July 24, 2010

Fight Club Tournaments

Even though I mostly play an energy account, I decided to investigate the new Mafia Wars Fight Club Tournaments.

The general gist of these tournaments are that you enter against other random opponents and fight in a bracket-style fight (single elimination) in order to see who the winner is. The winner then ends up with a collection piece, some $V, experience points, and Victory tokens (can be used to purchase items in the Marketplace under the "Fight Club" tab).

You can also bet $V on players (either yourself or others), which pay out odds based on their chance of winning.

However, it is a bit more complicated than that. On the next screen, you will see something like this:

So, apparently there are a ton of "weight classes", which are ranked below from easiest to hardest. At every "weight class" aside from heavyweight, there is a cap on your combined attack and defense (stat points) score and the number of members in your mafia.

Flyweight - capped at 10 attack and defense combined along with 5 maia members.
Heavyweight - No Cap

However, in order to go to the higher brackets, you have to win in the previous rounds first! As far as I can tell, it is completely luck who wins in the early matches, given that everyone has at least 5 mafia and 10 attack/defense! That is the cap after all, so you can't go past that.

At any rate, within each weight class, there are three rankings: regional, national, and worlds. Each one seems to be more competitive (or at least you have a higher chance to lose). I'm not sure exactly how this works given the low cap (everyone should be at the cap in at least the first few matches).

I entered the regional championship and won. Here is what I got:

40 XP
10 "Fans" (determines your "Fame" and Rank - not sure what this does yet)
+5 Victory Tokens
+8,000 Tokens

I also bet the max on myself and won $V 300,000 back, which was pretty nice.

As far as Victory Tokens go, here is what the Fight Club screen reveals in the marketplace:

These items have some pretty good stats, but this is clearly very, very old. Who knows what the Marketplace will look like once they revamp this section (still has the old Top Mafia that appeared for a day or two!).

After winning at the regional level, the next match was nationals (still within the Flyweight bracket):

A little more expensive to enter... and I lost in the first round.

In between each loss, you must wait for 4 hours before you can enter again (or spend 8 Reward points!).


How to Win Fight Club Tournaments

I think I may have stumbled upon the answer of how to win capped fight-club tournaments:

First off, obvi0usly you want "Your Entry" (total mafia number and combined attack and defense skill) to be equal to whatever the cap is for the bracket you are trying to enter. Take a look at the picture below:

"Your fighting score is determined by your attack and defense skills plus the combined attack and defensive strengths of one weapon, armor, and vehicle item for each mafia member that you bring to fight."

So, it looks like we are going back to the old system where the maximum attack and defense of a single item does not matter but rather the important number is the combined offensive and defensive score.

With that said, for best chances of winning, try to collect 1 of the following items for the class you are entering in:

Weapon: Plasma Rifle (created in the Weapons Depot). Combined score of 87.

Titanium Katar (drops in episode 7 of Bangkok). Combined score of 85

Armor: Royal Thai Marine or Ninja (drops on Bangkok Episode 7 and 6, respectively). Combined score of 82.

Vehicle: Day Rider 2K (built in the Chop Shop). Combined score of 95.

Lamang Motorcycle (drops in Episode 7 of Bangkok). Combined Score of 83.

Animal: Bark Scorpion (random drop from doing jobs in Las Vegas). Combined score of 82.


I believe those are the 4 pieces best combined pieces that you can get multiple copies of without spending Reward points. I have included alternates for the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot categories as it will hard to get 500 of each of those pieces.

It is kind of funny after everyone (myself included) whined about how bad the Day Rider 2K was, but now it actually seems to have a use.

There are certainly better pieces out there, such as the Poison Dart Frog (animal with combined score of 96), which is a reward from the bonus spin of the slots. It seems that for the small brackets, having these items will go a long, long way.
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  1. I play a manic fighter account that is as balanced as I can get it. And I mean that spent 1200+ points in energy and around 1100 points in attack and defence skills, with around 500+ points in stamina.

    Now, I can beat quite a lot of 501's in the shark-tank. So I'm not totally nooby in the fighting, and yet when enter in the lightest tournaments I lose to a 12:1 guy with 2:1 odds.

    Thing is that further you go in the nationals, the game balances itself, and mostly the odds to win the whole turnament becomes greater then 1:36. Maybe even 1:48. When their machine ranks you with 5:1 or 6:1 odds in the first rounds.

    Don't know. Should we start collecting data?

  2. personally i am skipping the lower class ones as a tactical move. Yes everyone has 10 att/def the real difference that will play a part here is the items those 5 people bring into the battle. The variety of random loot that has been placed in the game over the past 6 months alone is mind boggling, +RP items, crates etc, without the boss job completion items taken into account.

    So as a tactical move i go past them into the classes 100+ where 1 item that i dont has a much less impact.

  3. the items that are shown in the marketplace for the fight club unfortunately will not be there, when they leaked the fed job yesterday i happened to check the marketplace to see if fight club was opened, it was not, but they took away those four items and put up about 50 new items ranging in cost from 100-1000 victory tokens, and needless to say none of the items had as impressive stats as the hazard, glance, or silenced rifle they were much more in line with the HEL you can find now, i think the highest defense i saw was a vehicle with like 55 and all items along those lines in terms of A/D

  4. How could you get access to the fight club? Is this only available in Las Vegas?

  5. i have a problem with the ruby boss at Mojave Desert. i try him more times, his benchmen are down and i stun him and loose while he was stuned. who knows something about. i have 1221 att and 1451 def and my strange 102k att/104k def
    pls help

  6. Unrelated. Had anyone gotten a Casino Dealer to drop? I've completed Paradise City (Ruby mastery) and nada, zilch. Another member of my Mafia reports the same thing.

    I get plenty of the other Casino specific items (better than 50% drop rates), but not a single Casino Dealer.

  7. I haven't had a single casino dealer drop yet. I get the rest of the items with relative frequency, but not that one.

  8. theres something wrong with the casino dealer drop to the two posters above, everyone has the same problem, only way to get them right now is through the free gifts.

  9. No casino dealers for me either.

    I think MWG has it wrong - it is not the combined strength of each weapon that matters, but the combined strength of your best attack weapons plus the combined strength of your best defensive weapons.

    No: (best attack+defense)*number of mob members
    Yes: (best attack*number of mob members)+(best defense*number of mob members) + bonus for best stuff.

    Zynga just has very poor language there - and I wouldn't trust the language they have to even be updated since, for example, it doesn't even mention animals.

    Also, my energy account has very, very nice top-10 weapons (mastery of everything plus bangkok faction items - basically the best non-RP items you can get) does very, very well at the "lowest" level fights. I say "lowest" in quotes because the low-level fights will be dominated by energy accounts and the "high" level fights will be dominated by non-energy accounts.

  10. I *think* I'm right.. there's no way to tell for sure. The reason I think I am right is because your attack and defense stat points are melded together..

    Here is the rationale:

    1. It specifically says you can use 1 item per mafia member.

    2. when fighting, you can only use 1 item of each type per mafia member.

    3. when fighting you are normally either the aggressor or the defender, so you pick 1 of your best item based on what you are doing.

    4. this is different, you are both on defense and attack. it would make sense to combine your item's total stat pool.

    5. in no other feature in the game can we use more than 1 item per mafia member, why would this be any different

    6. it is a logical explanation for the existence of the Day 2k Rider, otherwise that car serves no purpose.

  11. The fight tournaments are randomnised, even if you have the best odds there's a chance you will lose.

    The calculation looks alot like that of robbing, but just a little different ;)

  12. Okay, so check it out. Go look at your Profile on Mafia Wars. Add up your Attack skill and your Defense skill. Go to Fight Tournament and scroll down. It has a place that says, "Your Skills." My number is 1,614. My Attack skill is 802 and my Defense skill is 792. It adds together your Attack and Defense and then adds 20. As I get more weapons, it doesn't change. Better weapons, doesn't change. But when I put a skill point in, it will change. I haven't completely figured out why it only adds 20. Hopefully someone will soon. I'll be researching this though cause I hate losing to weak players.

  13. The fight results seem to be totally random. My attack & defense skills are VERY high (more than 20k), with mafia attack & defense in excess of 105k and so far I have won 1 of the 8 tourneys that I have entered. In every tourney, my odds have been 2:1, but it does not seem to matter. For now, I'm giving up on the tourneys, just as I have on the rest of Vegas.

  14. Has anyone defeated the District 5 Ruby level Boss "Red"? I have tried different strategies and I can't even make a dent.

  15. Can someone please tell me how to increase your mafia attack and defense skills quickly? I am at 87k attack and 82k defense and am not able to make significant gains. I guess that I am looking for some help with what items to farm. Thanks.

  16. To thechupacabraman, I believe the extra 20 is from your top mafia, 10 for attack bonus from your Buttonman, 10 for defense bonus from your Bodyguard....I hope that helps!

  17. or maybe an attack boost item;)?

    by the way, now they´ve changed the tournaments some, dont know what theyve done but it looks different and the restrictions are gone (all but the max mafia members one...)??

  18. 103k attack/defense, have played since the "beta" and havent won a tournament yet... The thing is a buncha crap.

  19. There was one day when my odds were being calculated as 1:200ish, and I won three tournaments that day. Other than that, I've only gotten lucky once or twice..

  20. I think that the skills value in the tournament is the combined value of your attack and defence PLUS one boost. A1180 + D1096 + Boost (Mr Hotsauce) A100 total 2276

    I can see no sense in the odds..they are no indication as to who is going to win.

  21. I see no sense in collecting Day Rider 2K for the tournaments, as we are unable to choose which item is used and, thus, the top items are used such as boss mastery items. Also, in my game, I have always been able to join any class without having to do the previous ones first. Different versions as usual, I guess. And finally, I always figured the "combined" value of an item was completely irrelevant. What I was figuring is that it effects what I call the "smack back." If an item has 50 defense and 20 attack, your attacker will ahve to have an attack to get past the 50 defense, how well he gets past it is the amount of damage you receive in the attack. However, your item's attack of 20 is what determines how much damage HE gets when attacking you. The Day Rider 2k, and similar items, provide a good smack back. Same goes for if you are attacking.. your defense in your attack prevents you from getting as much damage while striking. I don't know if this is what it used to be.. but it is what I am observing now, unless it is all coincidence.

  22. i finally won globaly in flightweight! :D

  23. I have participated in some many tournaments but I can't get up to 6:1 odds not to talk of 10:1 odds. How do people get up to 10, 12 odds and above?