July 25, 2010

Las Vegas District 2: Paradise City

In this post, I will be discussing jobs, loot, progression, and strategies for working through District 2 of Mafia Wars Las Vegas: Paradise City.

Will start out the discussion with job tiers!


In District 2: Paradise City, there are once again two job tiers: energy and fighting. You can use each path to independently access the property job and the boss, but once again you must complete both paths to get your mastery to the next level.

Fighting Jobs

Fighting jobs have changed a bit since the implementation of beta. Players can now choose between 3 people to fight (more chance of their being a weaker player) rather than only having 1 enemy to fight.

The strength of your opponent does not seem to matter as far as % job mastery goes - I always get the same % of mastery regardless of whether or not I win versus the strongest player on the list or the weakest player of the list. As a result, always attack the player with the smallest mafia when doing fighting jobs. In the picture above, I would be attacking "DON AIKEN".

In addition to now having 3 enemies for you to choose from, you now get some job mastery from losing these missions. You get half of what you would have gotten if you had won.

All in all, this change has made progressing through much easier. Despite that, these new missions require significant amounts of stamina. For example, the second fighting job on the 4th level of mastery for Paradise City requires 64 stamina per attempt and offers 4% for a job win and 2% for a loss. Players will need to spend 1,600 stamina to complete master the 4th level of mastery, and that is assuming they win every time. You will need about 5,000 to finish off Episode 2 alone!


Job Loot:

Help a Bookie Out Of A Jam - Drops "Hot Tip". This is a consumable used for the "Clean Up At A Rigged Table" job.

Recruit A Table Game Dealer - This job is supposed to drop a "Casino Dealer" but at the time of this posting it seems to be broken.



The Boss of District 2: Paradise City is Jimmy "Big Time" Mancuso. For defeating him, players will earn Mancuso's Shades:

Here are the stats:

Bronze Mastery: 62 attack, 80 defense
Silver Mastery: 64 attack, 90 defense
Gold Mastery: 68 attack, 105 defense
Ruby Mastery: 76 attack, 125 defense

Beating this guy the 4th time around was pretty tough for my energy character. He has a ton of HP and I imagine he is even quite tough on Level 4 for fighting-based accounts. Here is how I beat him, and you can apply a similar strategy to other accounts:

- Made sure I had 10 Shivs, Grenades, and Stun Guns

- Engaged the boss, used all my consumables, got defeated (don't run away, you have to lose if you can't kill him outright)

- Immediately went to New York where I spent tons of energy on Associate level jobs to quickly
farm up 10 more Stun Guns really quickly by spam-clicking "Do Job Again" over and over again.

- As soon as I got 10 Stun Guns, I healed and re-engaged the boss. If you are quick about this, he still still be injured from your last encounter.

- Used all my Stun Guns again and barely finished him off by the last use.

You can do this on all of the later bosses it would seem and do it repetitively. It might take 2-3 attempts, slowly whittling their HP total down each attempt.

It is truly a real pain though and I imagine they will eventually nerf some of these bosses HP totals (we are still in beta after all). There is no way even a good fighting account is going to take out a boss with 10,000+ HP and minions!
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  1. I always fight the strongest with the biggest mafia, but I do this in life also. Hey, almost everyone is bigger than me anyway!
    My Dad had a pair of aviators! He was a lot harder than Mancuso.
    One thing that I've noticed is the ROI on jobs is less with each subsequent level. In previous cities, the ROI improved as you advanced. The best ROI is District 4 (Shogun Casino) "Create A Distraction On The Floor". Since later jobs require lots of cash, I found it better to do all the other jobs and Districts first and leave District 4 in Level 1 so that I could get quick cash.
    As I said before, I work for a bank, so take it for what it's worth!

  2. If you thought Mancuso was hard just wait until you do Julianna Trieste for Gold and Ruby. She has 15,000 health in Gold and 25,000 in Ruby! Even with using the ask for health option I couldn't beat her the first time through on Gold. After I got killed I did the same as you and went to NY to farm consumables. When I came back to try again I got a notice that 7 people had helped and knocked off a whole 890 lousy points, LOL. The second time I was lucky and beat her. First I used all the grenades and shivs and then stunned her and hit. Then hit again without stun and healed back up to my full health of 328 by using 2 first aid kits. Then stun and hit, stun and hit and every so often a stunless hit. Got her down to zero with 1 stun gun and no shivs, first aid kits or grenades left.

    It does seem to be glitched because the first time through she actually gained health on at least 50% of my hits. I think if someone was helping me and got killed then it glitches so that she healed instead of taking damage, but who the heck knows!

  3. If you think this boss was hard. The next one is impossible. She has 25,000 HP and the most I can get off her in one hit is @ 400 HP. That's 62 hits at full power. Even with the option to have friends help doesn't really help. they only knock her down 600-800.

    Good luck all

  4. Just to let you know, you don't need to go all the way back to NY to get stun gun drops... just had a few stun guns drop for me in the first district of Vegas while completing level-4 mastery.




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  7. Its probably too early to come to a definitive conclusion about Las Vegas but my preliminary thoughts are that its a bit of an inconvenience, a distraction, but no more. Sure, there are some easy skill points that are worth having but, for me, all it has done is mess up my daily leveling regime. Moreover, the loot is complete rubbish. I’ve got one Bark Scorpion having mastered the ruby level of District 1 so that’s not exactly a fantastic drop rate! The tournaments don’t really matter and, yeah, the stamina required to do the fights in “fight path” are a pain but it does not compel me to invest loads into into stamina. Indeed, the rewards don’t even match the effort of upgrading “my casino”. All in all, its not very addictive. If New York had been like this, I suspect I would not have played this long!

  8. The reason I like to go to New York over collecting the stun guns in Vegas is because in Las Vegas there is a little timer on the frequency with you can do jobs (only about 1 per second).

    In New York, there is no limit, you can spam click and get done 10 jobs a second. The boss seems to regenerate the longer you wait, so time is of the essence.

  9. At least you can ask for help to defeat Juliana (the chap 3 boss).

    The boss from chap 5 in ruby mastery deals like 1k per hit, has 5k hp and two goons with high HP. Even this strategy of mass stungunning does not seem to work since she regenerates faster than I find stunguns and her goons always regenerate full HP.

  10. Anyone have any info about what items I can sell off as I progess through Vegas? These jobs are expensive!

  11. My first char finish most of the bosses except chapter 3 (who has 25000 HP!).
    Changes today make bosses harder. When I fight chapter 4 boss ,he can even heal himself during the fight !@#$%^
    I hope these changes are still in beta...

  12. Anyone else having problems with chapter 4?
    I beat the boss, just waited for the social job to finish to advance to next level. Once that wasd doen all jobs had barious levels of completion (between 70%-100%) and the boss showed as completed. However this would be grat (I'm on gold mastery already) if I ever got any skill points for mastering jobs or at least the boss loot, but I got neither...

  13. Well screw that. If it keeps worsening, I'll go up to chap 3 and finish bangkok. I'm only doing this since it seems like people are powering thru Vegas and I didn't want them to nerf it and screw it up.

  14. Please tell me how to defeat Victor on Ruby Mastery in North Las Vegas,,

  15. Regarding loot. Can anyone confirm this

    Loot drops in District 5 depending on the mastery level

    Range Finder Rifle (54 defense) only starts dropping on ruby mastery

  16. Range Finder Rifle Can drop anywhere on any mastery, I've already gotten two or three of them in different districts and im not on ruby mastery of 5th district now, drop rate is just low thats all

  17. "Loot drops in District 5 depending on the mastery level

    Range Finder Rifle (54 defense) only starts dropping on ruby mastery"
    That is wrong. I got a couple of those on silver and a couple more on gold.

    Over all I'm disappointed with LV and even a bit pi88ed off. The higher the mastery level the worse the energy/stamina to experience ratio gets. That completely destroys the replay possibilities.

    The loot is not great to begin with and only has a fairly small upgrade over Bangkok for a few items. Plus the drop rates are terrible, the loot drops randomly instead of from a particular job and none of it is giftable. So you can't effectively farm it and you can't trade it either.

    Another bad point is the whole Vegas chips situation. Chips are fairly easy to get, especially for a mogul but they are good for nothing at all except buying the crap you need to advance through Vegas. You can't buy anything worthwhile in Vegas unless you are a fairly low level player. The conversion thing they have built into the vault gives you a tiny amount of chips. So tiny that you can't get enough cash that way to buy what you need for even a single job if you are low on chips.

    It looks like I will get through the first 5 districts of Vegas quite a bit faster than I got through the last 2 episodes of Bangkok. And then what? Go back to farming crap that I can't use in Bangkok? I don't think so!

  18. An easy tip for boss fights.

    Have one tab in your browser where you fight the boss. Open another tab where you heal your character every hit in vegas.

    Only downside, if you have trouble with a boss you get killed in one hit :-p ;-)
    But you can kill every boss.

  19. I've tried farming for the stun guns and other items to use in Boss fights, but they are dropping very slowly, and try as I might, I cannot do 10 jobs per second. It looks like I can push no more than 3 jobs through at a time, and then there's a delay before I can push another 3 through. Which jobs are people using to farm? I'm doing the Bank Heist.

  20. The Fight Club Tournaments don't have to be fought in sequence (Fly to Heavy). I had been fighting in Fly (I'm only 157cm and 46kg) and had only made it to second round of Nationals.
    I tried Heavy and made it to Worlds the first time! Sachiko

  21. Which NY job drops stun guns???

  22. Why id my stun gun not hurting any of the bosses? Anyone else having this problem?

  23. the combat loot (stun gun/shiv/grenade/health pack) definitely drop more frequently in vegas than in ny.

  24. Fighting XP nerfed today? or possibly just malfunctioning? From NY, spending 200 stam, just got 1.62 xp/stam with zero loot, whereas last night was getting 2.6+ with copious amounts of loot. Just curious.

  25. not to change the subject (sorry guys), there is a (New)NY..Is that really true, and if it is, how do u get there.........Can someone clue me in...Thanks guys

  26. Um, NY fights are just giving me 1 or 2 xp only (out of >100 fights) and dropping ZERO loots (of any kind at all). Pretty lame while Zynga apparently alters how fights work :(

  27. [Why id my stun gun not hurting any of the bosses? Anyone else having this problem?]

    Stun guns only stuns the boss.. after using stun gun.. hit boss.. then again use again hit..

  28. i am an energy account and i cant beat the district 5 boss on ruby and the district 3 one on gold.

    the problem is, the district 5 boss has 2 minions, so i need to use all grenades and 5-7 stun guns to kill them off, leaving me with barely anything for the actual boss, including the time it takes to get the consumables back, the boss has almost healed up or completely healed up.

    the district 3 boss with its 10-15k(i forgot what it was)on gold mastery actually healed on me while i was fighting her. the boss healed in combat!?
    i really hope this gets nerfed.

  29. @gam0vr u r right! no loot drops from NY fights at all, just burned like 500 stamina...

  30. Yep no loot drops from NY + ridiculous exp/sta. And I can't even beat district 3 boss on silver god damn it, 10k exp spammed all consumables but I am only hitting 600 per hit. Tried your method but boss already healed back up

  31. They slipped a major fighting change in under the radar apparently while we were all busy in Vegas:

    Attacking an iced opponent gets you the following:

    1) No loot drops
    2) 1 - 2 xp
    3) No rally the troops

    Also, I haven't been able to confirm it independently, but it seems that the quality of loot is now dependent on the size of the mafia you attack. Big mafias get you FHEL, medium sized mafias get you basic HEL and really small mafias get you nothing. But wait for confirmation on this, but given that a number of people are reporting that they spent 500 or 600 stamina fighting and got nothing off of smaller opponents, this might be significant.

  32. Attacking living opponents and 501s actually seems to generate slightly more loot if my experience is anything to go by. I see that a few have already reported their experience here. Why are they attacking dead people?

  33. New fighting system is realy annoying. My list is pernamently full of iced oponents. If sometimes is somebody live, then i click on him, he is dead. And spending 1000 stamina is so boring... and you got nothing...

  34. I just got a 12 Gauge off a 173 mafia. Ignore the speculation on mafia size affecting loot drops in my previous posts. It may affect the percentage, or there may just be a bad server out there that isn't dropping fighting loot at the moment.

  35. I use AttackX to spend all my 800+ Stamina on a single target, so it would be more than likely that the target is already iced. What's the point of spending so much skill points on Stamina then? Looking for people to attack and attacking them 800+ times is no joke, just way too much, stupid idea by Zynga is this is true.

  36. 839 stamina spent
    Result: 21 loot
    1549 experience
    That was NOT worth the time... >_>

  37. I can confirm that I only get loot when i am attacking live targets

  38. u could always use brawler instead of Attackx

    brawler worked fine for me :
    976 wins 35 losses
    15 killed 90 iced
    and 24 HEL (zeus, devastator etc)

  39. If you're having trouble doing 10 jobs per second, switch to Chrome. It has other issues with mafia wars, but it also is able to have many more requests outstanding at once, while IE and Firefox seem to cap out at 3-5.

  40. It's also really annoying that the list of people to fight isn't even accurate - note that if you ice/kill someone, they STILL show up as alive in the list below.

    Another problem is only people who are fighting show up on the fight list, so all the fighters are competing for a very small pool of live targets. Zynga needs to put everyone on the list who is in the city, so we're not all trying to attack the same very few people.

    One very nice use of stamina points though is it is the best way to get cash for Bangkok.

  41. For those who are wondering what to do with their 800 stamina since the iced target nerf, put it into Robbing. It offers far better xp/stamina ratio and can be done in a minute or two.

    If you were farming FHEL by throwing it all into a single iced target. You really aren't playing Mafia Wars. This nerf is highly welcome in this corner.

    The "Rally The Troop" bonuses seem to be dropping more on live targets now. Maybe that is a way to balance the occasional hit on an iced target. And in fact, loot drops in general seem to have gone up.

    This is a good change, I think.

  42. new account has a different new york,
    also with districts and 4 mastery like las vegas
    No im not talking about las vegas but about new york.

  43. The New New York has been around for a month at least. I haven't seen much written here about it, but it was a preview of things to come evidently. I would like to see a post summarizing it, I hear it varies in a lot of ways including... a different sort of Top Mafia.

    These are clues to the future, it would be nice to know what it is.

  44. Semi-confirmed: Fight List on live targets drop FHEL and full xp, profile fighting and hitting dead targets seems to drop 1-2xp and no loot.

    Pending further verification.

  45. Having trouble with District 3 and 5 ruby level bosses. I have used all consumables, refarmed and went back again. The minions are just too tough and use most of the consumables. By the time I get to the boss I have nothing left. I have 300 health and 600 attack and defense. Any tips for beating these bosses? Is it a coincidence that the toughest bosses are women?

  46. how to get stunguns in newyork - i dont see. can u please tell me what specific job

  47. It drops randomly from any job in any city

  48. how to get health boost for the boss fights, thanks

  49. Same here, It drops randomly from any job in any city, all the items used in boss fights are dropping randomly from any jobs

  50. Bummer on the exp ration on iced targets now, currently using AttackX. What is the difference between AttackX and Brawler?

  51. ps. i got over 1200 on stamina so manually using it would take forever

  52. @tec gooch

    brawler searches the fightlist for live targets and attacks them.
    attackx only attacks 1 person

    for me the major difference is brawler takes around 30 mins to use m up my 1022 stamina but attackx take more than an hour

    hope it helped

  53. there is one problem if u use brawler, though

    in the past hour 15 people asked their mafia to attack me and i was put on the hitlist 10 times.

    fortunately i won most of those fights

  54. I just attempted, for the third time, to defeat the District 3 Vegas boss, Juliana "Black Widow" Trieste at the ruby level. She has 25,000 hp. I had 4 of my mafia assist with the job, plus I assisted with my second account, spending a total of 20 stun guns, 20 shivs, and 10 grenades. We only got her to a little over half health when she healed. She was so close to full health when I was "crushed" I didn't even bother trying to farm more stun guns and go back. I have an energy account but I've put about 2500 total skill points in attack/defense combined, and I'm at 100,000 points with my mafia. I don't see how it is going to be possible to complete this job.

  55. they changed the fighting tournaments, before where it told you the cap numbers and how many mafia members, the cap numbers are gone and some of the mafia needed numbers have changed, it seems likes it is more straight attack vs defense now like normal fighting rather than the attack + defense for your items

  56. also about fighting tournaments i think they may have reduced the number of victory coins you win, if so this could be a hope that they are going to leave those 3 strong items in the fight club on marketplace rather than change them like they did during the short stint of the dea fight event

  57. Las Vegas now says "New", did they secretly open up the beta to everyone.

  58. vegas is opened to everyone and all the vegas loot is now giftable so there are a few new best in slot lootable items, bighorn ram 42 defense, bark scorpion 50 attack, mojave mike 53 defense, range finder rifle 54 defense from what i can tell, no upgrade on attack vehicle or a/d armor, or attack weapon yet episode 6 may contain these

  59. I manage to beat lvl 5 and Lvl 3 bosses on ruby using gfp. Lvl 5 is easier with only 3 consumables refill. Lvl 3 is very tough. She regenerate her life very quick and I had to use 30 gfp to refill my energy in order to collect consumables. I think I had 7 or 8 consumables refilled. I think I could beat her easier but this time I was not allowed to ask for help.
    Good luck!

  60. Casino Dealer now drops from the Recruit a Dealer Table job, as it's supposed to do.
    So Beta is now over, and bugs seems fixed ! (may be not all of them, but it's better !)

  61. hello, can anyone tell me why i can't get to the next mastery lvl in district 3?i have all the jobs mastered 100%, i beat the widow, and now i can't get to next lvl..i have no stars..not even bronze, do i have to master the social job on my own?thanks

  62. Ovidius :
    You have to master ALL the jobs on a given district, that include the Energy Jobs, the Fight jobs, the Property jobs, the Boss job and the Social jobs.
    For the last one you can have help from your mafia, but you cannot advance in the mastery without completing it.

  63. I still cant defeat the district 3 boss in the gold mastery on an energy account...

  64. @ victor

    yea, me too...i'm able to level up constantly, but she regenerates health way too fast and it's not giving me enough stun guns to keep her low enough. it's ridiculous

  65. Anyone know how many of each loot items you need to finish Vegas? Meaning, how many slot machines, car keys, casino dealers, etc. I always farm them on level one and want to make sure I'm covered as I see the energy needed doubles on level two.

  66. ruby destruction and how i did it:
    with full set of health, shivs and grenades do this for the first round.
    hit her with the shives, all of them, just to get you breathing for the next action. then hit her with one stun gun. and this is the scary part, attack her your self and hope she doesnt kill ya. then heal your self after that. then attack again with the stun gun. follow this till your out of stun guns. then in the final volley of attacks throw your self at her. if she kills ya, then race to NY and go to associate level or the level with the electronic store and refil with stunn guns. this is cheaper via experiance points than farming them in vegas where it may cost ya 50 to 120 experiance poiints. once you have filled your self up. race back to vegas. before entering battle check your health to make sure your 100%. then enter the dragons hole and attempt to attack again. in the same manner as before. first shives, then the stunn gun, then your self only. heal yourself, then throw a stun gun at her. doing this over and over. AND PRAY SOME ONE DOESNT START ATTACKING YOU WHILE YOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF FIGHTING HER. bad enough to try and heal your self after taking her on than to have others also attacking you. good luck


  67. i think that is where the biggest problem in attacking ruby and the others. if other players are attacking you then keeping your health is a big problem. tends to use up all the health before you have used up all your stunn guns. so if you fail, try again and hope no one else joins in with her fun!!!

  68. Off topic: I was on vacation when the rhino drop was out, is it still available as fight loot in Bangkok?

  69. always she kills me in onwe hit how can keep my health

  70. Clearly all you energy players need to start adding more health points to beat the difficult bosses in Las Vegas. 15k - 20k health should do the trick. Start allocating all your new stat points to health instead of energy should fix your problems :).

  71. Contrary to the wise guy who posted above, you only need to increase your health by enough to survive one boss hit.

  72. @$
    thanks for the info using brawler now!

    @ anon 6:48pm
    15k on health thats idiotic, put it on defense and get some defensive loots

  73. thanks Guillaume, actually i've mastered all..100%, but when i clicked the 1st job again it was done..i don't know what happened, maybe i wasn't so fresh..anyway it's ok now

  74. Wow. 15k in healt? It is level cca. 3000 (5 skill point on level) and you can't invest to energy, attack, stamina... How long you play?

  75. it´s anoying that most of you can´t be more specific.

    @Ano July 28, 9:23 PM: you wrote: "Contrary to the wise guy who posted above, you only need to increase your health by enough to survive one boss hit." <-- I agree with you .. BUT a actual NUMBER for the HP would be more helpful^^

    @Ovidius: congrats that you mastered all .. could you explain HOW you have done that ? or how many HP etc you have .. simple something that will help others.
    best wishes Jens

  76. i was talking about a previus post of mine..i did master all the jobs in district 3, beat the black widow, and couldn't moove to next lvl..then when i clicked the 1st job and did another 4-5% of that job over the 100% it mooved to silver.
    is it clear now?

  77. i brought her health down using all i could to 1000 frm 25,000 but ran out of consumables and hit her once and i got knocked out:P

  78. 278 health and I get knocked out with one hit regularly on Gold and Ruby mastery for the tougher bosses. I would also like an idea of how much health is needed to survive one hit.

  79. District 3 Boss is extremely easy to beat with an Energy Account:

    First, start the fight.
    Stun gun/Attack/repeat until out of guns.
    click "Ask for Help"
    Attack her and get bitch slapped, or run away.
    Log into your Fighting account.
    click on the "Ask for Help" Energy Bunny posted.
    Kick her ****ing ass.
    Switch back to Energy bunny and "Do Job"
    You'll be told that she's been defeated.

    If you only have an Energy Account, just find a fighter who'll do it for you in exchange for some Vault or casino parts.

    Repeat the "Arrange a Cartel Sale" until you level and restock your stun guns. repeat.
    If I don't fall asleep, I expect to have Vegas finished today.

    Yes, I have no life.

  80. This question was posted above but not answered so I will ask it again.....is Vegas like Bangkok where each district has its own discreet set of items needed to complete jobs? Or is it more like Cuba/Moscow/NY where you need to keep purchased items from one district to the next because that item is needed in more than one district?

    I'd like to know because I'd like to unload all the crappy low stat stuff I had to buy to get through the ruby level of district 1 in order to fund getting through the other districts.

    Thanks for any help!

  81. I use chrome and the ask for help does link does not work on the district 3 boss. Do I have to go over to IE to get help?

  82. What are your stats? I need a concrete number to raise my health, attack, and defense to. I'm having trouble beating the level 3 boss on silver.
    Here are my stats:
    Attack: 47
    Defense: 46
    Health: 155
    (I'm an energy account, pretty clearly.)

  83. When i use Stun Guns in District 2 Ruby Mastery to fight the Boss, it says "Stunned" and does no harm at all to the boss. His HP are staying exactly the same -- > WTF?

    So, when i use grenades, shifs whatsoever, they barely give 50 HP Damage to him. When i try to fight him directly, the first time my HP goes about 150 down (-- i use the healing kit then) and his, lets say about 300. Fully healed i attack him again... and i'm dead! Crap!!! any secrets i don't know yet to defeat him? Stun Guns don't work for me obviously...

  84. @Anonymous AUGUST 2, 2010 8:45 AM : The stun gun ONLY STUNS the boss - it does NO damage .. but after you have used the stun gun and stuned the boss, you can attack the boss without getting attacked back from the boss. So the proper use of stun guns is: use stun gun, than attack boss .. use stun gun, than attack boss .. repeat this until you ran out of stun guns...
    The granades/shifs does only light damage (as noted in the description) - but there is no re-attack from the boss. The advantage of the granades is, that they damage both boss AND henchmen, while the shif only damage the boss. So if a boss have henchmen, first eliminate them with granades before using shif / stun guns / attack. Best wishes and good luck Jens

  85. I am an energy player (10K+) and only have in the neighborhood of 600A, 600D and 300H and I took her down on the Ruby level.

    Here is my strategy:

    Start the fight, use all you stun guns as previously suggested in this thread (click stun gun, click use it, click attack, repeat). When you are out of stun guns, call for help and then attack and get killed, DO NOT RUN AWAY as she will regen her health. Make note of the time you call for help so you can try fighting her again after 24 hours (a full 24 hours) so you can call for help again on the next battle. DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT go back in to the fight until after 24 hours and you can call for help again – each time you go back in she will regen some health (think it is 25%).

    When you go back in and it shows you who attacked, click skip (do not thank them). The damage you and your mafia did should still be there and her health will be lower. Do the same thing again (use all sun guns, ask for help, get crushed and wait). Took 3 or 4 days to kill her on level 4 (she has 25,000 health), but she went down (chipped away about 6K health each day). If your mafia does more damage, it should be quicker for you. On my last call for help she went down with attacks from only 3 of my mafia members (not real high level members).

    Hope it helps - Dave

  86. yeah i am stuck on ruby for district 1 and 2, gold for 4, silver for 3 and 5. only thing i need to do is defeat the bosses. it sucks cause i always put my points to energy so here i am with 4000 energy and 100-300 level of everything else!!

  87. What stats should I be at to be taking on these bosses? I can't down Juliana or "Red" Jackson on Ruby mastery. I got pretty decent items, 589 attack, 313 defense, but I maybe manage to get 2k health off them before I get spanked hard...

  88. Vic, your stats should be good. If you read my post from Aug 3 on defeating Juliana you should be fine as long as you can get friends to help. Just helped another friend take her down on Ruby using this strategy. It took 4 days, but on 2 of those days she only had 3 mafia members help her in the fight.

    I was stuck on ruby level of district 5 (Red Jackson), but I defeated her by doing the following:

    Make sure you are loaded up on stun guns, shivs, etc. and make sure your health is full. Also good to have lots of energy at the time too (enough to level, but you want to be as far from leveling as possible). When you fight her, take out her henchmen (and they take a lot of damage) then use any remaining stun guns on red and get crushed.

    *** DO NOT LEAVE DISTRICT 5, do not click on the hospital to heal yourself, do not check your inventory. Do jobs UNTIL YOU HAVE 10 STUN GUNS again (keep track of how many you find as you will not be able to find out before the boss fight). You will have to use reward points if you run out of energy as stun guns don't drop often enough. When out of energy, just click the job and it will ask you if you want to buy an energy refill for 10 RP. If you do level, then your health should be okay once you have your stun guns. If you health is still around 0, click the boss fight and it will ask you if you want to buy a stamina refill for 2 RP.

    When you go back in to fight her, her henchmen will be back at full strength, which sucks, but the damage you did to her will be retained. Then repeat this until you kill her.

    Warning: I used 80-100 RP doing jobs to collect the stun guns to kill her. My energy is around 11K, so depending on your energy you may need more RP than that to get it done. My attack and defense are around 600.

    I would also recommend you save shivs and grenades until you think you can take her out and might need an extra 500-750 damage to do so. For me, they do little damage (50-75) and since they drop on jobs just like the stun guns, I would rather have it just dropping the guns.

    Good luck - Dave

  89. you are allowed to leave Vegas to get done Ruby for red jackson thats the district 5 job. Get max of everything attack until its just you vs the boss and your henchmen are dead and use all your shivs stun guns and stuff then click run away then just refill your stun guns shivs and bombs. It will take some time to finish this but its possible I finished it today.

  90. What level of stamina and health do i need to have to win from these bosses ?
    Currently my health is nearly 200 my stamina is 525, my energy 1010

  91. Stamina doesn't matter much as you just need 20 or 25 to attack. A higher health will be bennificial on Red, but on the black widow it really doesn't matter (unless you have 25,000 health too...) Following my instructions above on defeating the black widow (post on August 2, 2010 9:44 AM) will work fine with 200 health (I only had 300).

    - Dave

  92. Has anybody seen issue where an account created back in july 2010 would change internal links? Where it used to say Inventory on the main bar, it says Gifting. I can get to collections list with link in the Log but I can find no way to get to Inventory or Loot pages. I have tried 4 different browsers and all have the same "feature". Looking for a way to change Gifting back to Inventory.