July 21, 2010

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Beta Now Live

Players can now head over to Mafia Wars Las Vegas!

New Jobs

First up, let's talk jobs. There are 6 new episodes, which are now called "Districts" and they are much different than before.

First, note the new pathing system:

Out of these, any job that has an energy icon requires energy, and a gun requires stamina. The Person icon is a boss fight, and the loudspeaker icon is a "social" job (did not seem to have any interaction yet when I used it, but it is in beta).

Here is an example of the fighting job:

The game pulls up a random person off the fight list and you fight them; if you win the fight, you complete the job. Not sure what happens as you lose as I haven't yet. One good thing is that you don't lose health for spending stamina for these jobs.

At the end of the chapter, you get to fight a boss:

I hope the feature was not working properly, because as soon as I clicked "attack" I got a notice saying that I won and that was the end of it.

For taking down the boss of the North District, I received this item: Alves' Muscle Car with 55 attack and 73 defense. I think I saw a message saying something about that this item gets better if you master more tiers.


The other new cool thing is the Casino.

Basically, there are 5 different properties + a vault that all make up your casino, and you will have to upgrade each one individually. You also have to unlock the buildings via jobs. For example,

"Steal a Truckload of Slots" lets you build the Slots casino property. You build the parts of your casino just like you do with the Chop Shop.

Racks of Chips

You can exchange these on the inventory page, 1 at a time. They are worth 200-700 $V each.


I have to head off work now, but will be updating this a lot over the next few days!
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  1. nice one thanks, when you lose a fight - nothing happens, it just shows you lost and you don't gain any mastery progress on the job

  2. Hi, you're fast as always! And I want to help you with the new city... I mastered each Disctrict (the last one is 'coming soon' though) once by choosing the Fight path, this way I got to the boss fight, but you can't start mastering second time until you finish the Energy and Social paths as well.

    And.. the mastery items are not in the loot section, but at the bottom near by the new york mastery rewards, and they are not affecting the fighting yet. wonder why

  3. well at least money isnt a problem here in vegas (at least for now..)
    not only that the money you get from job is enough for doing another job, but also you can convert your NY$ cash to V$ at the bank!

  4. NOTE: you can only convert NY money to Vegas money, once every 24 hours, so make it count... i found this out the hard way... :/

  5. I can't advance in Vegas until I get more Car Key Copies. Yet it doesn't tell you how to get more Car Key Copies, other than "this may drop from jobs or fighting" or something vague like that. Frustrating!

  6. @DrunkBunny - you can get car key copies by doing Blackmail a Car Dealer job

  7. Never mind, I'm a moron. You get the car key copies from repeating the "Blackmail a Car Dealer" job. (when the icon appeared doing that job, I thought I was spending, not gaining that item. I need coffee)

  8. If you already own the vault and keep upgrading it, you can convert currency from NY, BANGKOK, CUBA, MOSCOW to Vegas cash :)

  9. heres what i have recieved so far.

    24 Attack 16 Defense

    24k Chainsaw 24k Chainsaw
    29 Attack 15 Defense

    Biohazard Biohazard
    18 Attack 28 Defense

    El Escorpión El Escorpión
    40 Attack 30 Defense

    Belt Fed Shotgun Belt Fed Shotgun
    27 Attack 36 Defense

    Range Finder Rifle Range Finder Rifle
    37 Attack 54 Defense

    Precision SMG Precision SMG
    42 Attack 30 Defense

    Reinforced Boots Reinforced Boots
    27 Attack 19 Defense

    Gilded RPG Gilded RPG
    29 Attack 42 Defense

    Pump Shotgun Pump Shotgun
    32 Attack 22 Defense

    Football Jersey Football Jersey
    10 Attack 28 Defense

    Motorcycle Helmet Motorcycle Helmet
    22 Attack 32 Defense

    Ventilated Blast Cap Ventilated Blast Cap
    32 Attack 24 Defense

    Femme Fatale Femme Fatale
    45 Attack 28 Defense

    Set of Biker Leathers Set of Biker Leathers
    30 Attack 48 Defense

    Rhinestone Cowboy Rhinestone Cowboy
    33 Attack 25 Defense

    Reinforced Tuxedo Reinforced Tuxedo
    28 Attack 34 Defense


    Moving Truck
    12 Attack 20 Defense

    Owned: 3
    Highrise Sport Highrise Sport
    29 Attack 38 Defense

    Sand Storm Sand Storm
    29 Attack 15 Defense

    Hard Four Hard Four
    30 Attack 50 Defense

    High Society High Society
    37 Attack 29 Defense

    Road Tractor Road Tractor
    25 Attack 33 Defense


  10. I don't have access and haven't had any luck gaining VIP access. Does this mean Vegas just hasn't hit my server yet or is this truly a limited beta?

  11. Social jobs means that people may help you master a job easier. Just like Moscow and Bangkok. Sweet.

  12. Bosses are hard if you have a low level. You may have to use the items to attack them and recover your health just like the old days of New York.

    If you are well leveled though you may just bitch-slap that motherfucker with one attack.

  13. I don't have access and haven't had any luck gaining VIP access. Does this mean Vegas just hasn't hit my server yet or is this truly a limited beta? ................. me 2

  14. Anyone know what the "Steel Girder" is in the free gifts? I tried to give one, and it said the gift was invalid. Is this a new property, like the Chop Shop/Weapons Depot?

  15. To advance to the next level of mastery you must complete ALL the jobs, both fight path and energy path. This is kind of a pain if you don't have 501 mafia. I forsee energy players and people who didn't add random friends in facebook quitting the game because they finish all the content they can finish due to being stuck on the fight path.

  16. I dont have access to las vegas. It hasnt hit my server yet or its just limited beta version?

  17. So far the only strategy would be to finish level 1 of ll of the districts as to open all of the casino parts. Otherwise just have to finish all of the jobs. You only get to convert once per 24hours and it is based on you level of the vault, so max out on that the first time.
    I am enjoying this change, no real bugs for me and excellent bonus items for finishing the level

  18. Not Vegas related since I havent gotten into beta yet but has anyone seen this error before?
    "You don't have enough Baht for this job. You have -B$2,928 and you need B$0"
    im on Level 4 of EPisode 7 Chapter 3 and i went into the negative for cash somehow. Now I cant even complete jobs that do NOT require an amount of Baht.
    Any suggestions?

  19. Anyone know what the new free gifts do (eg, Bellhop, Casino Dealer, Chef)? Do you have to have VIP access to be able to accept them?

  20. another good idea is to do the consumable jobs a ton of times before you finish the first tier of each district. eng costs for those jobs go up obv, so its a good idea to collect a lot up front. Numbers for completing would be nice to know to make this more efficient for everyone, but I didn't pay attention in district 1... oops.

  21. The free gifts are for upgrading your properties. Those are easy to come by though because you can do jobs to get them. The other parts are random drops or you have to ask for them from friends...It is just the vip access that can do the jobs. It has hit all the servers...as far as the negative baht goes, you should email customer support and they should fix it. It will just take a day or two. Sometimes you click too fast, and when it catches up, it has done something stupid.

  22. going to require a ton of stamina from my play thru of the 1st 3 levels

  23. Switching to Fearless character type to regenerate stamina quicker

  24. No one's mentioned the 10 new Vegas achievements...viewable on your achievements page (at least for me, and I'm in the beta).

  25. I thought you could choose your path (fight vs energy). Boy that would be sad if they made you do both! In Bangkok you got to choose either path. Hope they either fix it or maybe have it where u could put out a bounty on the random fight opponent.

  26. negative baht - take some out of the bank, or wait until you can collect from your properties. That'll solve the problem (happened to me last week).

  27. Re: path, figth vs. energy, as of this morning, you have to do both.

  28. I got the loots Bighorn Ram and Bark Scorpion. At least I think they are loot, as when I try to check my loot page, it craps out and goes no farther than my armor. Anyone know what their stats are?

  29. Energy accounts are fine. With whatever stamina you have, you can simply use it and then refresh it by leveling in Bangkok.

  30. you beat him in one attack because you probably do more damage than 500 so obviously you kill him in one shot. On level two mastery he has 1000 HP so you probably will beat him in 2 hits.

  31. I cannot seems to harvest any Casino Dealer from the Recruit A Table Game Dealer job...
    I've done it around 500 times during the day. I have enough of all the other Casino Items obtainable through specific jobs, but not the Casino Dealer...
    Am I the only one ?

  32. Not the only one, I have the dealer bug too

  33. I recently started playing mafia wars on a new Facebook account, and this is somewhat of the same format that they have for New York now. Do you think they will do this for Moscow, Cuba, and Bangkok too?

  34. Lol i didnt' notice yalls fight v energy problem i've been doing all jobs b/c they all payout around the same, and the skill points are worth it to me! Enjoy your gaming would love to know where what loots are dropping from soon!

  35. I am in District 4 'Shogun Casino'. I am stuck doing the 'Hack The Casino Security System' job. I need 'Hotel Security Key Card' to proceed further. Does anybody which job drops that loot? Thanks!


  36. just move your mouse to the bag near the flash for required energy for a job. this tells you what you may find doing this job.

  37. I hope they change something with fighting.... I almost only get 501 mafia enemies.... with my 150 mafia it's nearly impossible to win.

  38. ^^ Thank you for the tip! That really helped!

  39. anonymous,vegas actually raises or lowers the amount of mafia the other person has to match urs

  40. Do you know how the currencies are unblocked? I would love to change Cuban Pesos and Rubles into Chips because I wan't the achievements of depositing Dollars.


  41. Vegas is absolutely f***ing amazing to play, best addition to game in my opinion :D

  42. Currencies are unblocked as you level-up the vault property.
    I'm getting the dealer bug too -- they won't drop.

  43. how can I convert currency??? keeps telling mr I don't have enough money, but my vault has the $100,000 maximum. Please help???

  44. Just make sure you have enough dollars out of your bank account in New York ($500,000), then go to the convert tab in the vault (Las Vegas) There should be some pop-down menus to select from where you want the cash converted to chips. Jobs a good one!