July 9, 2010

Las Vegas Early VIP Status

Players now have a chance to compete in order to get early access to Mafia Wars Las Vegas (called "VIP Status"). On the travel menu, you will notice the option to fly to Las Vegas is now available. After doing that, you end up on this screen:

By clicking on "Try for VIP Access", you have a chance to get into Mafia Wars Las Vegas a bit early. Here is how it works:

1. Click the "Try For VIP Access" link on the Mafia Wars Las Vegas homepage.

2. This screen will be brought up:

3. Based on the amount of poker chips you have, you will automatically default to this screen. You can then click the "Try for Access" button to see if you luck into getting into Mafia Wars Las Vegas early.

4. As you can see from the picture above, I was not selected. Your chips do not get used up for trying this. You can try again every 22 hours.


Note that the more Racks of Poker Chips you have, the better your chance to get in is. However, this caps at 50+ Racks; once you are that high, adding additional racks will not improve your chances. Additional racks will be converted to Vegas Poker Chips (Las Vegas currency) once the game goes live though, so there is no harm in collecting more than 50 stacks of chips.

You can only accept 10 Racks of Poker Chips per day, so it may take you a few days to hit the 50+ Racks of Chip limit.

Some new information about Mafia Wars Las Vegas has also been posted up:

The first thing I see is that we now have a release date for Mafia Wars Las Vegas: Late July 2010. Considering its already over a week into July, that means are are liable to see Las Vegas released in less than 3 weeks. Not bad at all!

Additionally, under the Choose your path category, we can see that there seems to be a more of a Tiered system of jobs that is quite different from from what we have seen in the past. Rather than choosing between similar jobs, its seems players will have an option of picking either stamina or energy jobs. As I predicted, it looks like we will see some jobs that use stamina rather than energy. Very interesting!

Additionally, there is a bit more info about the Vegas Casino - seems it will be producing Vegas Chips. Additionally, the Fight Club feature allows players to compete and "place bets" on fights.

It looks like currency will once again be pretty important. I hope this means that we will be able to buy loot with Vegas Chips rather than them saying we need a lot of chips to complete the jobs.
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  2. WTF!!!! now that i got vip access...what do i do now? nothing like happens..i thought i could start on it or something....

  3. Wow, I got VIP access too. I bet we will see some vegas stuff on Saturday.

    Everyone, you can attempt to get access to Vegas daily. You don't lose any of your chips attempting to gain access to this new city.

    Good luck!!

  4. it would be important to point out that you dont loose the chips if you try for access! you keep em and can easily increase your chances!

  5. Did anyone notice the nerf where energy/experience bonuses from top mafia now cap out at 10% instead of 11?

  6. Well I got access too.... can't do anything, not today at least. Maybe tomorrow?

  7. Looks like the limited time job is also now partially running - the advert banner states your mission is to "whack the rat: jimmy page". Clicking on it takes you to the collections page where a slots collection set is now available. prize looks like an armour item - "one armed bandit". one of the items - "orange" is available as a free gift, assume the others will come from jobs and fight loot as normal but a quick run through my energy/stamina hasn't produced anything - might not be available yet...

  8. good point about the chips not getting used up - just updated

  9. double mastery/loot weekend. also you can no longer just send energy packs to everyone. works similarly to free gift with a cap at 40?

  10. You have to spam each other for energy. I know Vegas has everyone's attention but you don't get the energy pack automatically.

    Zynga really needs to get rid of having to use facebook requests for this crap. It should be easy to just send this in-game.

  11. wtf..
    i hate this weekend's double mastery :(
    the event went live like 5seconds after i finished spending all of my energy and energy pack.. :(

    luckily i still havent spent my stamina tho'
    oh and the drop rate from fight seems to be increasing again..

    my fight loot drop chance from 350 stams is 12.5% with 14.3% being HEL.. :)

  12. vegas limited job is live. those 5min, 8hrs, 24hrs jobs format.

  13. I have Heart Tattoos, Easter Eggs, Daily Chance, Global Cup Balls, and others.

    If anyone is interested in any trading, I will make some great deals and help both of us.

    Message me: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=56004925&ref=ts

  14. Hey GOOD NEWS there.

    After several nerfs in the game, finally sharing of the location of the secret stash loot is now WORKING..Thank God...

  15. 17/132 (12.9%) High end Loot: 4 (23.5%)

    double loot confirmed. usually the regular droprate is ~6%.

  16. Has anyone got into Vegas yet? If so any heads up on the consumable would be great. I was hoping the New York consumables would be used to take advantage of the extra stash. Also anyone having any luck with the vegas job drop? Which job seems to be dropping the most? Whoever mentioned the 10% job mastery is correct. I noticed it 2 weeks ago when they were tweaking the job cost and reward ratio.

  17. the game says 'you're in' but I can't do anything in vegas yet..hasn't the preview started yet?

  18. got 92 rack of chips but still not allowed in :(

  19. i do have the access, but theres nothing there!? its pretty pointless.

  20. Hey Hi, I got the VIp Access by just clicking on the 'Try for VIP Access' link!!