July 13, 2010

Challenge Mission South Africa Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Challenge Mission South Africa is now live.

Job List / Cost:

Insert Your Crooked Refs: 10% job mastery per attempt, 3/4/5 Counfeit Ticket Cost

Push The Favorite: 9% job mastery per attempt, 4/5/6 Counfeit Ticket Cost

Flip The Switch On The Final: 8% job mastery per attempt, 5/6/7 Counfeit Ticket Cost

Collect From The Bookmakers: 7% job mastery per attempt, 6/7/8 Counfeit Ticket Cost


You will get an extra 60 Counterfeit Tickets for adding 2 people to your Mafia. Also, the collection rate is now 40 Counterfeit Tickets every 24 hours.

The reward for finishing off Challenge Mission South Africa Chapter 3 is the Penalty Kick (vehicle; 110 attack, 59 defense).
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  1. I'm sure others must have figured this out, but for the past week I have been only getting 25% energy refill with the toolbar, not either of 200 bonus energy or stamina which I have in the past.

    I put this down to leaving my stamina to accumulate (to 50 or so) and using all my energy before accepting the toolbar boost.

    As I say, many may have already figured this out but I guess it's kinda cheating the toolbar which seems to reward boosts depending on current energy and stamina.

    Thought I may as well share.

  2. MWG - Energy packs system has changed too. It appears you have to accept them as gifts, and you can only accumulate 5 max.

  3. Hi, here is the image mastering this chapter.


    Good playing!

  4. MW giving me credit for achievements I already have, and permitting me to earn them again too (ex. # of fights in a row won etc.). Free skill points, I guess.

  5. Crud, my Jimmy the Rat collection got emptied somehow. The earn-by-fighting ones are easy, but I'm out my only lime and my only lucky sevens! Odd things happening today.

  6. WTF! My robbing wins just vanished! I just got reset to 0. And I was just 1500 more wins to get Grand Master Thief status. Perfect! SIGH!

  7. All my special collections got emptied - Jimmy the Rat, Global Cup, Chinese New Year, etc. WTF indeed!

  8. huh - can anyone else corroborate what the first poster wrote and explain it better

  9. The same shit happened to me. Jimmy the Rat, and some collections are back to zero. Damn!

  10. Got a response from customer support regarding my robbing wins stats reseting. Apparently I'm not alone and they are working on fixing all the affected accounts on the same time. They couldn't give me an estimated time when that will be though. Oh, well...

  11. I will trade the triple-bar and the cherry for a plum ....


  12. Lost all my boosts... Weird ! Not that it matters that much, but I'm wondering... Is it a glitch like the Collections Problems (mine are all there, but wasn't online when it happened...)
    Or are they clearing the board to make place to new kind of Boosts from Vegas ?
    Vegas Loot Drop start friday by the way.
    (only 2 missions @4th Mastery to complete (buy the stock) in Bangkok... Right on time !)

  13. Glad I'm not the only one having weird problems.

    I'm locked out of South Africa Chapters 2 and 3. Chapter 1 says it's 100% complete and I was like 91% done with the final job in chapter 2.

    I hope they fix this quickly or extend the south africa job so I actually have time to finish it.

  14. I am locked out of finishing Bangkok. After getting level 3 done it locked level 4 at 100%. I'd really like to gain 100+ levels and get it done.

  15. How can you farm the tickets?
    I do 1 energy jobs in NY but they don't seem to drop from that. I rarely get them from fights, and sometimes from clearing a robbing board but nowhere else.

    Any help please?

  16. they drop very rarely, sry, i guess they realized that people were farming the 1en job in ny too much for the last two specials, so disabled drops there. even with spending hundreds of stamina and up to 100k of energy a day, i dont get more than maybe 20-30.