July 8, 2010

Challenge Mission South Africa Chapter 2: Golden Goal

Chapter 2 of Mafia Wars Challenge Mission South Africa is now live!

You get 60 Counterfeit Tickets for adding 2 people to your Mafia; you can now collect 30 tickets every 24 hours. Here is the job list:

Turn Out The Lights in Durban: Cost: 2/3/4 Counterfeit Tickets, pays 10% mastery per attempt

Pick Up The Bullion: Cost: 3/4/5 Counterfeit Tickets, pays 9% mastery per attempt

Ship The Gold Out: Cost: 4/6/6 Counterfeit Tickets, pays 8% mastery per attempt

Bribe The Refs With The Proceeds: Cost: 5/7/7 Counterfeit Tickets, pays 7% mastery per attempt

I don't know if its a bug or intended, but note that on the last two jobs (at least for me) the cost in Counterfeit Tickets jumped up by 2 when the heat meter went from green to yellow. There was then no increase from yellow to red on the last two jobs. If this is working as intended, it just makes it slightly more expensive to finish up.

It still should be pretty easy, especially if you were able to play during the Double Job Mastery in South Africa.

The reward for finishing Mafia Wars Challenge Mission South Africa Chapter 2 is the Tiebreaker (weapon; 76 attack, 42 defense).

Will have information tomorrow on the new Mafia Wars Las Vegas job!
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  1. Here is the screen shot this challenge finished:


    here is my ID for verification:


    Give credit if you use my pic somewhere else :)

  2. Las Vegas Preview is here...

    We can get access to Las Vegas through chance, based on the number of Chips that one owns.

  3. You were wondering about the new gear in the NY. So I made a test and created a new account and surprise, surprise, the NY has totally changed.

    The map that you used to see at the bottom of the properties is now used for the jobs, and at the end of the jobs you meet the bosses.

    Now here's the thing, I was doing third neighborhood and hitting the boss last night for two stamina, when the winning pays 200 XP and thirty grand in cash. In no time I was able to beat the boss so many times that I had risen almost thirty levels.

    The question is in order to do a farmer account should I still place most of the points in the energy or ?

  4. Just logged into that account and they've now fixed the glitch, so I think that I'll be going back to doing the jobs and putting the points into the energy until I've reached 3000 to 5000 energy points.

  5. BTW there is no greater level than 10 Grand Master Thief on robbing, just reached 100% and there is no 11th 12th :))))

  6. @Tomee. hi hey i have not yet got a single diamond..how do we get that only by clearing the board or otherwise also or only after a certain level. i just started Level 6 Master Robber.. and i m not finding diamonds...Plz reply anybody

  7. @Faisal

    It doesn't matter if you lose everything or win everything on the board, just clear it. I am Level 10 with now 33% and got like 25-30 diamonds.
    I think you just have to be lucky to get these diamonds.

  8. Level 6 (40% to 7) with 2 diamonds. One dropped right at the end of Lvl 5 and one a few days ago. Most people say they drop more frequently at level 6+.

  9. Anyone else getting their random Mastermind (50% XP on jobs) bonus?

    It seemed to dry up for me at some point yesterday.

    Last week they dropped the Mastermind/Wheelman to 10%, I think think they may have just done away with the bonus. Have we been nerfed again, or have I just hit a mathematically hard to justify run of bad luck?

  10. I'm still getting my mastermind/wheelman bonuses, but I think it comes less often...

    Zygna has made it known that they do not like these bonuses and it's only a matter of time before they nerf it all together.

  11. Leveling is going to become a lot harder in the near future. Do what you can now before they drop the hammer on energy accounts.

  12. The problem is that it's not just the "energy" accounts that get hammered. I've got a "balanced" account - I didn't discover the blogs and guides until I was through New York and was figuring out the math on my own.

    And in the gap between Cuba/Moscow with no real direction, I poured the stat points into ATT/DEF which killed my ability to level when Moscow landed.

    I'm finally up over level 1100 (after 13 months) and finally back to the point where I can reliably level more than twice per day. But I'm just barely there - and part of the mix has been the 11%/11% and 50% XP bonuses. I put all stat points into energy and only build weapons/cars that net stamina/energy.

    The only non-energy thing I've been doing is putting 14/15 GF points into 10 mafia instead of buying stat points. I'm not adding non-friends to facebook just to bump my mafia. I've got my mafia up to 331 (with 280 hired hands) - which, while the extra stat points would be nice, the larger mafia size has definitely been worth it as far as game play.

    But every time I real the game back in and begin to make progress as far as leveling and playing, Zynga moves the goalposts. It's really getting annoying. You set objectives based on the mathematical balance of the game, invest a couple months of dedicated play to get your stats balanced just right, then they completely change things.

    Fool me 8 or 9 times, shame on you. Fool me ten times, time to stop playing MafiaWars.

  13. The whole attraction of the game is that you your stats improve and you collect things which helps yours stats improve.

    If it becomes harder to level then I suspect people will simply play less. Afterall, if your stats don't improve according to the effort/time you spend on the game, then whats the point in spending that extra effort and time?

  14. you can now go to an sneak peak las vegas page under the travel tab. it also has a link where you can get a chance to be in the early acces, 0-9 racks of chips gets you a 1% chance, 10-24 get you 5%, 25-49 gets you 10%, and 50+ get you 20%. it also gives a little explanation to the casino and fighting in vegas as well as how the path choices will be.