July 3, 2010

Challenge Mission South Africa Chapter 1

South Africa Chapter 1 is now live. In an unusual twist, the "double mastery weekend" is actually double mastery for South Africa only.

There are 4 jobs for Chapter 1, just like with London. The Heat Meter now can handle 6 jobs before turning to Yellow and 5 jobs before turning to red. Here are the jobs and their percentages:

Arrive In Johannesburg: 1/2/3 Counterfeit Ticket Cost, 10% mastery per attempt (20% for double mastery weekend)

Set up the Mining Union Head: 2/3/4 Counterfeit Tickets, 9% mastery per attempt (18% with double mastery weekend)

Blackmail Him With The Evidence: 3/4/5 Counterfeit Tickets, 8% mastery per attempt (16% with double mastery weekend)

Leverage Your Influence: 4/5/6 Counterfeit Tickets, 7% mastery per attempt (14% with double mastery weekend).


I am sure a lot of you will find this was really easy. I was able to do it all within a couple of minutes with ease. It takes about 100 Counterfeit Tickets with the Double Mastery weekend.

The reward for finishing Chapter 1 of Challenge Mission South Africa is the Goalie (armor, 45 attack, 58 defense):

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  1. Double job mastery! (Only in South Africa.)
    Double loot mastery (Only on Chop Shop Items.)
    Future Shock 1985 55/45! (Now a useless 42/42.)
    All this with the nerfed jobs makes "Must Play Weekend" really easy to get away from.

  2. does anyone know which are the cheapest itens u can buy for completing the sale?

  3. currency i feel... and the new anniversary crates is good to try as u can get 3 items for 23 RP....if u have RPs

  4. you can buy silver treasure chest keys for 5RP each...i guess they forgot about them (buy the keys on your loot page next to the silver chests).

  5. Anybody else notice the new combat items for sale in new york? Are these supposed to be for the Vegas expansion or will they replace some of the job requirements in New York? They seem rather generic. The names are even duplicates or near duplicates of loot items.

  6. how many hours left before double/double starts?

  7. 45 minutes from now u count it BABY....

  8. Double Mastery Event Just started.. and Double Fight Loot too!>>>>> yepppieeieieieiei

  9. Double mastery in south africa not working now...

  10. anyone else noticing a steep decrease in the drop rate of fighting loot?

  11. my wepons depot timer is still 24 hours nt 12 while my chop chop is 12

  12. 6:49am Anon-

    Just coming here to post the same thing.

    Yeah, I got a double loot drop. 2, that is, from several hundred fights.

    Yesterday, I was getting HEL loot all over the place. Typical Zynga crap. It's like a retail store that jacks their prices before putting everything "on sale".

    Unless the loot drops pick up, it's a worse investment in time than fighting has ever been.

  13. anyone noticed that the jobs are giving out less in terms of exp / energy

    settle beef permanently used to be
    35 energy 74 exp

    now it is
    36 energy 73 exp...

  14. Anon 11:11

    It's been commented on repeatedly, and even mentioned in a blog posting. A cursory look would've answered your question before you asked it.

  15. 100 Fights dropped ONLY 1 item, 2 car parts, what a crap and BS from zynga !!!

  16. no luck at fighting or robbing. Someone said they had a lot of diamond drops lately, but I still getting stupid loots. Not a single diamond in sight.

  17. This weekend is the greatest of all Zynga disasters.

    Double mastery when it is double money, what is really needed to finish Bangkok

    Double loot when virtually nothing is dropping from fights. Ok, to be fair I got 2xLamang Motorcycle and 2xDevastator from some 500 fights today. Oh, and 4xFlux Compressor, so I can build that crappy Future Shock:)

    Really well done, Zynga :(

  18. The 12 hours on the chop shop has been reset back to 24 hours.... Are you guys having the same problem?

  19. yup - it went to a 24 hr clock ... which is weird because at 3am EST is usually when things start / end...

  20. I've also been getting way worse than usual loot drops from fighting, hardly anything at all...thought it was just me.

  21. I have a lot of problems finding counterfeit tickets, where do you guys get them?
    Doing jobs gave just a single tickets, clearing the robbing board occasionally gives me one. I'm in dire need for more...

  22. Counterfeit tickets - I'm not sure how anyone could be in "dire" need. If you just collect the daily freebies, you should have enough to complete all of South Africa. I was able to do both London and Paris without having to "farm" the maps or passports.

    And I finished the first level of South Africa on Friday (during double mastery). I'm up over 50 tickets and I still have 3 more days of collecting the drops from South Africa before level 2 opens up.

    Just make sure you get your daily drop from the city, and you should have no problem getting enough tickets.

  23. wow thanks to anon above got sin city shooter, pair of kings and elvis impersonator in 50 RP only by buying silver chests!