July 24, 2010

"Feds are Watching" Job put on Hold

Since some of you are asking about it, the Beat the Feds limited time event has been put on hold.

The gist of the event was that there were a group of 4 bosses that you could fight, upon winning you received an item with decent stats.

After you beat each boss once, you got an item which offered +1% to chip drops from Vegas fights. You then completed the Bronze level of mastery and could move on to level 2 and fight each boss again.

On Level 2, each boss got more HP and was tougher, just in Mafia Wars Las Vegas. After beating the bosses a second time, your weapon that you got from the first fight got upgraded in stats.

However, this job was pulled since it was really buggy and crashing the servers. Here is the official response:

"Hey all,

Just to clarify - this [the Feds job] has been delayed, not canceled. I do not have an official time frame for when the feds will return, but all players should be able to participate in this event in the future. I'll try to keep you updated when I get more information. Thanks for your patience!"

Will cover this event along with loot when it comes back to the game. Not likely to come back within the next few days I'd imagine.
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That sucks...but thanks for the update

  3. I have a quick question if anyone can answer. Ive mastered the first 2 tiers in bangkok with level 3 mastery and i haven't received the bonus loot. Do I have to master level 4 or is this a glitch? Please reply!

  4. Yes, the mastery loot items appear after completing level 4.

  5. I actually was able to get the first item from this event, and I almost got the second weapon and had the fight won, but the game crashed, and I wasn't awarded the second weapon.

  6. i got all weapons 4 LVL 1 Feds

  7. Now live again

    Paul D

  8. How many levels are there? I have done all 3 stars and still have the option to keep fighting?