy woohoo

    a side note: I have noticed wen i master the assassin tier in bangkok, it says you've shown ur loyalty blah blah then it says now master episode 8 & 9. so i think there r more episodes to come, making bangkok level with NY tiers. i will take a screen shot next time i master the episode.


  12. I got a Set of Veteran Dog Tags (armor 40/42). Not bad but I can not use it...

  13. Do I have to share the bags in order to get my bonus? One just said i got +5 Skillpoints but i can't find them anywhere.

  14. London unlocked .four jobs in first chapter which are as follows
    Bribe A Longshoreman
    31 Exp 18 Energy
    Replace Armored Truck Drivers
    54 Exp 31 Energy
    Re-Route The Hijacked Trucks
    76 Exp 45 Energy
    Deliver Banknotes to A Local Syndicate
    63 Exp 36 Energy
    heat meter is back :(
    requirements are 1 ,2 ,2 ,3 passports respectively

  15. 1st job 9% mastery
    and u get 6tries b4 the heat meter becomes yellow!
    that means in 16 hrs u can complete the job with 12 maps.

  16. i am already up to job 4(deliver bank notes) hear meter is longer than paris jobs wich is good coz u get to do more jobs, and energy is lower so u can do more jobs, but im not sure with the energy count from above poster, mine is 22 energy and 38XP so there is sumthing there. overall a million times easier than paris

  17. Am I missing something here? The "difficulty", both here and in Paris was the number of passports, not the xp ratios. A reasonably high level account could do all jobs in the energy pack level without problems.

    So why the claim that this is easier than paris? There's one more job per chapter, although less passports per job should compensate. I'd say they are the same difficulty, no?

    Bursting all passports in the first day may indeed make it a challenge, though...

  18. Completing chapter1 in a rush cost me

    5708 energy
    281 passports

  19. Why bust through chapter 1 in one go? We've got a week till chapter 2 goes live. Pace yourself, don't push the heat meter too far, and it'll be do-able in the week for less than half that number of passports, leaving plenty aside for chapter 2.

  20. the good thing about rushing through with an energy pack is that i don't have to care about london for a week. no stupid logging in when the heat meter is down and so on.. since i still got 1,1K passports i'm done collecting for london.

  21. It's interesting to know how much passport it cost to do the first week in a sitting, but the principal information that interests me is the number of % gain by each click on the differents missions. I know the 1st one is 9%, how about the other 3 ?

  22. @guillaume:

    chapter 1: 9%
    chapter 2: 8%
    chapter 3: 5%
    chapter 4: 4%

    as far as i remember them right

  23. 2 out of 3 of my last 3 red mystery bags dropped VD (pun intended) items. So far I've received a total of 7 such items. Ridiculous. I completed the collection for Valentine's Day when it originally came out. It's one thing to give player's who did not complete the collection a chance, but the frequency of these drops is a disservice to those who did their due vigilance the first time around.

  24. i just won 1000 points from the golden chest !!!!

  25. Received a Veterans Dog Tags from the Red Mystery Bag. A 42 D40.

  26. I have had about 6 100% energy refills but my energy doesn't refill. What am I doing wrong? Are they stored somewhere I don't know? Please help or even let me know if it's happened to you. Thanks.